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Cannabis in the himalayas

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    Would kill to go there.


      amazing pictures hom, i wish you the best of luck for your journey in the sacred country.
      I've heard is a bit rainy this year...
      but i see you are treating you well, nice creams!
      What kind of ciloom do you smoke?

      what goes around comes around


        Originally posted by DrySiftWizard View Post
        Would kill to go there.
        DO IT.

        I've not been to the well known himachal pradesh; however, have sighted many cannabis plants in uttrakhand... may i suggest anyone interested in the area look into "char dham" pilgrimage route/tours (all in uttrakhand state of india, i believe).
        The route brings you to holy sites at the sources of holy rivers: Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, and 2 high mountain locations, Badrinath and Kedarnath.
        Many Sadhus up there, not the fulloshit brand you find in rishikesh or haridwar, with their hands out....
        Back in the day sadhus traveled glacial routes, and some probably still do... however all tours will take you along "canyon" or valley routes ( including the tehri dam)

        Some amazing stuff up there....


          Man that's some stellar shit! ! Much love to u for taking this shit to different heights and letting us lI've vicareasly thru u . Plus rep. PS . Beans ??? ?


            Hello folks...cheers for all the positive feedback. India is truly a magical place to travel around. It's well worth a visit and it's extremely cheap on the western pocket. As far as weed plants are concerned it grows wild all over northern India. The drive from Delhi to the mountains takes 14 hours and for 10 of those hours, all ya can see out the window is weed. From Haryana and the Punjab the whole way up the mountains. It also grows wild on the eastern side across Sikkim and into bangladesh. Wild mountain sativas grow through cracks in the pavement in every town I stayed at. The cultivated plants are at higher altitude where its harder for the cops to get to. That's also well worth the trek but be prepared for some seriously sore legs afterwards. The rewards outmatch the pain anyday. Here's a few more pics from the expedition. Many locals were befirended, many hands of charas were rubbed, many chillums were smoked and many smiles were had. Enjoy....

            Some nice charas from the Tosh and Grahan valleys. The Tosh come in small black balls and the bigger piece was from Grahan village. Unbelievably tasty smoke. I think, maybe my favourite of the trip...thank fuck I got the guys phone number....

            Above piece is supercream...super sticky and gooey as fook. This stuff was the most psychedelic hashish I ever smoked. If ya have anxiety issues, stay miles away from this....super high...


              ^yum yum!
              Double OG.


                looks great. what were prices of the hashies you got? Is it different everywhere?
                It's good to be's nice to be nice....


                  Originally posted by Moppel View Post
                  looks great. what were prices of the hashies you got? Is it different everywhere?
                  hey Moppel, the prices and quality are different all over India but I was in the production areas so the prices are a little better and the quality is top notch. Anywhere form 1-3 euro a gram up the mountains for high quality. It also has alot to do with your haggling skills, but at 2 euro a gram for something so tasty and exotic, Its happy Amsterdam they try to charge over 20 a gram for a lesser quality. Also, if you wanna buy in big quantities, the price also drops too....


                    thanks for sharing you impression hom .,!

                    taggert your thread
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                      Wow, can't say how nice this is to see. Thank you so much.
                      That which matters most


                        Originally posted by hom View Post
                        Some nice charas from the Tosh and Grahan valleys. The Tosh come in small black balls and the bigger piece was from Grahan village. Unbelievably tasty smoke. I think, maybe my favourite of the trip...thank fuck I got the guys phone number....

                        View Image

                        Above piece is supercream...super sticky and gooey as fook. This stuff was the most psychedelic hashish I ever smoked. If ya have anxiety issues, stay miles away from this....super high...
                        Where was the supercream from? Was it hand rubbed, it looks different. Maybe sifted? Like Gurdha in Kashmir? Or something like red oil added?
                        So just to understand, you liked the piece from Grahan village better then the supercream?
                        Looked like you had fun, I lived in India for several years, over a two decade period, had business in several cities, traveled all over N, S, E, W, it was amazing back in 1971. I went to as many centers of Cannabis producing areas as I could find. You can see some of my travel photos in my old gallery.
                        Check out Munnar in Kerala, that is where I found the best Indian sinsemilla Cannabis back in the early 70's. I know the old organized small farm production I saw has ended and now, it is grown Gorilla in the forests, that is not good for quality.
                        India has had sinsemilla (ganja) for hundreds of years they had a system of Poddars, professional plant doctors that would sex your fields, kill all males or inter-sex, kill any bad female plants and give advice as well as help make the seeds for the next year.

                        I love India, its food and cultures. Or at least I sure did when I was there. I took my daughter with me when she was 5 weeks old and we lived there for the next 6 months.

