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    Nice one mate, nothing like some smoke grown under acres of sky and fresh air.
    I took my small auto gelato a few days back, (10g also) lovely and smooth.
    I’m thinking some early rgs strains next year
    All the best and enjoy
    "read the directions, even if you dont follow them.."

    “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
    - Ferris Bueller

    Originally posted by Harry Lime

    Put out the joint, step away from the computer and go for a walk.



        Neem oil good prevent and control mechanism.


          We actually had some good weather for the last week so I have them the last 11litres of rainwater I had stashed.

          Purple Maroc#1


          Purple Maroc#2


            grape Berry

            Auto Amnesia

            group photo


              As mentioned in the anything outdoors thread weather here has been all over the place hot humid, rain, sea mist and sunny... But the plants are doing well, the grape berry looks happier.. the only plant not performing is the Auto Amnesia.. but it's been a runt since birth.

              The grape berry is more into flower than the rest but all seem to have decided that it's time for the fun to start, the older of the Purple Marocs has caught up with the Super#61. Everything is female too which has never happened to me before.. on the down side I've got no pollen but on the flipside that does mean more potential come harvest time... Just need to work out how to dry and cure the whole lot.

              The Auto AK was nice... Could have done with a proper cure but it's been a long time for me and I just enjoyed the buzz as it was, I have about half to a neighbor who said it was also pretty good and they are looking forward to the main event.

              purple Maroc#1



                purple marocs#2

                grape Berry

                Auto Amnesia runt

                family photo

                Everything has had a final spray of neem, fungicide & insecticide plus about 6oz of FBB over the whole site rather than a liquid feed as the weather has been wet. I'll start bloom ferts in a few weeks with a hint of liquid growmore for micro and macro nutes.

                The fun bit is nearly here


                  Looking good mate. Grape Berry looks like she's loving it in your spot.
                  RudeDog's Plantentium

                  RudeDog's Organic Grow - Finished

                  Careful with that spliff Eugine, it causes condensation.


                    Hey Eggy,
                    bump, bump ol’ chap!!


                      Hope everything's still going well, been a month without an update.


                        Hope you're doing well and are safe man.


                          Hi guys, sorry for just vanishing I was just so busy back then, I did manage to pull a harvest of the Grape Berry and the purple Maroc's but the Maroc's could've done with a few more weeks at least.

                          Will try and find the photos To round this off.

                          This year its 3 super61's and one grape berry, again will get some pics shortly.




                            Hey Eggy,
                            glad you’re safe and well, I’m also happy Mrs Eggy never cracked it!!


                              Hey 40,

                              Yep all safe and well.. though getting them down from the hill was fun, walking back to my house stinking. Luckily that day 4th Oct my mrs went surfing up in Newquay so i had a good few hours to go get them, manicure and get them up in the loft. Since then discovered that i'm not a seasoned smoker anymore.. when i was down to my last tiny bit i shoved it all in a bowl with the keif from my grinder and a bit of the homemade hash, this was at around 10am one sunday morning when i was meant to be building a fence. I felt that I could speak or so i hid in the garden most of the morning and with stick my head in a fence hole to aviod making eye contact.

                              This year has been a bit of a slow start, I had an numerous failed seeds that would germiate then fail to do anything... Then I had an auto (think it's AK) just keep growing the cotyledon till they were about an 1.5" long with no true leaves, this went on for a month. Eventually it started growing but alternate leaves big on oneside and small on the other, I've just kept it in a regular size pot and it's about half way through flowering now.. might get a few grams if I'm lucky.

                              The plants I've got to go up to the old spot are about 30cm tall and have been topped once to make clones and the the second set of shoots topped again in an effort to keep them bushy.. I'm thinking that i'll take them up there this weekend.

                              Sad to say that i've deleted all my pics from my phone.. I achived my goal though of a big jar of bud (didn't last me long though).

                              did find these:

                              Some small nugz i saved from some moldy grape berry buds.

                              Grape berry nugz saved from moldy bud

                              Coffee filter hash ball from trim (got three this size).

                              water hash ball

                              2021 updates to follow shortly


                                Three things I take with me during harvest are a spare change of clothes, a bottle of methylated spirits to wash my hands with (l don’t like gloves) and a dry bag to put everything in. I’ve even used deodorants to good effect.
                                The Super 61s sound like they finished well at your location??