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Imported (Moroccan, Afghani, Nepalase) Hash photo's and discussion....

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    Thanks for the report NotYourSaviour.

    Karma G . . . that looks amazing! I am jealous.
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      rolex sticker( for sure not the one Jayd posted the other day as this one had a dark green background and bigger crown]stating after I opened it up and took a closer look 'it's definitely from Morocco'.
      Funnily there was one of my best sources[almost fifty years in this stupid trade but again this doesn't has to mean something ] around too and so we both smoked it, then looked at each other and rolled eyes. We agreed it's 'decent' but not 'wow'.
      Texture was pretty much as CannaRed above described his arrival as it didn't seemed to be pressed as it fell apart like kief ; more like powder than anything

      I no what one your on about it's €350 for 100 grams in Amsterdam it's actually low quality I will upload a picture



          Someone explain to me how to upload pictures direct and I will upload a picture of traditional hash (strongest traditional hash I've had)


            This is traditional hash probably the strongest traditional hash I've ever got it's actually stronger than all these soft hash that's been going about past few years


              any of you ever got your hands on moroccan hash with a batman stamp on it?
              i had a slab back in ca. 2012, it was some of the best hash i have smoked to this day, i was told it had been made out of white russian

              also another batch that i clearly remember had a dove stamp on it, that was a different ballgame alltogether..


                Originally posted by snuggles View Post
                any of you ever got your hands on moroccan hash with a batman stamp on it?
                i had a slab back in ca. 2012

                By any chance was they 250 grams?


                  Originally posted by Amsterdam_joe View Post
                  By any chance was they 250 grams?
                  yes, pressed.


                    If you know you know II

                    So luckywise for some reasons and also inspired(no stupid competition though) by Karma_G's last post in this thread we're just back from another visit to the Netherlands.

                    Along the way to the same destination it would have been rude to not to visit some other koffieshops this time of course ; which one can't even call a detour as – no offence intended - this country is so small everything is nearby.
                    Second best Moroc this stay was an overpriced blonde which is one of my general oldschool favourites and of that type falling apart to dust while still being oily enough, tasty(piney)and providing a lovely relaxed up-high.
                    So in conclusion ticking all the boxes! Unfortunately consumed before taking a picture and didn't make it back during our stay.
                    One of the places even carried one traditional Moroc due to Covid19 we were again told for insane 20€ per gram. While it was one of the better batches to be fair as usual it was nonetheless ignored.

                    Finally we met up again with one of my favourite private sources whom were around this time. Were told that prices have risen there as well. An other Moroc was available too but source knows I'm always after something special so didn't bother looking at this but know for sure due to quality of this source since years it must have been one of the best versions of current traditional Moroc and so better than most of the koffieshops carry.

                    So straight to the one below which is on par with this and Moroc mentioned in the beginning of this post.
                    Tastewise it is a walk in the woods again but one isn't sure during it if it's a mixed coniferous forest or rainforest as Theobroma cacao is detected on the palate as well.
                    Intensity of taste always amazes me(while I still had even better batches here ; 'like vaping hash') and general product here is always at least good and often very good traditional Moroc since years ; raw and fresh if that makes sense.
                    Clear high cuts through things and is quite body as well. Relatively soft, oily and easily turns into a hardish blackish lump when moved a bit respectively oxidises fast.
                    A few minutes working in one's hands are enough and it turns into the latter and piece on the right hand is indeed one and the original piece as well as slab it was cut from is blondish(though picture doesn't show this at all unfortunately)
                    So all in all this family from the Maghreb again brought up one if not the best traditional resin this 2020, at least top 3, I personally encountered or even saw in this thread or elsewhere.

