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    Myoho again! I was juist reading the chapter called, "A Religion that cannot repky to people's prayer's is useless.

    This chapter of 'The Wisdom of the lotus Sutra,' discusses and contrasts religious ideas and ideals, as perceived by most people, as; inferior, preach only inner fullfillment, or those that promise mysterious benefit in this life without any real effort.

    Following is a dialogue amonmg senior SGI study department staff and President Ikeda.

    ENdo; One is abstract, the other prepoterous.

    Suda: Ithink we could say one lacks compasion, and the other lacks wisdom.

    Ikeda: True Religion is found in neither way of thought. True Religion does not depart from reality; it reveals the fundamental law based on which people can improve their lives in reality. The first Soka Gakkai president, Tsunesuburo Makiguchi termed this value creation. In refuting a view on religion articulatied by an eminent scientist of the day, Mr. makiguchi declared that a religion that does not produce value in response to prayer is useless.

    This scholar had argued that while people sense the divine in wonderous laws of nature, things that cnnot be understood through natural sciences ought to be left unknown. ANd he asserted that it therefore defies good reason to pray to the gods for personal gain.

    President Ikead goes on to say, "By contrast, President makiguchi asserted that a religion not concerned with creating value in human life is useless. To ignore the reality of life is to ignore the human being.

    Wonderous phenomena are not limited to the realm of nature. Mr. makiguchi believed that human life itself and day-to-day occurences are also wonderous and ought to seek the wonderous power of life forcethat enable speople to create valueand realize vixtory. He state that the natural sciences alone cannot lead people to happiness, and that what is needed is a science of value. His insight penetrates the basic flaw of modern civilization."

    I believe in what snesei Makiguchi has expounded, and sensei Ikeda has embraced through their efforts as Boddhisattva's of the Earth in developing a value creation society fot the 21st Century.

    "It is the Buddha's voice that does the work."



      mmmm I like this thread :p

      I like to share with you my mantra that I see every morning neer my bed

      A Precious Human Life

      "Every day, Think as you wake up,
      Today I am Fortunate to have woken up,
      I am alive, I have a preclcious Human Life,
      I am not going to waste it,
      I am going to use
      all my energies to develop myself.
      To expand my heart out to others,
      To achieve Enlightenment for
      The benefit of all beings.
      I am going to have kind
      Thoughts towards others.
      I am not going to get angry,
      Or think badly about others
      As much as I can

      H.H the 14th Daial Lama

      My new saga Juliet SweetCindy amd more ...

      My Bubble Hash


        Christianity vs. Nichiren's Buddhism

        I should start out with letting others know, I have practiced Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism since I was 11 years old. Prior to that time I held dialogue with priest, preachers, ministers, rabaii, and other religious leaders, regarding the truth of life. My initial questions were never answered and ijn time they were answered by Nichiren Daishonin's Gosho or honoriffic letters, or The SGI study department.

        I have always believed that Christianity could be easily compared to the Pure Land Sect of Budddhism. The Pure Land Sect believes that all you do now and here will serve you in the after life, but not in thsi life. But only when you go to the Pure Land after death. Very similar to Christian beliefs.

        This approach, I believe allows individuals to be irresponsible regarding thier actions towards themselves, others, and the environment, regarding sin or slander, they can all be 'forgiven' before our life is over and we may enter the Pure land after all is said and done.

        In fact Nichiren dfaishoninspoke about the Piure Land sect in some Gosho's, and they could be rwad for comparison and contrast of issues and attitudes.

        Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism teaches just the opposite of teh OPure land Sect and Christianity. The individual is always responsible for everythng in the environment, no matter what. This concept is called karma. Karma requires the individual to 'awaken' to this concept in order to better activate it's effects on the individual and the environment.

        However, unlike Christianity, if the individual does not 'awaken' or become aware of karmic responsibility, it does not in any way remove the individuals responsibiloity towards their karma or their environment.

        Christianity on the other hand, allows the individual to continue through life totally irresponsible for their actions, until they desire to 'accept' the teachings of Christ, and than and only than is the individual considered acountable for their actions, from that point forward, while required to have penance; seeking forgiveness; for their past acts.

        But even after this point in Christianity, the individual is allowed to backslide in faith and still be allowed to accpet again over and over until the final moment of life, very similar to the concept of ichinen sanzen. However, awakening to the reality of life, does not allow one to backslide without repurcussions. Cause and Effect is strict, whether we observe the law of cause and effect or not. Backsliding allows one to appreciate cause and effect more in their lives.

