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Autoflowering Trip 2018

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    Originally posted by ohimaria View Post
    wow...what a grower...
    Yeah, no kidding!


      Thanks for kind words guys !

      I have manicured a little sour rocket 60 for +16.3grams .
      (270.6grams total for now)

      I 've just spotted a litte bit of mold on the last Deimos, so harvest in few minutes .
      I 'm going also to cut the last 3 sour rocket f4 indoor .
      And young ones in the trashbin .

      I'm tired with this first auto session !

      Let's harvest and renew .


        3rd and last Deimos !

        This one seems to be the biggest one, same smell as the short and squat one well, stronger, and the structure is a mix both previous Deimos .

        I didn't found any seed at the moment . I hope I will find a little dozen at least .


          Simply outstanding. I dub you the king of autos!


            hi ze, a little hello passing to tell you that some 24 seeds of sr60 f4 and 13 sca f3 had just been put in the ground here today in pots of 11l outside
            Let's go


              Wow,expectations are getting bigger for the next!
              Awesome dude!


                Originally posted by flambro View Post
                hi ze, a little hello passing to tell you that some 24 seeds of sr60 f4 and 13 sca f3 had just been put in the ground here today in pots of 11l outside
                Let's go
                Congratz ! Quite nice for a first try at autoflos !
                I wish you a maximum of nice plants staying safe .
                Keep us updated about this new experience !

                That makes me think about doing more sca : sca f4 .
                With her green grapefruit smell that I can get enough !

                Diesels auto are "alone" on the terrace and then, right now under rain again.
                They have been popped @ 04/08 to be in the light @04/10 .

                The Ice cool auto from sweet seeds are clearly smaller and faster than the sour diesel auto from dinafem .

                So they will be @70 days the 06/21 .

                I can seriously think about popping some new seeds .

                The Deimos are quite strong and make me sleep .
                The tall and lanky one has a nice hazy taste and is trippier than the short and squat pheno that is more "typical Northern light". Quite not a surprise !

                Even if I had some disapointments on Deimos seedlings (quite unstable in reg form ). It stays a classic auto, strong and productive . I'm not disapointed by the harvest and potency .

                I did not kept anything in 3.25 liters . It is too ridiculous for auto females . But it was enough to get few balls .

                I did not harvest the 3 last Sour Rocket 60 from the first session yesterday, going to do it now .


                  Sour Rocket 60 f4 harvest

                  Here they are, they need to be cleaned .

                  The first half of this pot was the last 16.3 grams harvested and the other bigger half is still in tha 7 liters pot :


                    Originally posted by Syd Barrett View Post
                    Wow,expectations are getting bigger for the next!
                    Awesome dude!
                    Yeah thanks a lot Syd ! This is a quite nice harvest .

                    It would be better if the trichs decided the time of harvest and not the moisture .

                    But I don't complain , that's an obvious risk with an early spring outdoor crop . The thing is to be aware , not lazy and reactive, as usual with cultivation .


                      Trimming and colors !


                        The terrace is clearer with Diesels only !

                        General View:

                        Repared stem on Sour diesel Auto

                        Sour diesel Auto

                        The weather is a mix of sun and rain .


                          Great job my friend,
                          Your Deimos is nice, Diesel too; let's hope that the rain stops quickly.
                          Big up


                            I like the general view shots i could spend a while sitting smoking with them


                              The picture is bad but numbers are viewable , sour cheese auto f3, this is a good yield for sca in a 7 liters pot, this generation clearly improves the yield, and this is not the best one :

                              I just soaked some female seeds auto : 2 auto Kush and 2 White Widow x Big Bud auto .For now . I will see for more tomorrow .

                              They will have their special thread in the Female Seeds forum like the ice cool autos have their own. Most part will be copied from here .


                                This is to illustrate what I've said previously:

                                3 seeds already popped, 1 is cracked and is following (wwxbb).
                                They are in coco+worm compost sushis now .

                                And a new thread is born especially for them : ~ Female Seeds Autos 2018 ~

                                But of course this one continues !

                                Important note : I was not really glad from what I have smelled from auto diesels this afternoon . It seems far away from sour diesel smell .
                                Whatever, it is not already played .

                                I'm going to soak few Sour Cheese Auto F3 to get a male for those new seeds and to get some nice F4 seeds . I can fix a later and bigger pheno than the one already shown. The smell & taste are similar : "Green Grapefruit" .

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