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Butte's 2007 Outdoor - "In the trenches..."

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    Butte's 2007 Outdoor - "In the trenches..."

    Hey all

    Well, it’s that time of year again – spring preparation! Actually, things got started a while back, but are really picking up steam now. First off, everything’s going in the ground in trenches filled with good soil. I have red rock soil that is very compacted and, quite frankly, sucks, hence the trenches. Anyone that followed my grow last year knows I tried to overcome this with containers. This worked to a degree, but left a few things to be desired. Namely:

    1) Root space is limited. Even with containers in the 250-300 gallon range, I felt I was limiting growth and when I dug up the containers they weren’t “root bound”, but very consolidated.
    2) The containers tended to dry out pretty quickly, especially on windy days.
    3) The raised nature had the sides of the containers getting pretty hot in the dog days, and I believe this limited some of the formation of oxygen feeder roots around the outside. This could have been solved with a little reflective foil, but I just never got around to it...
    4) I think the containers contributed to the buildup of “nasties”’ from my well water the year before. This year I hauled water and it made a huge difference.
    5) Lastly, my plants started at a bit below waist level so almost all the work was above my head...many times I needed a ladder to reach the tops and then even then had a scary time of it. Imagine standing on the top rung of an eight foot ladder precariously balanced on uneven ground surrounded by your entire summer’s work waiting to break your fall.

    The Plot
    So, this winter I’ve enlarged the space to 45 x 75 feet and dug three trenches perpendicular to the slope of the plot. In total, there’s 75 yards plus of soil made up of the following:

    I started with 60 yards of premium worm mix soil (Light, fluffy mix fortified with 20% worm castings, compost tea applied at a rate of 1 gal per yard, chelated minerals, micronutirents, soft rock phosphate, humic acid, and trace elements) and added 150 lbs hard rock phosphate, 150 lbs greensand, 100 lbs Dr Earth Organic 7, and 15 yards of perlite (for a 20% perlite/soil mix). I had all this mixed up for me and hauled in by truck. It took three truck and transfer loads to get it all here and, overall, cost me a large chunk of change. However, I don’t expect to have to add a whole lot for the next couple years, so I look at it as an investment rather than an expense.

    The Plants
    I started plants inside back in February and had them slowly veg’ing and training as I collected more strains to choose from. This year I’ll be running some combination of the following (alphabetical order, not rank so far):

    Bubba Kush
    G13 x Hash
    God’s Gift
    Master Kush
    Snowcap (HS cut…sounds like it might be bunk. I’ve not been real impressed with any of the plants I have)

    …also expected to be run, but not yet in hand is White Rhino x Trainwreck.

    There are individual shots in my gallery.

    I started things in the garage grow-room and then put them out in the “halfway house” where the smaller cuts got 1000watts on a track and the remainder got the spillover to keep them in veg. This space is 12’ x 12’ and has a roll down cover so the 1000 didn’t light up the whole county!

    The Water
    The last key to this puzzle is going to be my water and I’m embarrassed to say this project still isn’t done. My water quality is really a weird thing. My iron tests at 1280 ug/L and my manganese came in at 2560 ug/L. As a point of reference, the SMCL (“Secondary maximum contaminant level” means the advisable maximum level of a contaminant in water which is delivered to the free-flowing outlet of the ultimate user of a public water system.) for iron is 300 ug/L and 50 ug/L for manganese. A quick shot to show what 4x the iron and 51x the manganese will do to a plant. This is after a single watering...

