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Green Poison F1 FV ® | Sweet Special F1 FV ® | Cream Caramel F1 FV ® The Grand Prix!

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    Green Poison F1 FV ® | Sweet Special F1 FV ® | Cream Caramel F1 FV ® The Grand Prix!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, please get comfortable and fill your vaporizer with the best and sweetest weed because is about to start the Sweet Seeds Grand Prix!

    The participants in this great race are 3 genetics, part of the F1 Fast version family of Sweet Seeds.
    Specially we will see how they show the bodywork of 3 of its fastest varieties:

    Green Poison, Sweet Special y Cream Caramel.
    As you may have read, this year 2013, Sweet Seeds decided to bring to market a new line of F1 hybrids, with a very special characteristic: ultra-fast flowering.

    These new F1 hybrids have been selected through very thorough testings, by crossing the top non-auto-flowering elite clones from Sweet Seeds bank, with a selection of extra fast autoflowering genetics of 3º generation.

    The result, are plants that can get to shorten its flowering period between 1 and 2 weeks, regarding to the original versions, without losing any of the main features of genetics, or reducing the harvest. An important tip is these aren't auto-flowering plants, they are F1 varieties, but all of them has the main feature of being able to accelerate the flowering and maturing moment properly.

    By being F1 genetics, they can be kept in an indoor closet, under a grow rate with a light regime of 18h/6h without having signs of flowering, so we can select a good mother to self-supply of cuttings.

    Lets move on the race where we can already appreciate, in their 4th day of life, the fastest competitors.
    Heading the line is Green Poison, followed very closely by Cream Caramel. The Sweet Special took one day more to germinate.

    This is going to be an interesting race, and it will have a really dizzying pace, so don't get lost friends, I await you here for the next update where we'll see how the starting grid has left after the trainings
    Thanks to all for stopping and comment… and fasten your seat belt!!!

    gonna be super interesting SWEET grand prix, i put confy my fat ass for this one fo su!!

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    the CHOCOLOPE project
    Fast Nevilles,critical+,sour d. x og kush,white w. x big bud...
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    White rhino vs Red cherry berry..
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    C99 vs Deep strawberry diesel
    the chem experienze: Chemd.ibl, Powerdog, haze/skunk#1

    Release yourself

    The real ******* c-walk


      Wow Jaypp, what a teaser

      Looking great my friend, can't wait to see what happens in this thread in the next couple of months. I'll be around to check it out, so keep it sweet

      Cheers and sweet smokes

      Test Grows with Sweet Seeds

      7th Sweet Seeds® Grow Diary Competition at ICMag

      Foto-report of my trip to the Riff - Chaouen - Morocco



        Good night everyone,
        it's time to see how are developing the trainings of this peculiar race.

        Comment that the light of the stadium where the race takes place is low power, specifically 200w, and is on 18 hours in the first 30 qualifying days. Then the Sodium 600W will ligth on to see how these 15 champions compete, at a rate of 12 hours on.

        Cream Caramel team head detail, specifically the runner "Niki Caramel".

        Detail of the head of Green Poison Team, the pilot "Green Alonson".

        And finally, the head of Sweet Special team, the runner "Sweet Schumacher".

        At this time the pilots are testing the cars, checking the aerodynamics, brakes and the different types of tires. Before they where using the land ones (Jiffys), but after 4 days they changed to these of rubber, small size (6x6 pots) that are specific for water. These early days, it hasn't stopped raining on the circuit and it is noted that the water has some component that makes cars roll better (biostimulator root).

        After seven days hanging around with this wheels, the drivers have already done all the tests and the next thing will be to put on the largest tire (7 liter pot) before the big race.

        We are 15 days from start and other 15 remain to see this huge show!

        An important tip from the race director:

        "The race I usually do is primarily organic and is based on a well-prepared soil. I usually use substrates already prepared from known brands in the industry getting, almost always, the expected response.

        With the "transplant technique" I make sure that at each stage the car have what it takes to develop properly, without the need of a lot of liquids support."

        I hope you are here the next update!

        Tommy, killerweed, thank you very much for coming and leaving such a nice comments!

        More info about this new strains:

        Sweet Smokes!



          It's been 24 days since the competitors started their trainings. They all are doing very good timings and you can see that all teams are really fit, there's no doubt it will be a terrific race and we'll see if they can break records at this circuit.

          The weather is still very rainy for now, temperatures are between 18ºC and 22ºC with strong gusts of wind, ideal for the pilots to stay in shape. The weather report for the weekend, that is when the race starts, is quite good and a stunning sun is highly probable to shine, giving bright and colour to these great competitors during most part of the day.


It only remains one week and we can see trough the lenses how the pilots are gather at the Pit Lane of each team, trying to decide which techniques to use during the race.

Due to the graining, the wheels are worn out and it's time to changing to which they are going to use in the race, the ones with 7 litres. So then, the pilots are going to be ready to face the Grand Prix.

          Here we can see the pilots of "Cream Caramel" Team, with their magnificent pilot Niki Caramel ready to use all of his machine potential.


The "Sweet Special" pilots are not left behind. This new team is giving plenty to talk about among the experts, regarding their great timings in the last Grand Prix and for their amazing overtakings. Specially highlighted is "Sweet Shumacher".

