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Imported (Moroccan, Afghani, Nepalase) Hash photo's and discussion....

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    Let's come to last week's excursion to the Netherlands including their capital(again had to tag a picture along providing Covid19 status).

    First picture. is one of the best traditional Morocs we came across this time. More of a 'gardella type' than kif landrace but lovely enough strength- as well as tastewise(somewhat traces of ginger and all that) and not too expensive. 'Commercial, but high grade'. Though original landrace we had too here and there(no pictures)were reasonable as well(if again still pricey).

    Second is supposed to be 'dry sift' from Morocco too and 120 micron ; blondish yet ochre again. Taste is randomly weedish again(maybe indeed a bit kushy) but strong and so is the high as well(one dimensionally clear more or less as usual with those grades). Would say this was my favourite from that department.

    Similar things I can report about the third one, supposedly same origin and sifted 90micron(both types are at least supposedly 'double filtered'). Both are hardly pressed and fall apart when handled again by the way. Also, while they both are not overly harsh they lack a certain smoothness I know from other traditional hashes from around the world which tend to lay around for a while before sifting.

    We visited loads of shops as usual and especially those ones we rate for fine Morocs ; apart respectively along from them several Berber communites too though didn't come up with any news when approached on future supply nor hashish cut with synthetic cannabinoids crap.
    When it comes to those suspective new ones with foreign genetics and 'double/tripple filtered'-tag half of the coffeeshops told us it's produced in Morocco while the other half stated again it's from crops in Europe ; one couldn't spot a real difference when comparing several batches just by the eye or nose again, oh my.

    One fun fact too: we noticed that at least one dump digged up the term 'gunpowder'[read kief] again to tag it to a name of a strain , this procedure itsself was trendy what feels ages ago(10-15 years); in this case(powder indeed) another fraud as it was about resin[foreign genetics] supposedly produced in Morocco and staff particularly claimed that
    but our suspicion was confirmed when trying it as it appeared to be a case of 'sounds interesting but de facto is only based on rationalization rather than quality as this was just poorly overpriced product ; merely a poor byproduct'(if it would have been quality this approach otherwise would be admirable).
    Though quality in general regarding the traditional resins coming from the Rif seemed to be particularly better - if still pricey - compared to our last visits.

    Good sign.

    Little by little, the bird builds its nest, huh?

    1. Coffeeshops

    Have to comment the last three pages of this very thread here as this is way too much talk about stupid coffeeshops in my humble opinion. Of course I took no offence or such insanity[let alone: who cares?: D]
    but they just don't deserve the talk and despite we (ab)use them since decades they will always be a grotty compromise as somewhat handy but in the end as said million times before they're a relict from the past.
    It may appear I'm a fan as well judging by my pictures but I ridicule respectively constructively criticise them rightly just all the time[not to forget though: if they deliver they deliver and this is appreciated by us – I'm about their system in general].
    As we go to the Netherlands since decades for holidays and respect their culture picking up gear is just a bonus along[never would go solely for the gear, especially now during Covid19-lockdown where hotels and such are an issue if one can't stay with mates]as we made friends[not business-oriented] we visit often since this time too[though also private connections for gear of course, still they're just a bonus]and personally respect coffeeshop historically speaking for their effort[also grateful if anything good was around! By the way I can understand the average tourist being overwhelmed by
    the choice and the possibility to buy semi-legal on let's say annual holidays so they're quite biased and I respect their perspective definitely(who wants to admit the gear was not so good when you saved up for a holiday? Personally I don't white wash things but not many are that honest somehow, just saying) but if one lives there or goes regularly as well as knows one's shit it's a different ball game obviously I reckon. ] but this was fifty years ago now and nothing changed at all for the
    better and today their system just is a very lame compromise indeed.
    That's why roughly I rarely mention names of coffeeshops as I try not to give them too much attention for their crappy approach but as a compromise[I share but not at all costs]I report[not discuss either]our yet regular visits every now and then in this thread.
    We'll see how the intended pilot program of Dutch goverment to legally supply coffeeshops work out in the future, not everything I agree with but in the end better for the customer and other people involved and as much as I'm obsessed with this plant and its culture I for certain don't need any seedy activity involved or romanticiced mystique when scoring or what ever[which had its charme back in the days to some degree] ; also hope for an improvement regarding the availability of high and top grades as
    it seems they are too often around in elitist circles as low and mid grades are less risky to lose[smuggling]and illegality and exploitation of poor farmers considered producing way more profit[though as far as what I read about this pilot program illegal[especially traditional imported hashish] as well as legal supply[though not sure if the shops taking part compared to the others where it is business as usual will be allowed to carry imports as well or only legal grass] will run collateral during this study but if this will be sucessful no one knows what happens to traditional imported hash as it would be - in my humble opinion - even be more chaotic storing legal and illegal goods at a coffeeshop then .
    So while I definitely not will set things straight again regarding things claimed here lately I have to point out two things.

