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Imported (Moroccan, Afghani, Nepalase) Hash photo's and discussion....

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    Oily hash which doesn't bubble probably cut with unknown substance

    In Amsterdam last month their was warning given out about the hash being sold on the streets and in the coffeeshop some of it was mixed with synthetic cannabinoids to make it extra strong

    Since the end of October 2020, the Drugs Information and Monitoring System (DIMS) has analyzed several hash and weed samples that were found to be contaminated with the synthetic cannabinoid MDMB-4en-PINACA. The hash and weed that turned out to be contaminated with MDMB-4en-PINACA came from coffee shops and from street dealers throughout the Netherlands. Serious side effects can quickly occur after using this substance. This can be life-threatening at high doses

    Effects and risks

    The contaminated samples hardly differ from uncontaminated hash or weed in appearance. However, the effects of MDMB-4en-PINACA (synthetic cannabinoids) are much stronger than those of THC, the active ingredient in hash and weed. Balance disorders, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations and cardiac arrhythmias can occur after using very small amounts. This can also result in rapid loss of consciousness, or in agitation, violent and / or psychotic behavior. Several deaths associated with MDMB-4 and PINACA have also been reported in other countries in recent years.

    As yet, there are no known deaths or life-threatening incidents involving hospitalization in the Netherlands. Some users did report dizziness, extreme anxiety and panic-related complaints after using very small amounts.

    What is the advice to users?

    Especially during this corona crisis, the use of drugs is unwise. Are you using anyway? Then be extra careful with the use of hash and weed. Take less than you normally use, for example one hit of a joint, and then wait about 10 minutes. If you notice strange or unexpected effects and suffer from unpleasant side effects, stop using and seek (medical) help if necessary.
    Have the sample tested at the DIMS afterwards. Consumers of cannabis or other drugs can download the Red Alert app so that they are immediately informed of the latest developments in various extra-risky drugs


      The Classic eggs, are as u described, Rock hard, u Could throw in a window with a 3g egg. Bit after 20 sec in Palm Soft.. one can roll Strings or spagettis thin as a needle..

      But i think its a matter of pressing and resin in total. There is unaldulteraded loose pressed polm, that isnt Rock hard..

      In the 1kg / 500g plates of afghan around 2010/11/12 there was often this animal fat scent.

      Had morocs with that scent around a year ago. Digusting...


        I've had quality eggs that were hard and some slightly soft and I've seen crap ones that were hard too.

        The maroc ice o lator I used to get was rock solid and greyish inside, was awesome but it's vanished in the last 2 year.

        The sheep product you're talking about is lanolin, it has an animal smell and I've smelt none of that in any of these bars recently, they're all rather dry too.

        I did come across some Indian hash the other day that was fruity but there was a slight animal aftertaste so I assume it was in that.

        It's something else I think like pine oil (which has been mentioned here before) every recent commercial bar I've seen when worked a bit in hand smells like pine.

        That's really scary about the synthetic cannabinoids in samples in the Netherlands, that shit can send you loopy.


          Hehehe off course i had the shitty hash too, that was Rock hard and no way to crumble without flame.. the softer eggs came imho with zur paki and jamaican seeds.. the criticalhaze eggs are Softer, but Not as oily at First. Wasnt beaten/worked before eggin'.

          When we were young assholes, we did the eggs with all the hash that was Not as good as the usual deliveries..

          In a Time, People got carefull and eggs werent bought blind in big quantities.. stupid Time and mindset.

          I Love the piney Bars!! Never had one that was bad, so for me its allways a sign of quality, but was more in Taste then smell. My scissorhash is piney mostly too, doesnt matter wich Strain

          But Could be the next nasty Shit.. why cant we just grow our own.... Yeah Yeah same old questions..

          I recognized weedwise a Lot of super piney kushes in Amsterdam around Christmas.. the whitechoco kush and some kosher tangie? But wasnt tasting, piney..

          Only weed i get that is pedanios 20/1 wich is a la confidential, realy pinecone breath in First exhale.

          The farm smell i had with marocan Bars last year twice, and that was the First and last Time. Nearly all cheap afghans and Indian hashes have it in my experience.

          Could sythetic cannabinoids be a reason for one dimensional high? Cause any homegrown i had, wasnt highwise.. (Not liking northern lights and crosses to much for its clear head, but thats an other Story..
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            Originally posted by haze*ekiel420 View Post
            The Classic eggs, are as u described, Rock hard, u Could throw in a window with a 3g egg. Bit after 20 sec in Palm Soft.. one can roll Strings or spagettis thin as a needle..

