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outdoors farming af, strain selection. Advice welcome!

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    messy post above tired and hungry, cant find edit LOL!


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      yes, maybe try to give them very light soil use lot of perlite cococoir to force them root a lot, you can use black foil around the stem and cover the ground to heat it up more ?
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      alles masafaka fick dich

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        Been a while.. Now i got aleast some new seeds to play around with Thanks a lot to LBH, he gave me a couple of Nice deals.! Im hopefully soon starting the seedruns..


          I have Nice weather today, eating lunsj and getting some sun outdoors.. But still a meter of snow hehe


            From LBH for the outdoors I got :
            Auto Kush 1#,
            Amnesia Purple semi auto,
            auto Jack herer,
            asian haze semi auto,
            Orange diesel haze (auto?),
            Guerilla Gold (3# I think it was?),
            sour diesel haze (Purple line) auto,
            Blue thai haze auto

            Bought some other stuff aswell but that is for mostly for indoors..


              Idk about breeding qualities, but Auto Afghan Mass by 00 seeds is supposed to be a heavy yielding high Indica dominant for outdoor auto gardens. Afghan strains tend to be pretty heat tolerant too, which is what makes them attractive here in the south... Best of luck!



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                royalqueens auto northernlights july, it was one of the most potent autoflower i ve seen yet.

                also in this thread, there are some grow report from iwantmorebuds about different autoflowers

                the same grown, very delicious variety. I bought at


                  Update, The auto kush from lbh is done now. seed to seed. I got 20-22 seeds dont remember BUT 20 sprouted and was grown under 2x250hps in 10literpots in good compost. Ended up With 14 females and 6males, good ratio! All these females were fully pollinated to get the most seeds as possible. harvested the firsts a couple weeks ago, and the last ones today. Some different phenos, some short typicallly affie in structure and some were more lanky and more slim in stem.

                  I loved 3 plants! 2 green short, green plants thight Flowers, lemon kushy smell. These I have smoked, and Iam very happy about the smoke especially when i think about the grow, "weak" light, uneven canopy due to height, and full pollination! Then I harvested the last special plant today so no smoke yet… BUT that one had very good trichs coverage andr Nice size in Flowers, good smell/strong, Purple! Also a Shorter pheno.


                    I know this thread is old but I still wanted to post that there are LOTS of great (quality smoke) auto strains these days and quite a few that will produce pretty big yields. Here are some of the big yeilders I like:

                    Dutch Passion Auto Ultimate
                    Dutch Passion Auto Mazar
                    Dinafem XXL Cheese Auto
                    Dutch Passion Auto Glueberry OG

                    The Dinafem strains finish much faster, though. For awesome smoke that produces great yields but not XXL yields, look at any of the autos from.... Dutch Passion, Fast Seeds and Sweet Seeds!

                    For some really inexpensive seeds that really surprised me with their quality of flower, speed (65-70 days!) and ease of growing, look at Paul’s Super Dense from New429Guy seeds! At $6 each for his most expensive fem seeds and the quality of the genetics I’ve gotten, he’s a no-brainer! Heck of a nice guy, also!

                    Yield with autos really has a lot to do with technique as well, imo. Top it above node 4 between day 14 and day 20 (NOT a single day outside those parameters!!) and do some medium to medium-light LST under 20/4 or 18/6 and you’ll be pleased with your yield, I’ll bet!

                    Hope this helps. Happy growing!

                    Oh yeah, I wanted to add that that Super Dense strain (and his Crystal Aurora Auto) were EXTREMELY pest and mold resistant!! We had some very unusual weather here during flower, with historic rainfall and nearly 2 months of rain, humidity and overcast skies. I got some botrytis on a plant right next to these 2 strains and the regular wind blowing it right towards them; but they never got even a touch of it. The weather also brought out way mire bugs than usual and these 2 strains were the most resistant in the entire garden. I was truly amazed and impressed!
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                      Indeed, there are numerous choices for autos out there. Do your research, grow them as Cvh explained in weekly tutorial, you'll have a nice product in the end. We send a Grow Guide to our customers to ensure success. More many, autos are the way to grow! ;o)
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