    So, I did my research and came up with the following system to get the nasties out:

    The whole process begins with the ozone. Ozone is really an amazing gas. Ozone contains three atoms of oxygen rather than the two atoms we normally breath. This ‘extra’ atom decays off really quickly and forces other molecules to “flocculate” and settle out. Essentially it makes the iron and manganese clump together so they can settled and/or filtered. So, the well water is ozonated as it enters the system and is distributed through a series of small holes in a pipe about knee-high off the bottom of the 5,000 gallon tank. This will reduce the turbulence in the tank considerably. Remember that we are looking for very still water to get very light particles to settle. When water is not being added via the well line, there is ozone being pumped into the tanks via airstones. This continues the oxidation process within the tanks and further precipitates the gunk. As water is used up from the 1,250 gallon tank, it is refilled from the top of the 5,00 gal tank. The water is best ~6” below the waterline, so there is a floating intake valve to pull from this depth no matter what level the 5,000 is at. This float isn’t shown in the drawing. The series of valves are to ensure total availability of water in the tanks. Post settling, the water goes through a pleated paper filter, then a woven cloth filter, and finally through charcoal. I’m awaiting test results on the finished water, but it looks really good.

    So, that was a lot to type up, and I’m stopping there, but the season has definitely started in earnest!

    Happy growing all - Butte
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    Butte's 2007 Outdoor - "In the trenches..." :smoke: :yes:

    looks great so far! wish I had enough room to do something like that~!
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      Oh my god I am checking this daily- this is a sweet endeavor! One question, and sorry if I missed the answer, but are you running a generator to power your 1000w, fans and ozone?


        wow you dont fuck around, i hope to have an op like that someday
        Budsmokes Indoor 2010


          holy shit! what a great, outstanding factory, Butte !!! keep going !!!!


            Butte, you are the definition of inspiration!
            Your 2006 grow was outstanding, and i'm sure this will be 10x better!
            Cant wait to see your field of monsters in a few months.

            Ill go ahead and nominate this for thead of the year...
            Bear in mind that in the production of any new
            plant, selection plays the all-important part.
            First, one must get clearly in mind the kind of
            plant he wants, then breed and select to that end,
            always choosing through a series of years the
            plants which are approaching nearest the ideal,
            and rejecting all others. -Luther Burbank


              I've always found preparing a new grow location to be very exciting, and I bet you are too! This is going to be something massive from what I can tell.

              About how many plants do you plan to put out there?

              Good luck, peace


                I'm ready to watch this huge grow again Butte.

                Holy Chit Butte that's some serious excavation you did bro.



                  Looks like an awesome begining to what I hope will be a great year. Thanks for taking the time to share what you have going. Your threads are always some of the most interesting here. Thanks for sharing Ill be watching this one beginnig to end.
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                    wow, looks awesome man! i need to get out to cali, people keep talking about using heavy machinery to make their patches and im getting jealous! no, im too tired and sore to be jealous, lol.


                      Wow, such nice comments from everyone. I, too, hope it to be a great year.

                      H&L - even with the heavy equipment, it's been some long sore days for this one man operation. I've been able to get some help here and there, but trustworthy hard workers is a rare combination. (btw, that's hired help with the rake in the trench photos - my back couldn't take more than a few minutes before I relented the rake)

                      Babba - Thanks for the words of inspiration. I'm looking forward to your grow this year as well...

                      Relik - There'll be just eighteen in that space as our county is pretty stringent. I picked up another patient over the winter, so I'll put out another six. I just hope I can keep up...

                      DailyTHC - I just run everything from my house. This whole gig is on my own developed property.

                      Thanks again for the encouragement and happy growing - Butte
                      I looked, and looked, and this I came to see:
                      That what I thought was you and you,
                      Was really me and me.
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                      Butte's 2007 Outdoor - "In the trenches..." :smoke: :yes:


                        'when life hands ya 'nanas.....make beans'

                        Old Location, put on hold....

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                          wow butte, this season looks like its going to be great. much improvement compared to last year. thats horrible to see what your water can do and all that you have to go though.
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                            Man, you're really goin' to town! Good on ya! I'll be watching for sure.

                            Best wishes for a safe & bountiful grow!
                            I'm tossing pollen like breadcrumbs

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                              hey Butte, are you doin' another outdoor SCROG this year in the trenches...Man that was awesome last year...good luck