            But i think its a matter of pressing and resin in total. There is unaldulteraded loose pressed polm, that isnt Rock hard..

            In the 1kg / 500g plates of afghan around 2010/11/12 there was often this animal fat scent.

            Had morocs with that scent around a year ago. Digusting...
            Yeh we had those oil adulterated afghan around here, gold stamp on it being marketed as body bag hash...I concluded it was adulterated and had some form of oil or fat in it.

            A freind ended up in hospital with pluricy off of it!




              i remember a bad batch of afghani in 2012 . it had a gold top 2012 stamp on it. it looked good but as soon as you put a flame to it it smelt horrible. funny last year when there was no hash about i had a phone call off my mate to come have a look at some hash and it was the same stuff with top 2012 stamp. thats happened a few times when things have dried up ive seen stuff what was around years ago. someone must of had a big supply they couldnt get rid of all of it and it goes into storage until nothing is about in the hope it will sell. i just took 1 look at it and said give it back its crap . last year i got a maroc grown afghan egg and it was the best bit of afghan id seen in a long time but was very expensive and limited availability.


                " You know this animal that goes baa baa"


                Fuck that shit.....


                  Hello all,
                  I purchased Boldt 5 gallon bags this past season. Making some hash for the first time was a blast. But I like being alone for 10 hours at a time in a frozen building in December.
                  I used Highland Nepalese Grape, Beldia #1& #2, CBD #1 x PPCK, BloodRose, Romulan, RedPurps and Auto Zamaldelica. Everything worked out well.

                  There was no major mistakes in the learning process. Like growing preparation is everything . At the end of the day there's nothing like HASH!!!
                  Peace farmerlion


                    Mid grade Lebanese that came in 200g blocks with the cloth packaging.

                    Didn't manage to get a photo of the cloth as it had been already removed.

                    This is stronger than any mid grade morocs I've had in recent times, becomes pliable once held in hand

                    Tastes minty, bit of spice with chocolate/coffee with a sleepy indica stone.

                    Photos with flash, bit darker in colour without


                      Mmmhhh that lebanese looks very nice, as you describe... looks oily and fresh enough. Like the minty cocoa flavour... is there a imprint from the clothes packaging?

                      The old church coffeshop in the old rookerij building near family first (old bushdoctor) had it for 10 Euro. But reaaaaaaly missing the real Red leb, had it way too few times and allways too small amounts hehehe...

                      Take care


                        There was no stamp on it (I've seen the cedar tree pressed into blocks before or on the cloth, this had red lines on the material) the cloth left a bit of an imprint on the surface of the block it was a nightmare to get off.

                        At first I thought it was some dry rubbish but after a couple of seconds in hand the block soon softened up and was it quite oily.

                        I was quite surprised after a test smoke, no bad tastes and it has a nice sleepy stone to it.
                        Definitely more interesting than most of the Maroc I've seen in the last year.

                        I've not seen the darker red leb in about 10 years and that was in A'dam, the last time I saw it in the UK was probably the mid 90s.


                          "The universe is comprised of 2 things Hydrogen and Ignorance"


                            The good, the bad and 2021

                            Classic Moroc below landed middle of January. Short and sweet it deserves this peculiar smiley:

                            Can't hold me back though also fits category: 'smells good, tastes good, feels good'.

                            Traditional relatively stable Moroc which warms up in one's palm[whitish inside ; see cuttings for this site – in the end I'm still an artist of course: D) with heavy pronounced flavour and medium strong body as well as more of a clear head high.

                            A mate indeed noticed it pretty much reminds of gherkins regarding taste and smell but there is also chocolate detectable.

                            Another one of our circle even got upset to some degree while we shared some as complaining about 'the thick flavour coating me tongue strongly, it must be somewhat contaminated' but that lad is unfortunately more after quantity than quality(read mid-grades) so he well-deserved was laughed out of court.

                            Not the first time so beware folks if you're focussing too much on price rather than quality for too long, *pissing myself laughing!

                            Since I got that from a reliable source sadly not often around let alone consider myself fortunate having consumed similar qualities in the past I can say it's the real deal traditionalwise.

                            As so often such type of gear is very hard to find in my humble opinon doesn't matter where and especially around here(every encounter always feels like aeons) ; still it costed us an arm and an leg[read coffeeshop prices even in wholesale]as it was about 4-5 € more expensive than usual but this is still due to Covid19, also only homeopathic amounts available so 50g for our circle[no stupid stamp/sticker]and we'd had appreciated a couple more of them 100g bars.