        In summary, I believe, Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism teaches the responsibility of the individual for themself and their environment, while Christianity allows a more liberal perception regarding the individuals responsibility for their own actions and their environment.



          Eccellent Poem! A great one to live by. Ttruly the Buddha words in action.



            zozo! Don't be a stranger!

            Don't you just love the Mahayana way of thinking? Tibetan Buddhism is also based on the bodisattva ideal, as all Mahayana thinking is. My favorite line is the reality of life expressed in the last line......"As much as I can"

            The universe knows we are just common mortals! We are not expected to be perfect, but just seeking perfection, for the sake of making all others equal and likewise inspired toward this endeavor. That's all that is required. The effort. The desire. Enlightenment is not rooted in perfection, it is rooted in the efforts, no matter how often in vain, to achieve it!

            That is where our compassion is developed and validated. Shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters in a struggle for lasting and complete happiness. To make a better world for ourselves and our children and our childrens children; all the children, everywhere.

            But Big Brother, it seems you are having the same problem as me. The question remains one of, what do Buddhism and Christianity (in the context of the previous descriptive, "pure"), have in common?

            The underlying pricipals are similar, but the basis of the point of view is most often completely different. Shakyamuni and the Lotus Sutra do pre-date Christ by between four to five hundred years I believe. King Ashoka had sent his Buddhist missionaries as far West (from India) as Greece at the time of Christ. Jesus did disappear for about 21 years at that time.

            Could Buddhist thought have had any effect on the new way of thinking that he brought back to his fellow Jews? Would someone with a Judaic history have been able to completley grasp the concepts of the Lotus Sutra? Let's also remember there was no Buddhism before Shakyamuni. At only four or five hundred years of age, Buddhism was also a "New" way of thinking.

            Any more thoughts?



              Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!

              Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!


                Hey Eddie!

                I am going to take that post as you knowing what the hell we're talking about here. Welcome and don't be a stranger!



                  There is anjew series in Living Buddhism that speaks about Christianity and Buddhism. Shin Yatoma is the writter for this series. I would have to defer to his discussin. My wife says it is quite good. My wife ised to be a Catholic for her entire life. Now she is a Nichiren Buddhist.



                    Actual proof - Experience

                    As President Ikeda says, "Any religion that does not provide actual proof or an answer to your prayers is not a true religion. "

                    The same is true in Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism

                    In Nichiren Daishonin's Budhism we call actual proof an experience of faith. I would like to share one of my experiences with all of you today, in hopes of encouraging on eperson to overcome thier own problems.

                    I perhaps should share a benefit of of faith based on my practice.

                    A few years ago, I was involved in a near life-ending motorcycle accident. I survived the accident, only to be faced with financial ruin. I am self-employed as an Engineer. The insurane was just enough to cover medfical and legal fees. Nothing left for me.

                    My chiuldren were in college and we lived in a reasonably nice gated community in our city. My monthly outlay was over $2000/month including utilities, food, and mortgage.

                    I was not able to work for two years, without any disability insurance, unemployment insurance , or any other form of financial support. I have no family other than my wife and children. So I had no one to turn to for help, other than myself.

                    My wife and children have depended on my ability to support them for the last 25 years. They had no clues how they could pay my bills either.

                    I requested guidance on what I should do, and what type of attitude I should formulate. My friend and SGI leader, acknowledged that the only guidance he could give is to chant nam myoho renge kyo as if my and my families lives depended on it. "Praying as if to ignite wet wood!"

                    My friend also advised me to get involved with SGI activites and help others with their problems. I knew what to do, and I did just that. I focused my effort on my wife, children, and SGI members, and their problems, knowing my problems will be resolved, just as I needed them to be.

                    For the entire two years, I received calls from out of the blue to provide consulting services, which I have never done, and offered payments in excess of what I normally charge for just doing the work, instead of giving advice.

                    This continued for the entire two years, along with two hours daily of chanting nam myoho renge kyo to the Gohonzon. I read every available book, newspaper, or publiation put out by President Ikeda, along with the Lotus Sutra six times and the Gosho three times. Both books are quite volumous. Yet I did all this and more.

                    My children did not miss one day of college as the Federal Governemt stepped in and offered to pay their tuition and books and give them spending money. The previous semester I paid both of their tuitoions in full and they were denied any financial aid, even though their financial situation was still the same. Than I had to make payments and never had any money for their books. My wife paid for their books. My taxe situation for the previous year had not changed nor had my filling status of taxes. All this was based on the recent change of events that the Federal Government was not even aware of. Just my daimoku.

