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    E dab rig suggestions

    First off sorry, I see other threads about vaporizers. But I don't smoke so I'm not sure if they are dry herb or for carts that are being discussed. I'm thinking about getting the wife an e dab rig for Christmas. Any suggestions greatly appreciated also possible pros and cons would be great to. Thanks for ur time and take it easy.

    Best thing I did was switch to a e nail for dabbing. Torch is for caveman. Wifes loves it as well. No intimidation...shes dabs on her own now, she did not before. I have a Menovo, M nail box...sweet rig. Precise and easy to use.
    Have a great day all. Peace, negative.
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      Easy to just build your own from components.

      A new technique I discovered involves loading an herb and concentrate mixture into a Storz & Bickel Mighty product cannister and dropping it into the nail, which provides good flavor and smooths out the dab.
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        Thank you for the suggestions, initially I was thinking a puffco rig or something similar. But after seeing you need to buy replacement coils that don't seem to have a long life expectancy and are around 40 a pop, that's money that can go towards seeds soil ect. The e nail seems the way to go. Thanks