                            Since I took a break after Crimbo[traditionally one of my main ones across each year[by choice], a long detox included]it was very befitting for the first consumption respectively fast-breaking this year last week[six weeks off this time]. Although there are of course even better qualities out there I could consume such quality'til the end of the world and would only need a proper drop each year. Simply just good high grade!

                            Grateful this new year already treated me well and it indeed set(s) the bar high for things to come for 2021 but I'll try to find even better stuff as usual.

                            Needless to say my personal ten gram piece was already portioned and put in the freezer for special celebreations to come, will at least last me a couple of years as I'm still an occassional consumer anyway.

                            [Attention: upcoming detailed italic rant but truth hurts and needed to be done]
                            Now to the bad news:

                            firstly I have to thank Amsterdam_joe for bringing this issue about synthetic contaminated hashish to my attention, cheers[know the Trimbos institute from other reports from the past and while respecting them I find their approach not that neutral and often not representative let alone biased, also they don't name and shame those shitty dens of coffeeshops selling such resin ; at best an indication but in the end indeed a sad fact)!
                            Doesn't surprise me coffeeshopwise

                            thinking of brixxed grass, flavoured grass[just flavour a cheap indica with apple/strawberry/fuckknowshatelse and sell it for five euros more ; this happens since about 14 years now and personally never indulged as too obvious] and such in the past(those greedy bastards again!); though a

                            few renominate shops I can't imagine doing so but too many bad apples out there and every one of

                            them is too much as just fucked up criminal as well as those gangs supplying them too often.

                            Secondly, it reminded me of the fact I read about grass cut with that synthetic crap a couple months ago(October? Happened in Austria and Switzerland as far as I remember). As pointed out before by others and myself in this thread it was only a matter of time such a scandal comes up.
                            During my fast I was approached by a source who's well aware I'm after special stuff as well as most potent material. So I went there and told them straight about

                            the issue with Trimbos institute before new arrival was presented and it immediately raised eyebrows as one lad among

                            others stated 'Could be as I was gone after two or three drags off the joint, it also had a remarkably rapid onset but also faded away that fast, too'.
                            While this source[mate] – my range orf sources is quite diverse - usually offers clean stuff I have to point out that their clientle[wholesale/retail] is often off the street too and so – no offence intended again – it doesn't surprise me at all there were no complains from customers.

                            'The main point is has to be a full blast, right, mate?' - as much as I can relate not at all costs in my case!

                            Now the best part: there was a sticker of 'Amnesia Lemon' I was told and that stuff was introduced to me by an other source(not too far away from that source here it's a small world, huh?)in October.

                            Back then this one had a 'Limited'-tag to it as well and I tried it back then. Got a sample to check for home but I can tell you from the appeareance it doesn't look any different at all compared to what I saw in that range in the last few years.

                            Though this time I noticed a smell of solvents in the background reminding me to some degree of paint ; let alone this is a pungent and constant smell a bit suspicious if you know what I mean, especially when taken from the fridge.
                            Under the scope you didn't see anything as well.
                            It is also said one can't see/smell syntethic cannabinoids without a test kit or shit.

                            I looked up my sample box in the fridge where I put previous ones and even found the gear from October having the same smell/sorta look/handle so it is/was the same.
                            Jayd on here seems to have had the same batch, he even as well as myself back then mentioned it to be dark and oily but the current gear was more

                            blondish brown[though the same material according to smell but back then probably already moved/worked a bit by handling], here I linked the page on here where we talked about it.
                            Back then I noticed nothing special at all so all could be just paranoia[source I got it back in October and now approached on that one said maybe suppliers used different dosages of synthetic cannabinoids as this was noticed by authorities with cut grass as well as those chemicals are quite potent and so often poorly cut] but I won't touch it now as I

                            contacted the source I got it from first and was told he had a lot of grass contaminated with synthetic cannabionids sent back in recent months and

                            compared effects when trying that to 'taking a drag off a spark plug'[lovely metaphor] and tasting chemically' ; they spray(?) cbd grass and so on.

