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Imported (Moroccan, Afghani, Nepalase) Hash photo's and discussion....

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    Originally posted by kilacaLIbud
    dam how much does that go for?? has anyone seen the dvd HASHISHISH .. they show u all the real DEAL stuff.. .. .. i wanna see someone with a bag of marroc kiff.. non pressed ..
    it was only 200 euro and the weight is 125 grams
    but i wont smoke it myself

    and YES i saw Haschisch but i what i understand is that they didnt sell the first sieving unpressed stuff to others
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      great thread folks!


        shit, they need to send some boats o' import this o' way.



          Some smaller pieces


          Temple Afghaan

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            I miss the jet-black Kashmiri hash from about 20-25 yrs ago...........wish it was still around....
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              black and grass of unknown origin
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                hey Banana Tree - nice little bud container you have there - looks pocket sized too - where did you get it? i like to carry ground up bud with me so i'm ready to put it in my vaporizer


                  It came with a bit of hash in it from Amsterdam. Unfortunately it was empty when it came home with my friend. Its good for keeping seeds in.
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                    banana tree, im crying now at the sight of a bit of redseal....i dod my "Tokers apprenticeship" smoking that round the west midlands where i grew up.... it is 8years since i have seen any let alone tasted it, oh for just enough to make a joint-a single "Blim" (remember that word eh??) Is that redseal recent?? please say yes then i can hope beyond hope that maybe some will find its way to my area..... this thread is devastating to a hash lover who can only ever expect to be sold shitty soapbar as hash.....
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                      You guys are lucky, I would love some Nepali Hash. Great Pics, anyone have more recent ones?
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                        i havent seen any hash like this for years neither harry,,, i would love to get my hands on some of these great import hashes again,,,


                          A cpl of old pics...some decent morrocan. More to come..

                          100 gram slab by the way..
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                          Originally posted by accessndx
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                            Originally posted by hash*_*bean
                            damn there is some tasty looking hash in this thread so far
                            i just got some new hash yesterday and some it is really damn good
                            the X3 kicks my ass it is very spicey and couchlock im not sure where it is from
                            but it smells like some kind of afghani

                            I think the X3 is morrocan as i have X5 from morroco.200g bars.I'm rolling one know i'll let you know how it goes. In a joint(Sorry puritans).

                            Bliss, smooth-ish nice mellow stone.Be nice too share it with some like minded freinds.
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                            Free ? , sort of...


                              Originally posted by No_Shitt_In_Nor

                              Gold stamped Afghan.
                              i get that SAME gold stamped

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                                Black Afgani Gold Seal (not very good quality)