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Imported (Moroccan, Afghani, Nepalase) Hash photo's and discussion....

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    Nice infos and great pics Titoon;
    These hashes looks top!


      Originally posted by titoon29 View Post
      This is from genetics grown in the region of Oaxaca, high up in the mountains (2000+m), where it is cold and sunny. Unfortunately, they are not the old genetics, but rather come from import seeds that are grown by talented hashmakers.

      Pictures is after the hash had been kept in a pocket for a few hours.

      Two different :
      - Somehow kushy hash, hard as rock, came in a greyish powder very bubble hash like. Hard like a moroccon, color as a nepali.
      - somehow super lemon hazy, quite soft and creamy, came already pressed. texture reminds me of afghani.

      My favorite (because of its high) is by far the hazy one : amnesia like and lemon undertones, extremely psychedelic, creative, overpowering, almost no body. Can be very intense, you will loose track of time, be unable to talk, find yourself jumping between various train of thoughts, etc..

      On the other hand the kush one is a bit more tasty, though quite indica in its effects - more body stone, a bit of kush type euphoria, good before reading a book and go to bed.

      I was told both are dry sift, actually hard to say due to me not being too well versed in the local resin.

      The purity is quite incredible (80%+ heads), my hats of the hashmakers ! The maturity of the plants used is near perfect for the hazy one, perhaps bit early for the K. Both taste well grown and well flushed.

      The difference in texture is incredible as well, pretty much like the amnesia moroccon vs the traditional one. Though they really are different from most Moroccon, much darker, and their smell has something reminiscent of black hashs from the tropical high mountains of the himalayas terroir vs the dry Rif Moroccon soil, and in their high more psychedelic.

      Left : Kushy, Right Super silver lemony
      View Image

      View Image

      Super Silver Lemony
      View Image View Image View Image
      I heard there was some very good hash being made in Mexico, thanks for the photos.


        Richard Mille

        Mafia K1 Fry

        Quatumboard LeD producer



          Fast-breaking menu

          So here are a few shots from this week's excursion to the Netherlands to break with one of my self-imposed detoxes throughout the year(this time straight from New Year's Day)with style.
          On the right is a brownish yet blondish classic moroccan mid-grade more on the earthy side and a very mellow head high as usual ; lovely piece of resin. The high grade in the middle was my first smoke this year and I chose wisely between many other wares offered. This also had a strong earthy taste though with minty yet herbal undertones, of course more pronounced, also a soft one but could be handled well.
          Strong enough heady as well as relaxing body effects ; one mate with a high tolerance even stated 'Feels like sleeping with open eyes in a good way' as it had remarkably twists of narcotic moments where I had to take care not to drift away but it wasn't only me obviously.
          Left piece is a variant of some high grade Nicole Kush from Morocco ; was expecting the usual blonde when a piece was cut off a blackish lump. Smell is fruity yet leathery ; hard to handle as very soft and sticky. Effects were also strong enough but more on the body.
          As said was expecting a blondish piece as usual(same source)so questioned this and was told colour changed during import due to heat and shit(pun intended). Since this is a semi-legit source this was probably true.

          Other gear was consumed as well but those were the best of them and would be welcome any time at home.


          Thanks, that Rolex OG and Caramello look particularly nice to me, enjoy your choice! I hear you on the classic Morocs(guess I'm a bit stuck in time although I'm up for all types of genetics if done right, memories and all that)! When I said 'I prefer the more resinous ones' I didn't express myself well. I meant I'm more about the elastic ones when it comes to handling/feel of gear no matter if of classic or foreign origin – just generally speaking. They tend to have a better overall high and are mostly still tasty enough(though a bit less than the other ones).
          Agree with the new ones with foreign genetics to be often oily and resinous but they're still mid-grades to me too often, also a dull effect mostly ; they indeed often look tempting but after indulging mostly can't keep their promise.
          Not bad but not good either and ok for every now and then as well as at least the minimum quality standard but there is room for improvement big time.
          I'm not pretending to only smoke better grades but I consume too long now for too much of this. Unfortunately most of my mates of our circle are satisfied with such and only a few make an effort tracking down better grades. Personally would probably stop my anyway occassional consumption for good or reduce if I only would have access to this quality ; or completely switch to high concentrated edibiles I love so much, also has to do with me having no alternative anymore(organic cured homegrown, preferably outdoor). Too I have, if limited, experience with making my own hash years ago. Exaggerating a bit here and my usual self-regretting blahblahblah but it often feels as drowning in mediocrity, especially after all those years. Just saying!

