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    I really do think matching daylight hours is bro science. I have done some testing. I wish others would join in and test a little!
    The way i understand it is its hormone build up during the night. It takes time. Less night means less hormone build up. I have seen people give their plants 24hr of dark to try to get them to start flowering quicker! And it seems to work.
    seems to me that giving your plants 24 hr light for a little bit before you put them out would stop them from flowering prematurely. I started doing it to debunk the "hour matching". I have had good success.


      I have a Romberry mother plant that I want to flower this summer.

      But I don't want it to head-faked by the shorter days. Right now sunrise sunset is 13 1/2 hours.
      Guess I'll wait a few more weeks, until it's 15 hours.

      Thinking that that will give 16 hours of light for the light cycle.
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        I am from coastal Mediteran climate 43,6n,and march,april,May always use for flowering,to have idea what I have .
        Thh have very weak stem smell,to find best girl,some flowers sample is best way.
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