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Is this beauty done?

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    Is this beauty done?

    I have been flushing this beauty for a week now.
    No signs of any yellowing leaves. Pretty obvious she was overfed on N as some ppl suggested on my other thread.
    I do wonder tho, is she done? I dont think i will be seeing any yellowing and she is def not fattening up anymore. Nothing have happebed for the last 1 1/2 week.
    Am i to eager or should i just harvest so i can get my other batch going instead?
    (This is the closest to a good thricome picture i can get) Aint got a loupe to investigate.
    Click image for larger version

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    Yes, she done, go ahead and chop, and get your new grow started. Wow, you did a very good job in your closest too, she looks very pretty and well finished. You kicked ass on this one Iblex! Thanks for sharing and happy gardening!😎


      It's hard to say for sure from this picture but yeah it looks like it's done. The real way to tell though is to get in there with a 10X to 30X magnifying device and examine the trichomes. If most of the heads are cloudy white with some amber then it's done. If it's mostly amber then it's overdone but some people actually prefer it that way and if most of the heads are clear then it could stand to go longer. From what I see in the picture it appears they are mostly cloudy white but even clear trichomes can appear white from a distance.
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