          By the way I knew that channel you posted before and it's a good example for things been already said ; much of what is posted there I can get at home qualitywise too by the looks of it let alone their style of presenting their wares makes me wanna run away as too often met such people or budtenders at coffeeshops trying to put on quite a show for their customers . Soft hashish only produces a worn-out-smile in my case these days. Again, the proof is in the pudding, enjoy!
          Funny you're saying you didn't like this 'Amnesia' you scored(and Sandsmp81 even warned against one batch with such declaration, even though it looks different. Anyway, cheers, man!)as the day before yesterday I funnily visited a source for obvious reasons when we returned from the Netherlands and was surprised what I was shown. Will post something about it as soon as possible, still indulding knee deep here as well as carrying on negotiations. Hard decissions I can tell you, haha.


          Looks and sounds like hashish from Nepal. Even though still not to my taste at all I can confirm, if handrubbed there is a special feeling to it. Some analysis found bigger amounts of certain thc derivates if memory serves me right compared to sieved material . Personally blame it on being 'live resin' as I stated before. Enjoy!


          Thanks for posting again! The kushy one looks like what I was on about above(especially the greyish appeareance I noticed too when handling some types of high grade Morocs or self made hash from indoor harvests but the hazy one sounds like my kind of affair as well. Again the proof is in the pudding it seems. Enjoy them to the max!

          Not sure if I got you right though: firstly I thought for a second them coming from Morocco as well but then it could be from Mexico? All a bit misleading and I read the text a few times(stupid me not your fault). Tend to think it's indeed from Oaxaca(correct me if I'm wrong, anyone?).


          Thanks for posting, how would you rate these qualities?
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            NYS :

            Mafia K1 Fry hash is better then Richard Mille

            stronger and more old school taste with good potent hit
            Quatumboard LeD producer



              Originally posted by dimodz View Post
              NYS :

              Mafia K1 Fry hash is better then Richard Mille

              stronger and more old school taste with good potent hit
              I actually had to use Google to find out what those names meant...

              Mafia K1 Fry is s French rap group, I guess they like them in Morocco due to the French language.

              Richard Mille is a brand of watch.


                Originally posted by sandsmp81 View Post
                I actually had to use Google to find out what those names meant...

                Mafia K1 Fry is s French rap group, I guess they like them in Morocco due to the French language.

                Richard Mille is a brand of watch.

                yeah i know some of this artist and he love his bars too

                Richard Mille are watch brand witch starting with 250.000 $/€
                Quatumboard LeD producer



                  2020 again looking good already, keep it up!

                  Were already told in the middle of February to expect something coming our way and then it happened so went straight there after our return from the Netherlands last week . Perfect timing for my first purchase this year.
                  Eggs are again containing foreign genetics according to their predominantely smell of some very sour weed. Smooth on the throat and taste is as smell ; powerful in effects , strong relaxation on the body and a very strong cerebral high. Crumbly yet creamy in texture and whitish on the inside.
                  Saw the shipment and small label shows an somewhat animal and a sorta precise location which I've never seen in so far as it funnily just landed there so just can't reveal it to protect the innocent, haha!
                  Funny thing is as mentioned in the previous post: when meeting source I too was shown something else(see small piece in the picture) which accidentally turnt up as well and tried it on site.

                  Also smooth to smoke and again foreign genetics involved but more on the lemony side each taste- and smellwise, too quite rich. Also very strong in effects but a tad more on the body compared to the eggs.

                  Since I respect researchs using(double-) blind experiments the most I was surprised when source showed me the golden-blondish slab of material as there was a small sticker stating in yellow and green capitals 'Amnesia'( neon-coloured ).
                  That almost put me off due to this fake term among others already discussed here in this thread by other and myself, let alone the bland stickers and stamps in general but in the end I'm quite a rational person so I got me a test piece for further investigations.
                  At home I indeed put both offers to the acid test and went there a few days later. Unfortunately both eggs and supposedly Amnesia were gone but I had reserved some eggs way before when they were announced.

