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Ideal K value for best effects, in landrace sativas?

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    Ideal K value for best effects, in landrace sativas?

    I've gotten some anecdotal evidence that using higher K numbers (5000K), closer mimics the light in high elevations in tropical areas... and for growing landrace sativas (which is what I grow), it leads to better effects.

    I believe 3000-3500K is recommended for flower because it leads to higher yields. But if I don't care about yields, and purely effect, could 5000K be the best option if I can only afford to get 1 type of light?

    Nunua brand high power led on Amazon 6500k color 5thousand lumen 2 for28$ two power cords with light sockets cost 15 $ I use them for 24 hour lights on and use 12 to 18 hours of metal halide but the two bulbs keep the cycle on overnight while the big light is off and as supplement in the day I take the top off to make them brighter but more directly shining down you can leave the top on for a more wider coverage


      Light is certainly bluer as we get closer to the sun. Camera people talking about white balance might offer the most insight. Here in the UK during winter our blue levels drop so such that people get depressed. Benefiting from short exposure to 'sad lamps' which oddly make you happy. Happy Lamps?

      The colours we use for our plants are not based on mimicking locations though. They are based on growth rates. General plant health.

      The diminishing light levels as we move from the sun are greater at shorter wavelengths it seems. Which reflects the subject of radio, where long wave have better penetration. It follows as we see people climb 5000 foot mountains exposed to twice the UV content.

      It's worth looking at your evidence and thinking if it's actually the colour temperature at play, or a specific band of colour. A topic often touched upon in this regard.

      The common opinion is that the higher altitude plants get much more UV exposure and that is responsible for a different outcome.

      Have you put a filter in your joints? To me, they allow the easy to evaporate chemicals through, such as THC that gets airborne at 180c. While catching the darker oils that needed higher temps to get airborne. My mind looks at the tar aspect of this rather than the filter as a dehumidifier. I rarely roll now, but in the past had strains I liked with a filter to get high. Others without to get stoned.
      Most people just frowned at me using filters. Saying the J was not as strong. Which is true, if outright hit is your desire. Making this a study for connoisseurs only. One I would like to see discussed at some point.