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Tropicana poison and green poison fast versions

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    Tropicana poison and green poison fast versions

    Hello, this is my first time growing from seed. Have done a few runs inside and outside from clones, but was sick of strains that don't finish until late October so I decided to get these fast versions. But apparently the clones don't do that great outside, oh well. Let's see how they do inside.

    Early veg under blaster t5 strips in rockwool and presto pots then they will go into a 4x8 tent with 3 600w air cooled. Nutrients I will be using :
    Botanical pure blend grow and bloom
    Liquid karma
    Cal-mend by DNF
    Monster bloom for pk

    Seeds planted :
    14 Tropicana poison fast
    14 green poison fast

    Gorilla fast
    Critical poison
    Mighty gold
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