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Does reveg restore vigor in long kept clones?

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    Does reveg restore vigor in long kept clones?

    Just wondering whats everyone's opinion on clones cut from a reveg vs not . Recently I've reveged 2 cuts I treasure .

    1 is a slow growing long flowering death Bubba @ 12 weeks . When grown organically and let flower full 85 days ive yet to find anything with the knock down power of this gal .

    2 is the tastiest dosidos cut ive yet to try.

    I almost lost these gals due to poor labeling of clones . Actually reversed and made seeds with a mislabeled cut . This damn rain of frost i found is identical in veg . I hate that cut and it is still popping up unexpectedly.

    I swear these cuts are growing way faster than they used to . Has anyone else found this ? Is there any science to it ? heres dosidos doing her thing.
    I flipped a clone so I knew there wasn't much root mass to play with, so I just took it easy on the h2o and she made it .. Click image for larger version  Name:	20210412_225216.jpg Views:	0 Size:	72.3 KB ID:	17938594
    Just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round. I really love to watch them roll

    Hey Mattbho I have had to do the reveg from flower 1-5 times each time the clones just stayed the same not worse or better just the same...
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      I've only re-vegged a couple times with the same plants, back about 26 years ago, when I wasn't cloning, and needed to revive the originals to go another round. Didn't notice any changes in the quality or performance, per se', but if genetic drift were to occur, or just plain old detriment to quality from aging (kinda' like how -I- feel, right about now), I suspect it would take longer to define or pronounce/announce itself than I engaged in the process for.

      But I've brought plants back that were far more gone in stature than the image you've posted.


        Ya my veg situation has been overhauled since I last grew either of these . So maybe I am just over excited to have these back in the garden. Thanks for the chat gents.!

        The above plant was uppotted into supersoil before flipping to flower. Then it received nothing but h2o.

        Now there's lots of foliage i trimmed off the small chutes and it got seaweed foliar and root treatments .

        I'm stuck in a weed rut lately and I'm too cheap to buy cuttings @ 300-500 $. Might be time to get outta the house meet some folks or at least pop some more beans .
        Just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round. I really love to watch them roll


          Most of clones i take after preflower so they have to reveg, sometimes they develop differently to the mother plant, i particularly remember a zamaldelica x kalichina plant of which clones had different growth and bud structure depending on the cycle i had them in. Mother was mostly indica, stocky, first revegged clone was way more stretchy and narrow leaf, thesecond reveg she returned back to look like the mother.
          it got me thinking there must be some shift in hormones after the reveg, this can have interesting effect on morphology if it's apolyhybrid or not a stabilised line.
          If you want to restore vigor and bring back life in a clone i think the best way is to put it outside and let it grow for a coue months, then take new clones and put them back indoors.
          Just a guess.

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            This death Bubba has been around and around I paid like 300$ for 6 cuttings 5 years ago and 2 rooted after like 21 days I was so nervous . It veg so slow but after a while I got the rooting times down and just grew them longer before flower.
            after reveg I took like 6 clones. now I've ve got some trees togo into flower maybe it just needed more space these were never close to root bound .
            Just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round. I really love to watch them roll