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Diagnosing Sick Autoflowering Plants

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    Diagnosing Sick Autoflowering Plants

    It is a critical step to identify the problem before you take any control over pests and diseases. It is difficult and confusing sometimes.

    Gather as much information as possible to clarify the cause of the problem.
    • cultivar,
    • age,
    • growing method,
    • used fertilizers,
    • environmental factors,
    • and any infos available in the growinghistory of that operation..

    Examine the whole garden area before zooming on the individual problematic plant(s).

    • is only a single plant affected ?
    • suddenly appeared or over-time ?
    • describe the differentation compared to a healthy plant
    • check roots, stems, leaves, flowers
    • include photo if possible

    There are few topics called problems that can make your grow a failed experience.
    • most common are the Nutrient/Fertilizer problems
    • than pests, bugs and diseases problem group
    • and of course the environmental factors
    • ++++ the human factor xD

    do not use this thread to ask about your sick plants. use the guidelines and create your own thread.
    other comments than methods of diagnoses will be removed.
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