                            Also he said it has an non-natural very steep onset effectwise again ; to be fair though: that person picked up quality hisself in Morocco on site[what ever that means in the end though] and end of last year

                            I got some proper kush, 'of course Gelato BlahBlah' from him and despite the sorta outdoor look[by the way noticed grass in the last years got very compact as well

                            when looking at imported grass from Spain/Usa] it was tastewise quite good and had a cutting through stone[definitely no strange effects though as me and others consumed quite a bit over Crimbo holidays] as well so in fact

                            it was as good as what we grew ourselves some years back on the regular while it came from a commercial operation around here,

                            really impressed as I'm ultra picky when it comes to grass and rarely found anything worth at coffeeshops or whereever in the last years[got me a good bit for Crimbo too]as I want proper taste and smoothness[read cured!] most of my reefer not only a few drags of taste while it being also sorta

                            harsh as so often but most people seem to like such commercial schwagg.
                            Since I naively mostly smoke bongs and pipes pure since ages it pisses me off big time thinking of me[as others] testing such gear and potentially getting completely overwhelmed no matter how experiencied I am as I usually don't care as

                            I can handle every potency experiencewise but not chemicals being up to 200x stronger than 'natural cannabinoids' if not dosed accordingsly[sure this is worst case scenario as on the regular someone else consumed before].

                            Let alone such chemicals destroy one's tolerance and one needs a hell of a lot of time to get rid off it.
                            First world problems I assume – though I hope lowlifes cutting hashish/grass that way detiorate from what ever!
                            In the end relastically speaking this again happens if one 'has' to buy gear on the black market so in the end I have to blame myself to some degree ; especially if you

                            realise this stuff came through the usual sources(coffeeshops/black market) so at one point of the food chain something is fishy so again there is 'profit at all costs philosophy' around.
                            If I only could grow at home again[what about a round of self-pity please, anyone?] but there is no safe opportunity let alone indoor is only a lame compromise as outdoor is prefered and above all not interested in grass anymore as dry sifts are about quantity[started with hashish and inbetween have grown proper as well as always cured gear which is not rocket science and now am bored of most grass as it is still an

                            other effect beside poor quality available too often ; similar to people switch from grass to pure dry sifts/oils while being spoilt for traditional hash/grass due to tolerance but am satisfied personally with proper dry sift every now and then].
                            Last but not least here I found a test kit regarding synthetic cannabinoids but the problem I see it as well as with other synthetic substances is that this market is changing fast and as soon as new substances are found and declared illegal them arseholes involved just create a new one working very similar.

                            Just my 'two cents'. Will try to find out more about that when we pick up in the next weeks hopefully as our stash is low
                            [Rant over]

                            My take on the current talk on here about quality by the way is that 'one dimensional highs' don't necessarily have to do with cut gear as in my experience the very best qualities[as pure as possible] no matter where

                            from either indoors or imported from tradtional countries come up with a very clear high quite often perphaps more focussed on a sort of euphoria not very varied ; too often I load my pipe, smoke away at my usual dosage but inbetween I got all the desired effects to come up and in hopes of it even gets stronger I keep on smoking as I'm stupidly into

                            'scrape my plate' only to end up with a one dimensional high without complexity, also it often feels more clear than being high at that point for some time while it later turns into tiredness[very complex topic though and not at
                            all covered here] – this in my humble opinion has to do with an overload of one's receptors as 'finished is finished' and more only leads to decreased effects and 'put the magic away'.

                            Also Haze*ekiel420 on here mentioned he was told by coffeeshop staff the new Morocs are often softer because of they don't dry their plants in the sun anymore so contain more water which personally I can't confirm as our sifts from indoor homegrowing tended to be solid but we never tried fresh frozen material back then[but our ice-o-lators were soft indeed for obvious reasons].

                            While we're at non-transparent coffeeshops as well as black market issues I watched this terrible advertisement the other day and mostly skipped through this bullshit but the guy at shithole Funky Munkey states that the hashish he presented, 'Blueberry Kush', was made in the Netherlands which confirms what I reported before as was told so by coffeeshop staff/owners and private sources in the Netherlands.
                            So again a good bunch of the stuff with foreign genetics is made in Spain, Nederland or whereever now.

                            At least some are honest about it while most people involved lie about it and/or have no clue which isn't professionalism to me at all again so always look[check] hard, buy and run away as fast as possible from then, l ol!

                            All difficult to distinguish and that dubious sample[synthetic cannabinoids]I reported about above doesn't look any different at all. Again, black market issues, oh my!
                            Last and least this video here is another prime example of 'I scratch your back, and you scratch my back' as so bloody uncritical as with so many businesses no matter what they trade ; the guy running the show here seems to be a known face in this theatre which is this 'coffeeshop industry' and definitely not my type of character
                            no matter how much experience ; though I hope he's got more of a clue about gear than what he knows about his music[I think so at least it's his output ] constantly blaring in the backround but again this is a matter of taste, isn't it?

