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Episode II The Clone Wars

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    Episode II The Clone Wars

    My first growroom was plagued with problems. It was a shoddy 80 cubic foot frame, made from pvc pipe, cardboard for the panels, painted white of course, with four 4' flourescent shoplights on top. As a newbie, I was afraid to go to HPS, until I realized how easy it was; in wiring anything in your home, there are only three wires you have to worry about, positive, negative, and the ground wire, not too difficult. Anyways, the strains: I don't know, it was all bagseed; probably from Mexico. As a newbie they did awesome, I had three sativa females, one indica female, which my buddy named "Halo". And three more mixed phenos, one we named "Confucious".

    This grow was a disaster, I went up to my seven ladies one morning, and one was gone! Yeah, I freaked, thought roaches were eating my plants. So I sprayed enough Bengal to kill the Orkin man, and thought my troubles were over. But it was not the roaches, and before catching this mysterious plant eater, many more ladies would succumb to this beasts appetite.

    No activity for two days, I thought I was in the clear, but on the next visit, I found absolute horror, my biggest mother, twice as big as any of the other plants was gone! I mean stalk and everything! No roaches could have done this? So, I layed mouse traps, lots of them. I put out 4 boxes of poison, 4 of those sticky mouse traps, and 6 of those "snap" broke your finger" mousetraps! I went commando on those rats' asses! But they went Navy Seal on my ass, the next day I went up and one of the sticky mouse traps was half way across the room, and all of the bait was gone, and about two more plants were gone!

    Well, the poison finally killed the whatever, and I was recovering what grow I had left, about a week left on "Halo" and "Confucious" was coming on along, the sativas had a while, but things were looking good. Then on a routine inspection of growth, I found what no grower want to find, his whole growbox caved in! Lights all shattered, plants literally crushed, a whole f'ing mess. It was my fault, my tolerances on the pvc were not correct. Anways, I salvaged a bout an Oz. of premature buds, and was discouraged from growing for a while:

    ...........Until I came to this conclusion!

    My first attempt, sabotaged by some unknown creature:

    Episode I: The Phantom Menace

    Which only inspires me to bring in the next chapter of this neverending saga to liberate cannabis:

    Episode II: The Clone Wars

    We will be growing alot of good strains on this thread, and will be asking Bog and Rez for there help, mainly on the LSD, but we also have Oaxacan Sativa, Gypsy might be able to help us all out on that one, and who can't get enough of that Who's Yo Daddy? We will have plenty of that going on too! This is my first attempt at cloning, and am off to a good start. I wish you all a happy season, and may your thumbs be forever green.

    Check back, as pics are loaded, and in the meantime, checkout the thread "seeds, cuttings, swaping?" It just keeps getting bigger.
    Begun, this clone war has.
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    Man what a first attempt!! That can discourage anyone for sure!!

    Glad you came back to give it another shot, and glad I could contribute!!!
    Hope all goes better this time around. I am sure it will!!



      Looks like I have those same creatures lurking in my outdoor plot. I went out saturday to water and found my 2 white widows & 1 mazar completely gone. I mean chewed downto the rockwool they were rooted in.

      There was no way it was deer since the location was ruggid terrain, but could it be squirrels or mice?

      anyway I gotta put out more ladies, and use chickenwire this time. My other plots I used liquid fence "Coyote Urine" and it seems to have worked.


        Sounds like rodents. Transplants are especially succulent and tender. Mice will even eat dead predators like a fox. They climb better than spider man, can crawl thru a dime sized hole and produce a litter every 28 days.

        I would suggest a few mouse traps and lots of D-con. D-con takes a week to work so put it out early next year.
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          damn, I guess chickenwire wont stop rodents either. Hmm what to do? Glue traps outdoors?

          Any suggestions?


            You can get a tighter mesh wire fence than the approx. 1" chicken wire. We only have to worry about insect pests and larger 4 legged and 2 legged mammals around here. You might want to keep King Snakes around the grow. They eat lots of small rodents a season and will keep out other dangerous reptiles (dangerous to you). I'm a big fan of using natural means to help control pests.