                        I hope the seeds you collected there give you something you like and can share.
                        It is really best to see the mother of the seeds like you did, you can't guarantee that the male is the best, or even be sure that one or 100 males made the seeds, but you do have at least some of what you liked in the female plant, in the seeds from her. If the progeny are not really the same then try selfing the most like her female from the seeds you got. Good luck.

                        I loved collecting all the different tastes and terpene smells, as well as maybe some different Cannabinoids.
                        But along with the THC it is the terpenes that make most of the differences in different Cannabis varieties, high THC is pretty easy to find. From all the different terpenes, the right ones in the right combinations with THC is what we are all after. For recreational anyway.
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                          Thanks hom.
                          Please bring on the next one
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                            Hello Sam, what's the crack? I am also a full on lover of most things India has to offer. It has to be one of the most exciting and insane places to travel. It fills me with energy and enthusiasm which I try to absorb and bring back home. It also helps that I am a very dedicated hashish smoker and love to see the fields and the hash making process for myself. Like you I enjoy travelling to these places away from authorities eyes and studying the plants and their bounty. It's hard to beat getting to the source.
                            That super cream was made by a friend who owns a few fields high above kutla( I think?) in the Parvati valley. I was with him when he collected it. It was very lightly caressed from the plant. Not rubbed like the regular cream. Alot more care was taken when rolling the buds in his hands and he would only collect until there was a glistening film of oil on his hands. It was a much more time consuming effort than regular cream making, and the yeild was far less. He reckoned with the super cream he could make maybe 4 grams a day max. With the regular cream, he can make 2 tolas a day if he works hard. I have a video of him collecting from his hands with a blade. This process is obviously quite rough n ready, and as you will see, probably not exactly "clean" by western standards but the smoke packed a vicious punch. Reminded me of coming up on some strong Irish mushrooms. Maybe this was because the piece had no time to cure and was still fresh. The full flavour hadnt yet developed fully but the high was definitely there. It was a creeper but didnt take too long to hit hard. Maybe 5-10 minutes after smoking, you realise this is alot different than anything else I've been smoking here. Trippy stuff. I think thats the reason I preferred the Grahan cream. It had been cured for 2 years and had a very full old skool black hash taste. The flavour was immense. I fell in love with the taste immediately and just wanted to smoke it constantly...which I did. The high from this was soaring and clean as a whistle all the way. It also didn't seem to bring on any anxiety(which I never usually get anyway..)or add anything uncomfortable to the high. Just some super tasty and super smiley stuff. Loved it.
                            I also been down south a few times but never madfe it to Kerala. I have heard of Munnar but never got there yet. I did get to smoke plenty of grass from Kerala which was always a step up from the other local varieties from Karnataka. The best Weed I came across was grown in Hampi/Hospet and looked like weed you might find in any Amsterdam coffeeshop....except this weed was tastier. It had that deep mango sweet hazey vibe and was a definite sky higher strain. Good clean unpressed buds, light lime in colour, fuck all seeds....maybe 2 in every 10 grams. This stuff was on tap down in Hampi...I really enjoyed my 3 weeks relaxing there. Hash was scarce down there but the green made up for that.

                            I have a few clips from my time in the mountains. This first 1 shows Bobby collecting the super cream from his hands...I don't have footage of him collecting from the plant and the methods he uses are a little messy but the overall product was definitely a winner. I just wasn't ready for the psychedelic ass whuppin I recieved.


                            This second clip shows Bobby making some regular cream with us. Such a nice place to turn a few hands of charas.


                            Hope you enjoy and maybe this may rekindle some great feelings and memories from the mountains. Cheers. Hom.


                              Originally posted by paulo73 View Post
                              Thanks hom.
                              Please bring on the next one
                              Hey paulo. How are ya bud? I'm already planning my next wee trip. It's California time in Autumn, hopefully to get some work in the canna industry for a few months and then off to Nepal again. I been in contact with a mate I met before in Nepal, and he is growing large amounts of fine nepalese weed. He selects the ladies himself from the surrounding mountains and valleys and then grows em well in the Nepalese sunshine. Also, they have alot of different harvests over there due to climate and altitude so I'm sure we can stay busy.
                              What are you up to my friend? I'm sure your busy too. Have you been back over to Morocco? I love that country. We definitely gonna have to meet up someday soon. If you ever find yourself in Ireland, gimme a pm lad. I show ya a few nice places. Hehehe. Enjoy lad and chat ya soon. Hom.


                                awesome thread, Ive always wanted to go to that part of the world. Now I know for sure its not to be missed
                                RIP Elemental