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    Well I have 4 strains to chose from.... Just gonna do a lil backyard party here... I saved a mom from my best plant last year and I am just gonna grow her this year. 3 or 4 of em.. Thats it.
    I may go and find a plot out in the woods somewhere and plant a bunch of clones later in the summer. Part from that, pretty boring... :wink:
    Got my hp mom that i've been keeping all winter outside already... It's pretty cold out but she's still growin...
    I spose I should throw in some color too..

    Sorry, I suffer from CRS... -Can't Remember Shit!-
    Inhale, Exhale, Mmmmm.... Better than air!
    OG Refugee.
    GH White Rhino Test Grow


      Non bombardatemi di messaggi privati per i vostri problemi di coltivazione, rispondo solo nei threads

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      "Most soil growers don't have EC meters. I've TASTED my runoff before to determine salt buildup- it definitely has a flavor all its own- salty, yet metallic! A fine vintage! "Quote by Stinkyattic



        My ak48 looks ok




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            Great shots guys, absolutely stunning girls
            Stoned Silly, that first shot up there's gorgeous, hell of a shade of purple, man!
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            Originally posted by Yummybud
            I can piss on my self as I please.
            Originally posted by MasterMagic
            something i learned along time make the win the game...belief in ones self...make your own rules my friend



              bud shot

              stay green & safe


                Some killer shots everybody! Here's three colorful ones I grew..

                unknown strain

                a different unknown strain



                  WOW! I love red....
                  I had a bonsai white rhino that I flowered and she did that too but the leaves were much more yellow.
                  Amazing shots everyone...
                  Sorry, I suffer from CRS... -Can't Remember Shit!-
                  Inhale, Exhale, Mmmmm.... Better than air!
                  OG Refugee.
                  GH White Rhino Test Grow


                    Heres a shot of one of my buds in my current ice grow, day 54.

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                    Hold your head up


                      thanks hideyoshi you rock man.stop in my thread and hit us all up ok
                      i will be updateing soon i got like three pheno's right now one pinkish and one is going way purple so stop in and i will let everyone know how they turn out ok be safe


                        Whatsup everyone, I took a few new pics figured I show them off



                          The bud was blue, but the flash made it appear even bluer
                          more usually though, mine get a hint of pink
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                            Same strain , different plants . This is my BlockHead , gettin it's flush on .


                              Colorfull is the word god people, you ALL are blowing the covers off the lids. Wonderful......beautiful.....a mazing.......

                              This is shot with the MH half on of a Schrommy Dz bud....

                              This is my big mom rez pheno

                              Massive buds..........more rezdog influence.......reeks thru the walls.....LOL
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                                holy GODAMN JESUS .....
                                Where do I get my hands on a reddish pheno or strain?
                                are there certain conditions that'll help bring it out?

                                Love the Red and the Blue!

                                WHY ARE THE BEST LOOKING ONES UNKNOWN?

                                Peace and technicolour buddage
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                                ¸„ø¤º°¨ ¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º¤ø„¸¨ ¨°º¤ø„¸