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Black Jack - Jack 47. F1 Fast Version 2014 [Test Grow]

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    Black Jack - Jack 47. F1 Fast Version 2014 [Test Grow]

    Hey buddies!

    Here we are again starting a diary about the new strains that have have recently hit the market. They are the F1FV, Fast Version of Sweet Seeds.

    Last year I did a diary with 3 of them which were spectacular. Good production and excellent in terms of speed and quality.

    Here is the link to see that diary.

    For this grow I’ve put Black Jack F1FV and Jack 47 F1FV. They are going to be the stars on this diary I’m starting today.

    With classical growing methods for indoors, you’ll see that using few ferts the results are really good. I haven’t corrected the PH of the water except during the germination period, that was made at PH 6.0.

    Here is a list of what I’ve used in the grow:


    -Atami Kilomix soil for the whole process.

    - Jiffys + CannaStart: for the first days in jiffys.

    - BioBoost: in each flowering-period irrigation.

    -Magical: in a couple of waterings.

    -BioFlores: in 3 ocations.

    -Cannazym: weekly.


    -600w bulb light for 16 plants on 7lt. pots.

    -Extraction system and fan 24hs ON.

    -Heating when the light is OFF.

    Total growing time: 20 days.

    Average time since the germination: 72 days.

    As you can see, it’s almost like an auto strain.

    Step 1. Germination. Early days.

    The thing that has always worked the better for me is to place the seed in a glass of water with 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide. I put the glass on top of the stereo amplifier so they are warm and cover them with the packaging, so I have them with their names and it suits as a greenhouse. In 36 hours max they all will germinate. I have corrected the water to PH 6.0.

    Once they sprouted I put them into Jiffys and i've irrigated them with water+Cannastart. It’s time to give them white light, in this case, energy saving 150w bulb.

    That’s all for now, I hope you enjoy the diary, thank you for your visit and I’ll be happy to answer any question you have!

    Sweet vape!



      First days.1st transplant.

      The seeds there was a 100% germination rate, showing their cotyledons quickly. I’ve maintained the jiffy wet with water and 2ml/L of Cannastart, ideal for feeding cuttings or seeds in jiffy’s or inert substrates. If you look closely, the stems aren't red as other occasions but green and healthy. As you see, the stems are a bit grow tall because the fan was broken, but this wasn’t a problem because 4 days after they were transplanted to 7cm pots, where they were buried right up to the cotyledons.

      I watered with 2ml of Rhizotonic for the transplanting and i have them under a 150w energy saving bulb.

      That’s it for now, hope to see you around this for the next post, it will be soon!



        Thank you for the company and kind words

        Sweet vapes!



          very nice jj,,great pics,,thanks for sharing,,peace and regards 944s2


            End of the vegetative period, 20th day.

            Light: 600W
            Pots: 7L
            Fertilizer: No

            It's been 3 weeks and it is time to move the plants to a bigger and final pot. I will use 7L pots for 16 plants, but I must say that Jack 47 were added to the grow 15 days after the Black Jack, so they will bloom later.
            Not much to say for now, just expect they will adapt well to the new pot and light conditions.

            Thanks for passing by and your nice words, fella!



              Flowering time, 2nd and 3rd week.
              Light: 600W
              Pots: 7L
              Fertilizer: 2 ml/L Bioboost
              PH: 6.6
              Tª: 17º-24º

              Hello friends,
              Here is the update of the 2th and beginning of the 3th week of the flowering period. Now is when the ladies begin to grow faster and start to shape as plants of considerable size.

              The average size on Black Jack is about 20cm. but specimens are highly branched, while Jack 47 had a start of flora with a small nitrogen shortage that has cost them a slower lateral branches develop. It didn’t take them too long though, to reach Black Jacks and, as you’ll see, they are starting to form the first flowers. As an extra help, Jack 47 was fertilized with MagiCal (magnesium and calcium) added to BioBoost.

              Stay tuned because in short will begin the discharge of heavy artillery and specially get ready your coats because it is going to snow a lot on this hillsides.
              I appreciate your visits and I hope you all to be here for the next update

              Thanks for stopping by!

              2nd week



                3rd Week


                  Your photos are wonderful, and you really know how to frame your shots.

                  hush's hidey hole



                    Flowering Period, 28th day

                    Pot: 7lt.

                    Fertilizer: Bio Bioboost, 4 ml/L + BioFlowers, 2ml + Magical, 0.8ml/L

                    PH: 6.5 (I have not corrected it)

                    Temp : 16ºC - 24ºC

                    Hello mates,

                    We are entering into the 4th week of flowering. The plants have stopped growing and scattered buds are being formed. Black Jack has branched fairly and there is a phenotype that is forming a nice main cola.

                    Jack 47 is growing a bit taller and may be due to the limited space they had when entering to flowering room, which were partly occupied by Black Jack (they are 3 weeks older), and also to the short growing I gave them with blue light.

                    Health is very good in all the plants and they are beginning to show many trichomes on flowers. Is good to mention that I've added Magical (calcium and magnesium) over the last irrigations, but with the Black Jack has only been necessary on 2 plants. The others are pretty green and bright, there is even a phenotype that is maturing faster than expected and I'm not going to give it fertilizer.

                    I show a few pictures for you to see how they are developing.
                    Thanks for passing by leaving such a nice comments, Hush.
                    Sweet smokes!

                    Jack 47


                      More pics from Jack 47.


                        Pics from.. Black Jack


                          and the last ones ..


                            Hi Jaypp!

                            Looking great so far. Thanks for sharing mate...

                            Sweet smokes!

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                              Flowering Period, 32th day

                              Pot: 7lt.

                              Fertilizer: Bio Bioboost, 4 ml/L + BioFlowers, 4ml + Magical, 0.8ml/L

                              PH: 6.5 (I have not corrected it)

                              Temp : 15ºC - 24ºC
                              Hi everyone, *it's time to see the plants starting the 2nd month of flowering. Black Jack is forming fully crystalized flowers and i'm feeding them with 4ml of Bioflores + 4ml of Bioboost. There's some plants that don't have received Bioflores, only Bioboost because they are showing signs of ripeness.*
                              The 16 plants are really well, with a smell more than evident and an intense brightness in their buds.