                    I had no clues how all of these things would come together and support and protect my wife and four children. But they were protected and supported throughout the entire ordeal.

                    To this day, people are amazed to find out I survived without any financial support from any outside sources other than my own determination. My wife works as a retail clerk and makes $7.50/hour. Not near enough to cover our expenses.

                    My family and friends to this day, know the only thing I did was chant nam myoho renge kyo to the Gohonzon as if my families lives depended on it. The truth is, their lives did depend on my daimoku, and I proved to them I am a Buddha with all 32 features, by overcomming not only the financial situation, but also my health situation, as well.

                    You see after braking my neck in four places, and my back in four places, I managed to chant my way back to a full and complete recovery after my doctors said I would never be the same eer again. They said no motorcycles, no rough-housing, as anything could paralyze me in an instant.

                    The doctors filled out my SSI 100% disabaility paperwork. I placed that paperwork on my alter with my Gohonzon and chanted about changing my physical being as well. I exercised and overcame all of my physical problems and have a full recovery. No pain in my back or neck. Just an old man's body, a little older and a lot wiser.

                    The strategy of the Lotus Sutra is to chant for the resolution of our own problems. Just like President Ikeda says, "Who answers our prayers? We do!"

                    I hope this experience encourages others to chant nam myoho renge kyo to overcome any problems you have. The bigger the problem the better. Earthly desires are enlightrenment This means all we want and desire will surely lead us all to true enlightenment and true happiness and Joy in this life.



                      Buddhism vs Christianity

                      Hello All,
                      Now you are touching on subjects that I am somewhat faimiliar and stuggle with in my practice. For just a little background, I was raised Southern Baptist. Serious Southern Baptist. My grandmother built 4 baptist churchs not to mention the money that was given to Billy Graham. Since very young, I never saw God, if you will, in the same light as others. He was animated as a real person, just as Jesus. He was a kind and loving God who came to your assistance at anytime. But he was taught as one who would punish you for your sins. You came into this life in sin having to ask for forgiveness each day. There is the Golden Rule and the 10 commandments which guides your actions. There is taught an acceptance of your hardships and struggles because it is Gods will and you are not to question that.Through all of that comes no responsibility for ones actions, no power to change your life, guilt. At the age of 19, I lost my dear brother to suicide. It was one of the worst times of my life. The pastor told me he would burn in hell forever. How could this be. He was a good man, he never hurt anyone. He never did anything bad. It was then that I turned my back on all of it and I spent my life searching until I was 34. In that time period, I felt that I needed a bumper sticker that said Jesus save me from your followers. Which brings another great question of mine How can one entity take on the sins of the world? I would be scolded for that because it was blasphemy. But how sad for him that he had to be responsible for everything I did wrong. I began chanting NamMyoHOREngeKyo at that time. I was provided for many answers to questions that I had had for a long time. I was responsible for my actions to myself and others. Cause and effect is very strict. It began to mold my actions. I then came to say that people would be better Christians if they were buddhists first. So it has been hard at times to learn the separation that I am one and the same to the gohonzon. It is not outside of myself. There is a great undoing if you will that has to occur. But nothing that I have ever done or studied gives me greater peace once I let go of those learned precepts. I think this is a struggle for alot of people who have been raised in western beliefs and come to the eastern beliefs.
                      I have a roommate who is very christian. One of our strongest suits is to sit and discuss spirituality. We can speak of exactly the same things and never know one is Christian and one is Buddhist until you get to the approach and put a name on that who gives you your strength. So this is a very difficult subject to differentiate differences. They are similar but yet so very very different in approach. Hope some of this made sense to you PTB. I'm sure it will to some. Cindy


                        Thank you Big Brother!

                        Thank you for sharing such a personal experience! FYI to everyone, the Gosho VB is referring to is the Writings of Nichiren Daishonin; what you keep seeing referenced as WND, as we quote from it. The text portion of that book is 1,138 pages long of what I would guess is 8 or 9 point type-set. When he says voluminous, we are talking VOLUMINOUS! The Lotus Sutra, of which we utilize a translation by the renowned auther Burton Watson, is 324 pages long.

                        But as the Buddhas said directly, this is difficult to undertstand. In fact to read it straight up, and not pause ever minute, to think about what you just read for five minutes; is almost an impossibility. It is so heavy and deep (just as is WMD, frankly), it is not an exaggeration to describe it as a mindxxxx (think rez's trippiest seed strain). So taking in well more than 5,000 pages of the deepest literature in Buddhist thought is a hell of a cause. Add two hours of chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo every single day, and you can see why I call Pat my Big Brother.

