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Easiest way to make hash! Quick Wash ISO!

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    There's too much water in Vodka dude - 60%. You need 99% ISO

    You can make a drink known as 'Tapache' with Vodka or preferably Tequila and that gets a party going!

    The Chronic Pain Club - a resource for us all!

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      Nice thread, now i can use my leftovers thriftily


        I have always used this method. I haven't made any in years, but back in 2008-2009, I would make this regularly with cheap QPs of surprisingly really good mexican sativas. At the time, I would always be smoking bowls topped with pretty large amounts, my tolerance got insane. The great thing about this method, is that it's good if you want to get really fucking high. Yeah, dabbing it, or vaping it would be more efficient, as it generally continues to burn like incense in such large amounts. I would pack bowls and then take a medium sized marble ball of it, slightly flatten it, and then smoke. It was nice watching it bubble and "melt" into the weed. It would make a bowl that if smoked consecutively would last 5 minutes or so, smoke for around 30 minutes. It produces a very white smoke.

        One trick I learned is that putting it in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes makes the scraping much easier. If done when warm or room temperature, no matter how flat your dish or whatever is, and no matter what type of scraper you're using, you're going to need to cool it. I haven't tried refrigerating it, but I found that freezing it for longer than 15 minutes does make the scraping even easier, it basically just flakes off into golden shards, BUT the issue I found with freezin it for longer than 15 minutes is that water starts to condensate. this isn't really that big of an issue, it's not much, and dries out quickly, but I still say in the freezer, 5-15 minutes is a good time.

        The following are the methods I've used to evaporate the alcohol and the water. I always used 90% ISO.

        1. Indoors with a portable heater gently blowing on it. This method usually takes 4-5 hours and is not my preferred method due to the time.
        2. some sort of electric heating device. pretty fast depending on the quantity. For small batches (under an oz) about an hour or less. This is a good method.
        3. The sun. This is the fastest natural way. Depending on your location, if you sun dry it in summer, the alcohol and water will evaporate rapidly. Especially if the temps are high and it's full sun. This depends on your location in the world. I'm sure in countries where it's usually cloudy and/or cold, it wouldn't be a good method. As I said this is the fastest natural method, but I have found that virtually every time I've done this in the sun, something because of the wind contaminates it, usually nothing you can't remove before it completely evaporates, but still, that is just the air, and various pollen, leaves, etc... that blow in the wind can and usually will to some degree end up in this oil. It's still a great method that I used all the time in the summer.
        This method is the fastest method of them all, but the only one with the disclaimer. Contrary to what I initially thought, and what I thought would make scientific sense, this method does not destroy the quality or change the product for better or worse if done properly. By the way, all of these methods end up being potent, consistant in texture, appearance, etc...
        With that said. Read the disclaimer again above. I personally don't suggest doing this, unless you are 100% confident you won't end up setting yourself or anything else on fire.

        Take a lighter and quickly spark it over your dish. The alcohol instantly ignites to about 2-3ft. Step away immediately after lighting. Just like QWISO, with only doing it for around 20-30 seconds, the same applies here. After around 30-45 seconds (much less if it's a very small batch), blow the fire out by either blowing it out, or using a t-shirt or something to produce wind that will put it out. The dish will be extremely hot. There will be black soot on the top edges of your dish or plate but not on or in the oil itself. The oil is not evaporated completely at this point, but it's very very close. It's a very thick golden liquid, but with the heat of the plate/dish it will all be evaporated within 10-15 minutes from that point.

        Those are the only methods I have experience with. I have never tried using boiling water, but I'm sure it would work well. As for my preferred method, is to let it completely naturally evaporate in a closed location, to where no contaminants can get to it. This takes a few days. I forgot to mention this method, because I'm pleasantly stoned off of some really good dry sift of a mix of various strains.

        As far as the fire method, I did it as an experiment, and it took trial and error. If you let it burn all the way, you still have good viable oil, but because of the heat, a lot of it is being vaporized unless you put the plate/dish in an ice bath/ice water bath immediately after the fire is out. The key is to get the majority of the alcohol evaporated, but not all. Just enough until you're left with a non-transparent golden liquid.

        Surprisigly, I thought the fire method would result in lower potency oil, but I have done side by side comparisons, as well as blind tests with various friends, and they can't tell the difference at all. With that said, I'm sure there is some loss of final product and perhaps some chemical change, but I haven't noticed it. With every single method I've done, and every single method that everyone else who uses this QWISO method uses, it's always the same.

        That leads me to something I've always wondered but never asked.

        In my experience with the QWISO method, the taste is extremely pleasant and delightful no matter what the strain, but the only terpene I can detect is limonene. Why? For example, if I'll take a strain that normally tastes skunky, including it's dry sift, or any other non-limonene predominant flavor, like a lot of fruity strains for example, that does not transfer to the QWISO oil. Why is this? I can (as can anyone in the vicinity) also detect the myrecene (sp), in the aroma of the smoke, and perhaps as a background note, but the limonene is very predominant no matter what the strain. In my experience it doesn't take with it all of the terpenes, because for example, I once made this with an OZ of Sweet Tooth which on it's own has a very fruit-salad/fruit candy taste, but that does not carry into the oil made with QWISO but the limonene sure does.

        These days I haven't had much interest in concentrates, as I love flower and dry sift, but I will most likely make some with some trim in the near future, to bring back memories of over a decade ago.

        In my opinion, rosin presses are just a better method all around of making concentrates 100% natural and quite fast.

        Peace and Love,


          Nice technique


            This is my go-to since years ago. I prefer Ethanol over ISO though, is more expensive but also safer in my opinion, just do 3 min instead of 30s


              ethanol yeilds a superior product, ime... but isopropanol is almost as good. i like iso hash better than bho.

              i would still winterize with ethanol for maximum bell clarity.

              fresh frozen ftw... my absolute favorite stuff is live pressed, but it's still too expensive compared to a couple bucks in iso bottles... iso is almost as good imo.


                I greet the company, I have some buds slightly moldy.
                Is it OK as starting material for QWET or QWISO?



                  Easiest way to make hash is with a couple bubble bags, a 5 gallon bucket and some chunks of dry ice. More yield and done in like 10 minutes flat.

                  No nasty harmful solvents either!!!!!

                  C99 The Ultimate Search and Rescue Mission

                  Treating Cancer with Concentrates


                    Originally posted by LostTribe View Post

                    Easiest way to make hash is with a couple bubble bags, a 5 gallon bucket and some chunks of dry ice. More yield and done in like 10 minutes flat.

                    No nasty harmful solvents either!!!!!

                    Dry tumbler is the easiest.
                    Toss it in, tumble collect the hash.


                    No bags to drain, clean, no wet hash to dry.

                    But really if you want to be pedantic the thread title should be "Easiest way to make hash-oil"


                      I make qwiso from my popcorns an bits of trimmings and get it very clean with a method I've not seen anyone else do. Get a food grade funnel and wedge a cotton ball into it. It may be a little slow but you'll get a very clean wash with very little wastage.

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