    Firstly, while these different groups/people involved in this coffeeshop circus appear to go their own ways they in fact fishing in very similar waters supplywise and despite all competition they know about their oligopol on this Dutch market so in the end it's lame 'birds of a leather flock togehter‘ ; since it is only a tolerated
    rather than legal business there is no customer protection so they got away with selling brixxed, flavoured(artificial)and otherwise cut grass in the past – and as the Trimbos instituut warning regarding synthetic cannabinoids was discussed some pages back it only shows again that they get away with such crime too
    as again there is no customer protection[Note: as much as I know they're quite ruthless I don't think they would risk too much negative publicity when they would sell gear cut with synthetic cannabinoids on the regular but only because of bad press rather than ethic sadly].
    I had the 'pleasure' of talking on occassion to some owners every now and then nationwide and while this isn't representative obviously the majority of them were not interested in legalization(let alone promote it or set things up) knowing they'd be washed away by big legal players[what a choice, anyone? Choosing between two diseases but no matter how disgusting they both are the latter option offers at least some customer rights legally]and most of them would describe their take
    on their customers as 'Well, my customers are very loyal people and as long as the goverment doesn't queer my pitch this is a crisis-proof business.'[and often came with a grin while talking] - so why change anything if their sheeps don't protest, huh? ; let alone many adapted their approach to current spirit of time and changed bell bottoms for suits as well as using Social Media these
    days while many of them don't consume anymore let alone sold their business to new even more ruthless respectively ignorant business men than themselves.
    Do the math.

    Secondly, mentioned chain of yours here sets a good example for previous practises[Note: I don't want to own or work at a coffeeshop. If they do honest and transparent business I'm cool with that but this is obviously not the case.
    Apart from that I don't kiss anybody's ass just because they may sell some good pot[I can ignore many things and if shit hits the fan I just don't buy as one doctrine always will be 'mind over material'] so I don't rubber stamp everything[read lame coffeeshop approach]just to get some good pot. Still I'm to some degree involved as well as I indulge from them too but still it is tremendously important to question the status quo of everything in life so something changes for the better. ]. I always wonder why so many people seemingly fell for their lame marketing.
    They polished up their shops and now wear standardised working clothes to fake their products are like genuine
    products from a lets say supermarket respectively pharmacy[I'm again no patient nor consider myself sick but ocassionally use this plant recreationally. I'm good thanks.] while it
    actually still comes from unregulated areas where no health protection nor customer protection is applied - let alone at coffeeshops - but it seems the average customer seemingly thinks so['Fine feathers make fine birds'].
    Worst example is among others: I grew up on terms like 'slate', 'slabs', 'bars' and 'blocks' with respect to hashish. Later term is now seemingly heavily influenced by this chain and their product line of hashish even outside of this coffeeshop circus as you just have to look at this very thread here when people use this term when posting their accuired gear from the black market to(unconsciously?)upsale their purchased product[Note: they're not the only ones having strong ties to
    certain farms in the Rif or elsewhere as other owners are just more discreet about it].
    Clever move of this chain and respect for that[very similar to that famous search engine on the internet became a term itsself for looking up the internet and many people use it and so advertise and cement this terrible data kraken in this world. Note: this is no lame 'political correctness' I'm on about but questioning things in this world again as this is always a base for a change if it doesn't turn into a commodity.]
    As said I try to be as objective and fair as possible so their products are often good but I'm strongly against chains no matter where for obvious reasons[legal businesses et cetera]as variety is the spice of life and all that ; would also in general appreciate a more objective approach and especially no
    advertisement for drugs in general[also see tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutics]but honest prevention without taboo
    instead of tolerating this lifestyle marketing crap['My blahblahblah for the day, my blahblahblah for the day, my blahblahblah to
    do sports, my blahblahblah to get a spine']as this chain especially is using, too.