              Victory. Victory you say? Master Obi-Wan, not victory. The shroud of the dark side has fallen, begun the clone war has.


                I am going to try some "Deer Away" it is some sort of pellets that you spread, and everytime I go visit, I piss all over the place, and spit my snuff out around the spot.

                Here is a pic of the LSD vegging outside. It used to have another growing right beside it, but one day it was just gone!
                I went out to take the tips off, to root and sex, but something had already topped them! Didn't take much, just bit the tips off, so I took a few clones, just in case it came back. I have a clone of the one that was gone, and it is doing great.

                P.S. Can't seem to upload pics, will try again when I get home.
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                  Hell yeah, I would love to have king snakes all over. Or better yet, rattlers, tie them up, and make a little maze to get to the grow, and if you don't know the correct way, ttttsssssttttttsssst!

                  How do you keep the snakes around the plants? I am always looking in the distance, for people, now I have to look on the ground, so I don't step on any of my guards!
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                    Shit 1 of my plots is infested with rattlesnakes. Everytime I make my way out there I see atleast 1.

                    It scares the shit out of me everytime too. I hope I never step on one of those stublin out to my plot when I'm high


                      Need ya one of those Oklahoma snake wranglers.

                      I think they just had the annual "Rattlesnake Roundup" a couple weeks ago

                      I'm like you I don't jack with snakes



                        rattlers, yikes

                        damn sharp pain,
                        that would be enough to keep me out maybe you could wear the cut off bottom of a wet suit under your clothes for a little protection just in case? but i don't know anything about rattlers. i love snakes though, just not the potentially lethal ones. i used to have an 8' burmese python that i converted a bedroom to house when about 17 or 18. i had a closet grow in the same room that i made a wooden frame with 1/4" chicken wire and hinges to make a makeshift sceen door to keep him out. he was affectionately referred to as my guard snake hehehe. (burmese are quite aggressive) i miss the little fella, raised him from a wee babe of only 11":(

                        about rodent problems, i worked in the landscape and nursery business before i injured myself last year and have found that layered protection seems to work best. that is to say that when using scents, for example, you should alternate what you use every couple weeks as deer, rabbit, mice etc will become acustom to an odor after a while
                        this i would use in conjunction with deer away of some other product using putrefied eggs as the main ingredient as it makes the plants distasteful to the pests. this is especially effective in the early veg period when young transplants are particularly susceptible to damage to young new shoots. (note: refrain from using these in flower as the taste issue holds true for people too)
                        in flower switch to a pepper spray but no later than the second week on early maturing varieties or 3rd to 4th week with later flowering sativas.
                        and finally for added protection of younger plants a 2' barrier of 1/4 inch mesh will help with mice.( see if you can't find the kind that has the green rubber coating on it first as it stands out less in an outdoor patch) you can even spray this with predator urine (coyote, fox whichever is fine, or you could alternate between the two) for added effectiveness by detering them to want to climb it.

                        i hope this helps

                        on a nother note i have found that once in flower deer seem to prefer sativa tasting plants as indicas are spicier but this is an untested theory concluded simply through observation.
                        these methods have been applied to my vegetable and ornamental gardens as well as the herb gardens.

                        :( (sigh) i miss growing outdoors
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                        PLEASE don't PM me for seeds or cuts,.. Thank you


                          Thanks beans, I will alternate my scents, that sounds like a good idea, and green chicken wire, brilliant! I was just thinking how bad the mesh would stand out.

                          Tex I would have thought you loved rattlers. We have special boots that you wear over your clothes, come up to mid thigh, and repel any snakebite, and any woman too!

                          What if I sprayed Lion Piss around, that would probably give them a scare!
                          Begun, this clone war has.
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                            I only like snakes if barbecued just right.

                            Yea, those boots are a real fashion statement



                              For Deer heres a few tricks coyete urine, human urine if you take aleeak around the area. You can get some old nylon stocking and put a couple cups of powdered laundry detergant in them and hang around the plants or grow area. Moth Crystal or balls hung or scattered. Another way is to mask the scent by planting plants that the dont eat around the other plants. Marigold, Lantana, some herbs work. Check you local Agricultural extension for the list of plants. Good Luck !