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Hill Temple Collective's Indica in late flower..

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    Hill Temple Collective's Indica in late flower..

    more info in the test grow section of the HTC forum, from seed.. some nice veg shots...

    It's basicaly a lightly stabilized afghan hybrid, with 2 major phenos.. I only start 5 and got 3 fems and 2 males.. 4 of them looked like yer typical Afghan1 or Afghan1 hybrid, great growers, branchers, excellent stucture and big yeilders.. some stinkier than others..

    Then there is the rarer 'old skool' pheno that looks like yer typical 'ghani or paki cabbage plant.. my favorite of the bunch.. and once flowered definately the dankest of the bunch, but a very low yeild.. more info in the HTC forum..

    I only took pics of 2 of the 3 fems.. 1 of the 'normal affie 1' phenos and of the old skewl pheno..

    Here's the larger yeilding Hill Temple Indica @ 64 days:

    These phenos put out those kick ass lil budlets on the leaves:

    Here's the 'Old Skool' HT Indica pheno @ 68 days:

    this one will be stickin' around for quite a few more run :wink: she's a stinker and has the most interesting bud structure I've seen on these old skool plants...


      oozing with beautiful trichomes for sure beancounter!!!

      That shot of the fan leaf with the budlet on it is POTM material for sure....
      Thanks for the pics!!!

      kind regards from guineapig


        damn bean that ols skool looks down right narcotic



          Dam that looks good!


            wonderful bean as ever! looks like one to try!
            .^???®??S ?®Ø? ?£??

            Click the gif to learn much more about HFH:


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                All those HTC's test grow's are pretty awesome !

                Five seeds, 3 fems, 1 keeper...perfect ! nothing more, nothing less

                ~annaC : ELE - TriIIIesel - Yummy D's - Yumbolt F2 > test-grow~
                Mat eo bevañ pell Bevañ mat avat zo gwell


                  wow amazing
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                  SUBY : Our thoughts and prayers are with you brother!

                  RIP ELEMENTAL * I WONT FORGET YOU!


                    Dang man..

                    Very colorful. I'm sure the smoke will be similar...


                      beancounter...... your the man with strains.... keep up the good work ......


                        far out bean your a man with the same tastes as i have bro just keep rocken the old school bro


                          Looks damm great BC. Love those colors and bud structures. I hope you let us know how they smoke.


                            omfg guys and gals, after walking by the drying tray on the old skewl pheno one too many times, I just had to try a joint..

                            The reason why.... think Sour D with a DC/PAKI twist for flavor, with the deez flavor being dominant

                            I just found my 1st personal life time keeper from seed... 1st ever, and it feels nice.. Of course it's a low yeilder, but it's got the flavor, and a MUCH better high overall than ECSD..

                            It's hard to say right now, the sample was pretty moist yet, but the ecsd may have a lil more initial kick (80 day deez), but that's it.. the rest can't touch this old skewl pheno..

                            don't get me wrong, i have keepers from seed, jus none that I have found personaly..

                            I am so happy I got a clone of this one early, it can be much more difficult to reveg pure indicas..

                            I got a nice lil 3 topper veggin' up right now for a 2nd run and I expect some even better results... this plant was moved around a lil too much in flower and coulda gota some better light...

                            Anyways, I new when I was trimmin' her she was gonna be something special, but with all the Bubba CHunks in the air it was hard to pick out one dankness outa the air over another.. when I was walking by the drying area I literally followed my nose to this pheno and was more than pleasantly suprised with what I found..

                            I will talk to Bub, maybe make a mass F2 run with all the good plants I can find, then search for Old skewl phenos in larger pops of F2s.. Or I can hope I find an old skewl male in the last 6-7 beans I have and just use those to go further with the line..

                            the other normal phenos are pretty nice, and some are pretty dank, but nothing tugs the old heart strings like an oldskewl indica, especialy one with great flavor, vigor, and stretch.. me likes, me likes


                              nice, that Hill Temple looks killer. nice and soft. That Old skool reminds me of a lung infection, in a good kind of way. Something about those super dark colors make my sinuses clog up.
                              nice herbs, BC!