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12/1 lighting--Any truth or banana in the tail pipe?

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    What do yall guys think about going from 9/15 to 12/12?i think it will flower faster and ad more buds because of that, dont think it will reveg if you dont give it more then 12h light what do yall think?


      I've done a few runs now of 12/1, using clones from clones, and I'm starting to notice a decline in yield. It does work but I think you may need a dedicated mother plant sitting under 18/6, instead of continually taking clones from clones that have all been grown under 12/1. I've only tested this on 1 plant btw.
      I've put a cutting out in the garden to freshen up. I'm hoping that having her roots in the earth and the breeze in her leaves will restore her to her former glory.


        Got this from another thread:

        Originally Posted by FlowerFarmer View Post
        I have heard theories that a plant really only need about 6 hours of intense light a day for quality results.

        I've heard the same, so I was wondering what about 9on 3off 9on 3off? Still give the 18/6 that a lot of people swear by, but yet it gives the plants some rest. I've noticed that the plants are real perky just before the lights come on and then by midday they start to droop. With this 8/3 cycle maybe it can help with the "midday depression"?


          Plants stretch during the night so the 12/1 cycle will stretch internodal spacing between bud sites. I would strongly stay away from this technique if you are growing a sativa leaning hybrid because you will end up with lanky plants. BUT if you are growing an indica/short bushy plant then my guess is it might increase the yield.