                  What a bummer as even though I'm happy with the high quality eggs this Amnesia was one of the best labbeled that way I came across yet in general in recent years. Would have been great getting that and despite being more pricy than the eggs I'd always prefer slabs to internal smuggeled gear if quality is at least the same obviously(as discussed before)but so be it!
                  Both types I refer to as 'cutters' as they do just that which means they cut through everything one consumed before so quite potent, too.

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                    Originally posted by NotYourSaviour View Post
                    Both types I refer to as 'cutters' as they do just that which means they cut through everything one consumed before so quite potent, too.
                    Cutters. You describe this very well.

                    Originally posted by NotYourSaviour View Post
                    I'd always prefer slabs to internal smuggeled gear
                    I have never seen eggs here - only slab hash.
                    Thank you to all of the anonymous growers for the fine herb that I have smoked over the last 50 years.


                      Nice Pics everyone.. have to Take some Shots again myself. Atm. Enough eggs but you Never know when it is to Late to Take Pics..

                      How much Grams got your eggs nys? Never thought i would ask a guy that question hahaha.

                      Mine are both kinds 3 g . One new Genetics critical/haze. You can smell and Taste the Haze. Full Body and mind strong as fuck.

                      The others are oldschool. Rock hard. I bet i could destroy a Window with One egg. 30 sec in für Palm get s Butter . Taste is Herbal pine small hint of flowery. Advertised wich put me Off at First, as Not as strong as the critical Haze. More an Artist hash and for Fathers and Mothers that have to function all day..

                      Thought Not my cup of Tea but man was i wrong.

                      Its mellow in a Way that it doesnt Zone u out of earth but strong warm Head, can hear the Blood in my ears. Crazy Creative and Intro AND outrospective if that makes Sense. You van Switch from Dreaming to function. Is a Cutter (well phrased) as well. Think due to high cbd? Just guessing.

                      Source ask later if he schould Switch the eggs, but no.. I am a Fan Now!!!

                      Straight from the Farm near Chef... Was there myself.

                      Source is responsibly buying the Classic every Second run to Show that demand is still there..

                      Both very nice But i actually like the Classic more over the newschool (wich is ticking all Boxes as well but more introspective , due to the strong high.)

                      For nex Time when it is new shool again i already ordered pure?! Haze eggs if possible Not beaten.

                      The oldschool is beaten although pretty Grey white Inside.

                      The new Shool eggs look a little like Yours colourwise..

                      Source is wrapping clingfilm than beeswax than Cling again so got the Goodies still Sealed perfekt without ass Inside..

                      Take care


                        I was in spain recently.tarriffa.i bought some hash that blew me away tasted how it should .1 .5 gram lasted me a day went back to get more .looked excatly the same you could not tell the differance.on this i ordered a lot.then i smoked it .slight taste as before but only slight .no high nothing .classic bait n switch.he made 50 euro .i was willing to buy lot .so i never went back gutted cause they had the best .i also set it alight as thats all it was worth it belched black the club i went to they never sold hash just weed .they said plastic is through it..the club operated as long as they dudnt deal with traffickers from morroco.i got it again but was bait n switched again kritical eggs.mudy be a spanish thing baut n switch .sad really cause bisnis goes no further with me anyway.


                          Red Lebanese

                          Very soft – almost crumbly. Nice ripe aroma. Neutral taste – just smoke without a distinct flavor. Definitely a Sativa strain with a muted cerebral high - but cloudy. A mid-weight but certainly pleasant.

                          Apollo Afghan

                          Soft & pliable. Looks similar to the ‘named’ black Marocs but this is tinged with red rather than green. Good Afghan smell & slightly harsh smoke. A body stone but again, it is mid-weight.

                          And the combination of these two is excellent. Great for solo dog walking with some tunes pumping through the in-ear monitors.
                          Thank you to all of the anonymous growers for the fine herb that I have smoked over the last 50 years.


                            Got red hash years ago with a fish on it .unlimted for a year.2.200 a problem selling it.wish i had my contacts again .gave me it on credit as well .these days are gone for me .gutted .


                              The leb in they white sacks i could sell tons .drone deliveries .


                                Walk a mile in my Shoe.s

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