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The lunatic Moon Thread. Does it work for u?

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    The lunatic Moon Thread. Does it work for u?

    Hi folks
    Who grows with the moon? What have u detected? Some say thats bs some swear on it. Whats your thoughts?

    I noticed on 2 occations a bad germination rate when the mooncalender said not to sow seeds. Could be coincidenc?
    No thats totall bs how should this work?
    Yes I don't think there's any question about it
    Received wisdom so maybe it realy works
    To less scientific evidence to be true

    A good explanation for tides

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      For several years i've germinated my seeds in accordance with the moon. I can't honestly say that it works, but what i do know from many years working with psychiatric patients, we're all affected by the moon whether we like it or not.


        I can confirm that.


          Seen recent video explaining the moon is constant in its gravitational pull no matter the cycle, BUT during full moon the alignment of the sun on opposite side of earth creates additional pull. So its actually the suns pull that increases.


            Originally posted by chilliwilli View Post
            Hi folks
            Who grows with the moon? What have u detected? Some say thats bs some swear on it. Whats your thoughts?

            I noticed on 2 occations a bad germination rate when the mooncalender said not to sow seeds. Could be coincidenc?

            Hi Chilliwilli,

            I'm really shocked that you've had such little reaction to what, to me, is a very interesting subject. As much as possible i always germinate and harvest according to the relavant phase of the moon.

            For over 20yrs I grew indoors with lights, and whilst practising moon germiating/harvesting, i wonder how much relavance it has in such an unnatural enviroment? I've been outside for the last 6 yrs and it seems only right to me, an old hippy type and very much a nature boy, to work with the moon.

            Let's hope some more experienced outdoor growers show up and share thier thoughts.


              Thx man

              With this topic its easy to be seen as weird or unscientific so i think it will take some time to get the thread rolling. I also gave the poll 10 years for that reason.

              I also think its only possible on a long time view to get some valid info. Standard germination procedure with the same seedstock over some years and then dig through the data imo.


                Hi folks
                Found a german pdf called

                "Beeinflusst der Mond das Pilzwachstum? Eine Reanalyse"

                They collected data for 32 years from mushroom identification services with no correlation between moon phase and mushroom growth. First it looks like there is something, when u split up in 10 years blocks u got some correlation but not the same in every block. The autor recommends to collect data from professional mushroom growers for a better overview.


                  I realy think that only on a longterm the effect could be seen. Try to sprout 100 seeds per day for 5 years and then look if there were times that worked better than others.


                    We've been germinating according to moon cycles (esp. 4-5 days before the full moon) for decades, veggies, too! Like the Old Farmer's Almanac....if it ain't broken, keep "growing" with it!!
                    Firmly believe in full moon planting!
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                      I like to plant in Libra and cut clones in Scorpio or Taurus. I got that from my granddaddy as he planted by the signs. Of course the best signs were workable ground and the old John Deere A was running
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                        Absolutely. I buy Llewellyn's Moon Sign Book every year, and have for decades. It's been published since 1905.

                        Sprouts come up faster and healthier when planted during 1st and 2nd quarter Waxing (getting bigger) Moon under Fruitful signs like Cancer, Scorpio, Libra, Pisces, and Taurus (for strength and hardiness).

                        Buds dry better and do not rehydrate from humidity as badly when harvested during the 3rd and 4th quarter Waning (getting smaller) Moon under Barren signs like Aries, Sagitarius, and Leo. Theses are the Fire signs, best for harvesting Smoke.
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                          Thx for all the info about practical use.

                          So far the poll looks even to me. 6 more or less belive in it and 6 don't. But the no side is more confinced 5/6 think its bs.


                            Stop the Steal.

                            Just Kidding.