                    Otherwise: we had a good chat about current situation of course with source and it was explained well that situation again is changing for the better and it is no problem at all picking up in Spain for the usual price but getting it to the rest of Europe due to border situations is indeed which I find a bit strange but so be it.
                    Due to this in comparison to better days product was limited which we aren't interested in anyway for some reasons but is saying something, haha.
                    Also it was mentioned that some disgusting freaks perfume their resin these days with what ever stuff(got distracted so no other informations, very sorry)to fake product.
                    Beheading, linchi and all that only springs to my mind thinking of such or all other practices. Was afraid of such things to come sadly respectively not surprised as others and myself in this mighty thread already discussed such 'possibilities' in the past ; in the end it's my fault again though if I take the risk and buy on a black market instead of producing my own again, oh my.
                    Some bollocks was told though as well as they insisted there are no new genetics grown in Morocco generally thus all(all!)'weed hash' is produced in Europe or elsewhere but while knowing it is the case from people I know personally having been over there I take it is a stupid pride thing or shit.


                    De nada, cheers!


                    No offence intended nor taken but as you quoted my description you missed I underlined it had a green background so yours posted is most probably not the one we encountered.
                    Otherwise your other posted wrapped slab or any other in this thread which is not cut to see the interior I have to point out again is worthless for the viewers as it could be any random resin foiled as a slab but I noticed this brings on attention on here and elsewhere, probably admired by the 'quantity over quality' lot but I for one don't care the slightest about quantum here.
                    I want to see the quality itsself when broken up everything else just doesn't make sense personally speaking.
                    I'll give you the benefit of a doubt but your input yet reminds me of certain so called social media ways I don't use as it comes across like an advertisement but not interested in yours or anyone's else suspect online offers nor approaches no matter what quality despite each to their own and all that as I'm stubbornly oldschool living in my own world only interacting with real people I personally me(e)t along the way. Only here to talk about one of my favourite things in life.



                      That's some Bugatti and a video of its insides think it's mainly resin heads, bubbles nicely when a flame goes near it. What does everyone else think of this


                        Here is the inside of the Sinham

                        (yea I no i thought it was bad by looking at photos only too)

                        It looks like old school commercial pollen but trust me it's like no other traditional pollen I have smoked before it's extremely strong

                        It's also very brittle if you understand what I'm saying, if you look at where it's been cut you can see like chips out of the hash where it's just shattered off


                          Notice where the lighter once was it's all melted and gooey, sorry for the poor quality pictures it's all I had to work with. In real life it bubbles a lot more


                            Some Versace that I was smoking recently


                              What we use to do was extract oil from the hash then send that oil away to a lab for analysis. For some reason it was always sent away as CBD oil (probably for legal reasons because this was the UK)

                              The hash we extracted from gives returns of over 50% (can't remember the exact number) and the oil that was tested had 680mg of THC per 1000mg

                              So the hash has a 50% return and the oil that was tested was 68% THC. Makes the hash at least 34% THC

                              Also it had 32mg of CBD per 1000 mg

                              The hash was 34% THC an 1.6% CBD

                              (I think so can someone else do the math incase I'm wrong the hash had a 50 percent return and here is the results from the oil)


                                December trip without most of the commercial crimbo madness

                                Back from this week's harvest again and this Dutch capital brought up the best hashish with foreign genetics shown below[delighted having found a Dam square withouth corny christmas markets and stalls but I'm cool with christmas trees so had to upload a picture as well) ; put up a trip report here. What ever, that grossly overpriced gear is supposedly from Morocco and sieved 73micron ; very dark on the outside not to see on the pictures unfortunately and yet unpressed.
                                Strong effects(mostly clear mind) and taste, sorta kushy notes and all in all cumbly whitish goodness!


                                I know what you mean about brittleness of resins, enjoy.

                                Apart from that nothing new at the hashish front as we also talked to people our favourite private source included which we particularly took another detour for which in opposite to my claim in my previous post in this thread also only came up with more or less commercial high grade. Still prices are too high for my liking.
                                At home I saw a couple of fresh deliveries from Morocco which is a good thing wouldn't they have been mid-grades though, but at least prices were okish.
                                So very pessimistic something stellar turns up in time for upcoming festivities.
                                Though there is always the freezer, isn't it?

                                So I take the opportunity and wish everyone if celebrating or not some fine holidays or/and a lovely turn of the year during those rough pandemic times!
                                Let's too hope there is coming better resin next year as this year more or less has been subpar qualitywise so just first world problems, getting real and all that[though this 2020 started good for me to be fair ].