    'Nuff said from my side for sure about them!

    2. Upcoming changes in Morocco?

    Morocco is about to legalize for therapeutic use I too read the other day and here as well.

    Since I posted this at least useful[still BBC propaganda] documentary in this thread shortly after it was released and I'm still – oh boy! - a damn moralist trying to see as many different perspectives of matters in life as possible my take on this is
    crystal clear:
    I pretty much welcome this and hope for better living conditions then for the people there.

    As I'm no cynic nor pessimist but a realist I'm a bit sceptical though in such a corrupted country anything will change for certain underprivelleged peope[Note: I know Europe or rest of so called Western World isn't at all less corrupted but for sure less obvious doing so as in the end it's all about money, duh. Just saying. The only difference is 'here' compared to 'there' in general is a higher living standard due to indeed exploiting poorer countries very roughly speaking, oh my.].
    On one hand big corporations will jump on this and get their piece of the cake, hopefully coming at least with less poverty and all that for their workers.

    On the other as said before distinct Berber culture is around since ages on this planet as well as especially in the Rif region and until recently were not treated very well by Moroccan authorities/King(dom) so I think it will take some time to change the handling of this plant in the Rif linked to some degree to their culture[if only mostly about Kif not hashish which is more of a new phenomenom historically speaking].
    Furthermore since illegal hashish trade on Moroccan soil is going on since at least sixty years it will indeed take some time so illegal trade probably will go on‘, maybe though increased in price(definitely will go on if it's only concerning CBD and therapeutic use).
    Even if this scenario of therapeutic use would unrealistically wash away illegal production of Moroccan hashish I'd still welcome this if local people benefit from that not some (mulit)national corporations I quite dislike to
    put it politely(though as much as I can't stand them I'd prefer them jumping into legal hashish production than criminal gangs pumping out a majority of mid-grades[I want quality for all not half-arsed approaches] as it seemed to have been so all the time roughly, let alone as a customer
    I have more rights compared to a black market. )as it is at least to me 'people over drugs' even though it would be a bit sad to lose the genetics and stuff but am optimistic that other doors open in the next decades(of course only driven again by the greed for money, money, money)and hashish will be produced on a large scale in other countries.
    Would legalization of therapeutic use speed up legalization of the recreational one?
    Though I think before this happens in so called 'underdeveloped countries' is has to be finished for obvious reasons in the Western World[international anti-drug contracts signed by all in the past? Economical pressure if one underdeveloped country tries to become independent doing its own thing? Anyone?].
    When looking what happens in the Usa['medical marijuana movement'] since some time it seems this is the usual hypocrite way to go[ I know this plant has therapeutic potential but looking at what again happens overseas I know for sure it is not the magic cure they sell it for) which means first therapeutic use and then after more general acceptance recreational use.
    A lame strategy but this world can be quite hypocrite[I'd never say this is my medicine as so pathetic as I'm personally just an occassional user, nothing more, nothing less – no biggie!] so even I would prefer straight honest legalization it sadly seems to be the prefered way.
    Exciting times though this process will last a while.
    As Budholic mentioned situation in Lebanon and posted this documentary( seen this the other day and while I can't stand that sensational approach of this lame journal it to some degree shows this deplorable mass production of mostly mid-grade hashish under disgustingly circumstances without much dedication which seems to happen in all traditional
    producing countries these days.Hygiene let alone quality awareness there? Yuk! Reminds me again and again as much as I nostalgically speaking enjoy those resins they're a relict of the past as well and I still need no mystique and should get back to homegrown at one point as they just rarely deliver the quality I want and in theory everyone deserves. One day: D!)

    Last but not least: all the reports I read about this didn't mention the Rif as a base for growing for therapeutic use so I take it there are enough areas under cultivation available in Morocco so the Rif people again would be left behind.


    Thanks for sharing that edibles recipe. I take it you're consuming daily so as being passionate about oral consumption myself
    I'm surprised this low dosage works for you but again it's no competition but enjoyment, isnt it? Enjoy!
    That instagram channel I know too and am always amazed by the quality shown there in regards of Afghanistan, India and so on. Never for exampe had melty quality Afghani myself ; only the crap I constantly moan about and avoid like the plague[let alone wouldn't even take for free].
    By the way fell off me chair when I read your 'Blackpool with weed' metaphor regarding A'dam. Never been or keen to go there but heard of it, again hilarious – cheers!


