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The Vault’s Blue Dream’matic Auto Comparative Grow – in association with FastBuds

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    The Vault’s Blue Dream’matic Auto Comparative Grow – in association with FastBuds

    Hello again guys, it is that wonderful time again - The Comparative Grow

    And we have wonderful news this time – we have 2 Comparative Grows running side by side

    To be clear, if you enter both Comparatives, then you MUST post on both Comparative threads, and if you only join this Comparative then you should only post on this thread, and if you only join the other Comparative then you should only post on that thread – I will post a link to the other Comparative Grow in the comments below.

    The Vault has teamed up this time with our new friends at FastBuds, to bring you another amazing Comparative Grow – this time we will be helping you guys drift off to sleep each with a beautiful dream of blue

    Please remember that I have a LOT of these to get processed - hence why I have detailed everything in the post and I ask you all to make sure you do it correctly - unfortunately if you do not follow the instructions your entry will be put the bottom of the queue until we have time to try to work out who the entrant is, and we will be processing the correctly done entries first - it is only fair.

    Also, when you receive an initial email confirmation, it is not a confirmation that your entry has been accepted - I need to go through all entries first to make sure that they are eligible.

    If your entry has been accepted you will receive a "Comparative Accepted" email.

    We need to make sure that these seeds are not used up by non-forum members, to make sure that you genuine forum members are able to enter this limited availability Comparative, so please make sure that you read all the way to the bottom of the post, if you want to enter both Comparatives.

    And be extra careful to read all the way to the bottom of the post, if you want to enter both Comparatives.

    Please get your entry in as soon as possible, as there are 3 new forums joining in this, grow, so the seeds will be used up more quickly this time around.

    Please read more and find details on how to enter this Comparative Grow here:
    Blue Dream’matic Auto Comparative Grow

    This is a link to the other comparative grow.
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    Hi peeps, please be sure to read the complete instructions.
    If you wish to enter both Comparatives, please only select the "both" product.
    Anyone that has been declined for this reason just needs to go back and read the full instructions and enter again ;-)

    If you guys don’t follow the instructions it makes the task hard for us to organise. Many thanks for your co-operation IC Maggers.


      Hi guys, if you didn’t receive an email from Jack yesterday or today regards your Comparative entry, then please shoot me a PM.

      And guys, please remember: if you are a genuine forum member and you have been declined, you have probably just been declined because you haven’t given us all of the information that we need - we are not trying to exclude any of you guys, but we must make sure that all of the seeds are not taken up by fraudsters that just want some free seeds, at the detriment to the fun of you guys - so if you have been declined, please just enter again, or shoot me a PM.

      And some of the declines were intended to send people back to actually just read the blog post, because they obviously hadn’t read it - we don’t want to stop any of you guys from entering, but we also don’t want anyone entering without reading the instructions/rules first; because it makes for a better experience for you all - in the past we have had many entrants contact us after they received their seeds, to tell us that they had now just read the rules, and they do not qualify for entry, because they have no room at the moment etc. – this means that they have just taken the spot of a genuine member, with room to go ahead, but who won’t get the chance to enter.

      So we just don’t want people not reading the rules at the start, and then not ruining it for you guys further down the line.

      And a heads up for any new entrants thinking about joining - please get yourselves in asap, as these Comparatives are now close to closing.



        Hi guys, Jack has now officially closed the Comparatives.
        There was a lot to get through, but we got there in the end, and every one of the Comparative seeds has been used up
        This does mean though, that there are no replacement seeds left, so hopefully everyone’s package reaches them, as we have no reserves.
        Enjoy the Comparative guys