                        Pat also saw changes in his thinking and understanding as a by-product of his challenges, creating the basis of turning his suffering into the platform for his quest to attain enlightenment in this lifetime. Whether he is a Buddha (has attained his enlightenment), is not for me or anyone else to decide. That can only be validated thoughout the course of his life by his actions, and not by the judgement of others.

                        Now you know where that confident voice that you hear when you read what he says comes from. It is not arrogance. It is confidence based on the joy he sees and feels in knowing all things to be nothing more than manifestations of the Roar of the Lion, the heart of the Lotus Sutra: Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.

                        I hope you didn't mind my addendum, my brother!



                          OM Chasers... Tell me this is not true.

                          Cup of urine a day keeps ailments at bay

                          Thu Sep 2,11:11 AM ET (Yahoo News)

                          BANGKOK (AFP) - Drinking urine can eliminate sinus trouble, turn grey hair black and even cure cancer, a Thai academic said, citing a study of local Buddhists who engage in the unorthodox practice.

                          Ratree Cheepudomwit, of the Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Development Department, said hundreds of urine drinkers attested that consuming a daily cup worked wonders for their overall health and helped slow the ageing process.

                          She said that in June she queried 250 members of Santi Asoke, a strict indigenous Buddhist movement believed to have thousands of followers, and 204 respondents said they had learned from ancient Buddhist manucripts that drinking one's urine improved health.

                          "Of the respondents, 87 percent confirmed that it had head-to-toe benefits for them, including for example reduction of dandruff, grey hair, sinus problems and cancer," Ratree told AFP.

                          The medical elixir was not easy on everyone's system, as about one in 10 urine drinkers suffered diarrhea afterwards, but the practice should not be viewed with disgust, she said.

                          "Other groups of people who drank urine were Buddhist monks who practised in accordance to scriptures which are more than 2,500 years old," she said.


                            VERY funny dude!

                            But for the record, we're not Om chasers, at least not those of us that talk about Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. The dudes in Thailand believe in Hinayana Buddhism, we chanters of the daimoku like to consider ourselves pacticing the highest form of Mahayana Buddhism.

                            That's the problem when you hear the word Buddhism in the West. We don have it broken down like catholics, and presbratians, and methodists and baptists. So you hear a story about Buddhist beliefs and people have no idea that it has nothing to do with us.

                            To post a piss drinking article on this thread might be offensive to some. I am not in the least offended. Now the karma created by one who carlessly or frivolously fucks with us, or pokes fun of us, without the context of a serious conversation? Maybe you should go back a bit and read all of the thread. You might consider a more tempered approach to your next posting.

                            But no matter what, you are always welcome here. I mean that sincerely. This may have been a serious question. Who knows? I can't tell you if it is so, because I don't know. I know piss drinking won't HURT you. People have consumed their own waste water in times of emergency many times and in doing so saved their lives.

                            Peace to you brother.



                              I didn't post it to create an offense... I read this thread quite often, but more as if to bring a lighter side. People spin on tangents and get lost in them.

                              I'm glad this is taken in the spirit it is posted.


                                A Buddha

                                Even urine is a fuction of myoh rene kyo. All things are a function of the Great Law of Life and death.

                                BTW Maiestre. There is a Boiddhisattva named maietre in the Lotus Sutra. He always asked many questions of the Buddha, and his heart always lept with Joy with the answers he received from the Buddha. Peace Boddhisattva maitre

                                Yes! Lil Brother I am alwasy prepared to announce my Buddhaood. I am willing to recognize my Buddhahhod, as well as my Devedatta. Both ae functions of myoho rene kyo. None seperate from reality.

                                The reality is ALL people are Buddha's, and should be treated as such. This is the story of Boddhisattva Never Disparaging. He recognizes the Buddha within all people. In order to accomplish this, he miust first recognize the Buddha within self first.

                                "The voice does the Buddha work."

                                Please note The BUDDHA is MYOHO RENGE KYO, Thus Come One. This is the One and Only Original Buddha where all other Buddhas, manifest their lives. This is the HEART of the daimoku of the Lotus Sutra. You and Me. We!


                                "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, Like the Roar of teh Lion!"

                                This is the spirit of Boddhisattva Never Disparaging.

                                Now everyone can go out and chant until you make someone else happierthan yourself today! You are all Buddha's!

                                Remember with Wisdom one person attains enlightenmentm, while with Compassion many people attain enlightenment.

                                Taking actions for the happines of others is compassion.