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Autoflowering Trip 2018

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    I have done another thread to isolate Sweet Seeds strains progress,
    I won some seeds from them.

    Here :

    First posts are some double posts from here . And then now I go specialized .

    Originally posted by Ubermensch6 View Post
    Super nice plants. The rocket is huge!
    Thanks to jump in dude . The Sour Rocket 60 isn't so huge, Deimos is the dominant on this run. But it is the first time I make the rockets so big for sure . Apparently , I start to know her !

    Sour rocket 60 Apex :

    2 other ones in one pot , first night outside:

    They were under led yesterday , that's why they are so dark at the moment .

    General view:

    And everything goes well inside :


      DieselZ Auto ..

      Are going ..

      Well !

      And I have kept 2 Sour rocket 60 insideunder led, because the terrace is invaded !


        What else ?

        Sour Rocket 60 f4 seedlings popped !
        (remember , I'm in quest of a male for the diesels )

        Time to make Makizushi again !


        All deimos are around day55 or above .

        Short and squat Deimos :

        Tall & lanky one

        Sour Rocket 60


          Sour Rocket 60 all germinated !

          The Sour Rocket 60 F4 all germinated ! They are in makizushi .
          I force them watch porn while germinating to make them males !

          That was yesterday .

          Today , I installed my second led panel .
          Well, third in fact counting my first 100w cob spot.

          4 auto diesels @day17 :

          This afternoon, I was on the terrace, training and smelling plant :

          SO ! Let's have a snort at this tall and lanky "DEIMOS" , it's start to get nice trichs !
          Yummy ! it smells lemony hazy sativa !
          WAIT !!? WOT ? WTF ?

          Northern Light Auto sativa-ish and hazy ?

          It's auto for sure . But NL ...? I already told it was looking like a Magnum.
          I clearly had the late friday afternoon pack ... seeds might have been stick under a sole ... Oh ! last pack of the day ...
          It was an original buddha seeds pack with each seed sealed, like other I have in the fridge .
          And I'm afraid to germinate them when I see the reliability of this one .

          Deimos is given for 70/80 cm , this plant without the training would be around 1m30 .

          I invite anybody from Buddha Seeds to come here and explain this sativa-ish pheno . Pass the message if you know them .

          I remember I 've read someone talking about deimos instability on ICmag . ( Aribud perhaps, but not sure )

          Whatever the 3 so called Deimos are around day59 of their cycle .

          I will stop the food on the short and squat pheno very soon .


            Originally posted by The_Skunkist View Post
            I force them watch porn while germinating to make them males !

            Beautiful stuff!Any links for the last leds?


              Originally posted by Syd Barrett View Post

              Beautiful stuff!Any links for the last leds?
              We had few pm about led lightnings .

              But basically the led panel is a SUN II 1000W (so called) for a 150/160w real power consumption.


                Wanna see the terrace ?

                NO WAY !

                The sky is crying, I am crying, even the green acrylic bang is crying to come into the house .

                Whatever, there are few things indoor .


                  There's some sugar on the Sour Rocket 60 indoor .

                  Psychedelic view under epistar cob :

                  Seedlings are good , I wait to repot them, I will get more males if the main roots are slightly hurt . I only need males on those seeds . And 3 liters pots can be enough .


                    Auto Dieselz !

                    They are not babies anymore ! day18

                    Ice cool auto :

                    General view :

                    Ice Cool Auto :

                    They did not have REAL NUTES for the moment .
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                      I have a large greenhouse i am planning on doing a 100 female of the one strain of autos. I think would be amazing to see how uniform and also pheno hunt!


                        Yours look so Good! I love the autos more and more i see threads like yours.


                          Thanks for the kind words Nancee !

                          What is the best way to get mold ?
                          Rain , sun then rain , then sun ...

                          This is not the case actually, but I have to stay vigilante on this .


                            Awesome man! You've really sparked my interest in autos.


                              Originally posted by JustSumTomatoes View Post
                              Awesome man! You've really sparked my interest in autos.
                              Now you see bro . They are not so tricky, not so delicate .
                              Just simple rules to follow . And a great dosis of common sense .

                              The weather will be better now :

                              I will post picture later in the day .


                                The weather has been picking up around here too. In a few weeks I'll be starting my own grow up.