    Just freeze your hashish the same as you would do so foodwise.
    Roughly speaking I use common freezer bags and before this put the hash in small jars to finally stuff them as heavy as possible[air and all that] ; I cut mostly grams due to the very good stuff here is rarely available[amount doesn't matter though ; as much as what is availabe, again also due to variety is the spice of life] and then dig them up separately each at a time for special ocassions indeed. Defrosting only takes a few hours(2?3?)at room temperature
    but I don't put it back in the freezer or fridge as I seem to have noticed sometimes when putting it back to the fridge gear tends to dry out a bit faster. Though I didn't notice any decrease in quality when I take it from the freezer and consume in in the next days.
    Fun fact: very recently I digged up something special but in this case from my fridge. It was stored in tupperware and I didn't check for it since years but knowing it was placed there. That was some special Morco I know for shure I bought ten years ago[while I'm not a collector I pretty much pleasure in the idea of always having enough quality gear on site for emergency and special occassion.
    Though emergency gladly rarely occured so I noticed after about two years[wrapped and all that]gear in the fridge starts to decrease[but I'm very anal and some wouldn't notice a change I guess]so I started a good while ago to freeze up but
    overlooked stuff inbetween in the fridge or had space problems[Note: not that my fridge or freezer is full of gear I'm about food as this is far more essential to me than gear: D]. I didn't expect much and bonged it with low tolerance on a day off as a wake and bake. Expectedly very smooth on the throat still medium strong high as well as ok enough taste ; resin built a crust and inside it was still cakey and coming with a earthy smell[still I don't consider this a fermentation nor cure at all]

    @ Blazeee

    I'm afraid I can't help with your inquiry but if you haven't already asked some seedbanks carrying Pakistani lines I'd suggest to recherche this section here. Good luck!
    Last edited by NotYourSaviour; 03-07-2021, 20:32. Reason: Addenda but even though pictures work in preview and album they don't show up in the end. Will wait for the fixes re update, 'sorry' for the inconvenience.


      Originally posted by Blazeee View Post
      A good friend of mine has gone back to Pakistan from the UK to stay with close family during the corona virus panademic. Since hes been there hes been video calling me and sending me pictures of some of the most softest oily hash I have ever seen, that he has been sourcing locally. He usualy goes back there regularly every couple years, but is staying longer than usual due to the panademic. Since hes been there hes been getting friends over here to send him some fem seeds to grow for buds, but hes only been growing a small plant or 2 under artificial lighting outdoors under a balcony lol, I told him stick to that hash, as it is probably miles better than the dodgy seeds hes trying to grow, but hes used to smoking buds. I want to get him to source me some seeds and send them back home, hes under the impression that most of what grows there is shit, and isnt worth smoking, but I want those seeds dammit! Question is what time of year is harvest season and when is the best month to try and get him to source seeds? He told me behind his familys land theres plants that grow wildly every year, and from the vids hes sent me hes up in the mountains. I want to ask him to try source seeds when he buys hash, as he has some links and family up there, if not then ask him to pluck seeds if he finds random plants, but im curious whens harvest season over there and the best time to ask him, as im not sure how long hes staying.
      Pakistan is in the northern hemisphere. Their harvest time should be from September until October. I’m 100% sure that there are seeds available all year around, even if there isn’t harvest time. He just need to ask around. He can send you seeds in a normal letter. It’s not difficult. The seeds are legal in UK but I assume their not legal in Pakistan. Drug sniffing dogs can’t smell seeds so you would be fine as long as the seeds will leave Pakistan. I’ve got seeds from Morocco to Scandinavia and it wasn’t any problem. Just tell your friend to not put more then 100-200 seeds in the letter. If the letter is to chunky then it will attract custom officers in Pakistan. One last but VERY important thing is that the seeds must be super clean from buds. If they aren’t then you risk to be prosecuted for drug trafficking. There are no risk for you as long as the seeds are properly cleaned. Landrace Pakistan directly from source is the best as it gets.
      Good luck and post an update if they get threw.