                            Wonder what else he got for this apart from free gear. At least latter one brought up a few smiles when they unashamedly showed most of their schwaggy grass.

                            Let alone that guy touching it as so many customners do(preached and reported about that ages before covid19-pandemic it's so disgusting)and put it back in the tub often. Oh my.


                            The last piece you posted looks indeed inviting, enjoy! Hope I can find similar stuff around here soon.


                            No offence intended but when you announced the upcoming arrival from Lebanon I was afraid of it being the usual low/mid-grade I especially came across at coffeeshops in very recent years(started about five years ago I'd say, before that it was even worse and figuartively non-existant ; often sold as such when it really was Moroc, filthy scumbags as usual).
                            When you say it is better than current mid-grades of Moroc it probably – only my humble opinion – only shows how crappy recent sendings from the Rif are. Of course to err is human though and maybe it is indeed better quality than before so enjoy definitely!
                            Even had 'Yellow Lebanese' a few years back which was the best I ever got from there(still no expert)but while it reminded me tastewise of some oldschool Morocs in the higher quality range despite its own distinctive taste it was horribly weak in potency and I heard the best gear from there – like most quality hashish from Asia – goes to Arabian Peninsula.

                            Would love to try such resin! Not to forget the few videos around about lebanese hash production only confirms very commercial quality, yuk.

                            However, I have a feeling if I have to look hard even for mid-grades around here in the coming weeks I could encounter this batch here too as I know some people had it in the past too(but missed it back then).


                              @sandsmp81 Hehehe oh Shit with the pieces of cloth, but some Specials want to be deserved . Realy envy u for the indica leb hehe. The Red is as u say around decade ago in Amsterdam, this Taste and high was something.

                              @nys thx for the home sifting comparisson, i Am a little ashamed for Not using my head. Offcourse u are totaly right. Experienced it often, but diddnt reflect....
                              Somehow it sounded logical, maybe i wanted to be true hahaha..

                              Fuck so back to cutting Agents, oil and synthetic.

                              Btw. I am wondering over the Amsterdam genetics blockhashes (static filtered) knowing that you had em too, (the kosher tangie, ssh, fat Kids cake) Where so different to all hash i knew handling/Texture whise. While i wish them to be real Deal, because realy liking them, i wouldnt be suprised if the boere Chain is experementing . I hope i am Not one of the Zombies that like the synthetic stuff for strongness.

                              Take care


                                Boerejongen has real Static hash from Morocco they have a documentary about hash production. Two part documentary here is part 2 they make static hash at the end. It was released by boerejongen


                                I have smoked their static hash Kosher Kush I think it pretty good but wasn't amazingly better than their normal smoke. At the moment Morocco is making a lot of Rosin. My friend who lives in Ketama was showing me a few days ago multiple kilos of rosin, and pressing rosin from hash. It was gelato, they have gelato Rosin. It was for sale in 100g bars (in grease proof paper) and 10g eggs

                                And in ketama some places still dry weed in the sun where my friend is (the farm) they 100% dry in the sun it surprised me it's just left in the field to dry. Face down in the soil. Cut down then they put ribbons on the bottom so all the branches are kinda together instead of floppy then they just lay in down in the fields. On the roof, everywhere but it surprised me putting it in the field, like contamination lol

                                But saying we are talking about boerejongen have you ever noticed their hash isn't soft like street hash! Have you noticed it's hard then when you crumble it goes into sand (crumbles like rollex to some degree). I smoke their super silver haze (€9.50 a gram) smoke it daily. It changes every now and then (it's not always identical hash) but it's mostly the same. Always hard at room temperature and crumbles to sand. Their hash is nothing like street hash

                                Anyway watch that documentary they (boerejongen) (Amsterdam genetic) make static hash. It's actually hard to get it's rarely in stock which implies to me it's kinda real. If it was in stock 24/7 I would be asking questions lol most of the times it's not even on the menu

                                Also their space cake's are made by a Michelin star chef I would highly recommend them

                                Super silver strawberry haze, white choco, white choco magic. That's boerejongen shop in them pictures. They are the only shop that PUBLICLY declared they have a direct link to Morocco. Most of the coffeeshops buy it from the black Market inside the Netherlands/Spain but boerejongen has a direct supply