Finally, the most quiet team before the cameras and journalists, with some runners creating a new path, with their fast and exciting way of running. The prime example of this team is "Green Alonso"


So, there's only a week left, book your seat because there's already a burnt wheel smell in the track!!

          Thanks for stopping by, 

I await for you all here…




            Finally the big day has come when these champs are going to measure forces. The racetrack is 1 m2, and in total there are 15 competitors as we have seen in the trainings. They all have passed with really good timings and I don't think there is going to be much difference between them in these early days.

            The circuit lights are 600W and shine like never before. The extraction is at 100% and, as a preventive, all cars have a layer of sprayed neem oil, propolis and Andean Horsetail. This spraying is going to be done every lap until the 4th.

            As a special note you have to know that each week will be counted as a lap.


            Lets pass already to the commentators because is ready to start the Sweet Seeds Grand Prix!

            Tremendous roar is heard in the starting line, thick smoke fills the pit lane and it's even thicker in the stands… Finally the show starts!!

            Again, a picture of the main screen were we can see how all the runners pass trough the line, real close to each other, starting the second lap with some really even times. You can see the stretch they have made in only one week.

            Here is how the driver "Green Alonso" has taken the lead at the end of this first lap, arriving in the first place and with a really amazing timing.

            Detail of "Niki Caramel's" car, who follows very close the first competitor.

            They have enough fuel for, at least 3 laps (weeks) but I'm going to use an extra additive of Magnesium and Calcium (Magical) in every lap together with the DRS, except for the final lap when they're going to have catalytic enzymes only, so the smoke is soft.

            To be clear with the data reading, I leave you a summary of what i'll use in the race.

            KERS: Magical: Magnesium and Calcium
            DRS: Biocanna Bio Boost, Flower Biostimulator
            Fuel: Fert, Bioflowers.
            Wings: Catalyzing Enzymes, Cannazym.

            And that's all I've used in the first lap.

            Thanks for stopping and stay around here!
            See you!


              They could be great plants for outdoor/guerrilla! Very interesting...Always great growing jaypp! Bye my friend!
              My pollen chuking: Bangi Haze x C99, Psicodelicia x C99 (aka Psyco Cindy), Bangi Haze x Mextiza,The Purps x Mextiza (aka Mandolino Purple), The Purps x Destroyer, Kalijah f2 ...


              CURRENT GROW Killing Fields, Vermont Skunk, Broad Leaf Black, Granola Funk, Tangerine Super Skunk, Purple Urkle x '88G13HP.

              LED G3 135W + 2 x 100w cob + various little led







                Looking great Jaypp!!

                All very fast and vigorous so far

                Can't wait to see who finishes first, so I'm sure I'll be around to check it out.

                Keep it up, sweet smokes

                Test Grows with Sweet Seeds

                7th Sweet Seeds® Grow Diary Competition at ICMag

                Foto-report of my trip to the Riff - Chaouen - Morocco


                  I'm curious 'cause I'm looking for next year one special strain for my out/guerrilla...i'm looking green poison it really that fast?
                  L'Amore risplende sui monti,
                  L'Amore risplende sui mari,
                  L'Amore risplende nelle vostre anime,


                    Hi willydread!

                    Welcome to the Sweet Seeds subforum

                    Well, the breeders claim they are 1 to 2 weeks faster than the original version of Green Poison (which is already itself a fast strain) and claims seem to be confirmed by the first results of the first spanish growers who tried them.

                    One of our friends who does outdoor test grows for us in Spain managed to harvest in mid September when with the original version of Green Poison he was used to harvest only in late September or early October.

                    Unfortunatelly ICMag rules does not allow me to share a link to the other forum where he posted his experience and even if I could share a link you'd then need to register in theat forum to be able to see the pics. Anyway it's in the Sweet Seeds subforum at ************ (the spanish forum) and you'll find it in the "Guía de Variedades" sub/subforum right in the Green Poison F1 Fast Version main thread.

                    I think that soon a few more F1 Fast Versions of Sweet Seeds strains will be released and this means that the breeders are happy with the final product. I'm sure they would release more of these strains if they were not really faster as all the effort in releasing new strains would result in negative feedback and loosing the confidence gained throughout the years among cannabis growers.

                    I'd give them a try if I were you but if 1 or 2 weeks is not important for you and you're not 100% confident in the Fast Version then go with the original version of Green Poison, because it's really a wonderful strain.

                    See you around, sweet smokes!

                    Test Grows with Sweet Seeds

                    7th Sweet Seeds® Grow Diary Competition at ICMag

                    Foto-report of my trip to the Riff - Chaouen - Morocco



                      An important wire from the race director, he has some important notice to tell us:

                      "Good … everyone, this week a storm has shootdown a power light tower and it is too dangerous to continue with the race. That's why the pilots have left the circuit behind the safety car and are waiting in the paddock until the problem be solved in order to continue with the race.
                      It also caused a cut in the power supply in the entire circuit so the cameras are disabled to continue broadcasting the Grand Prize until further notice."

                      That's all for now folks, don't go very far away from the circuit.

                      (IMPORTANT: I had a problem with my hard drive and the whole team is trying to recover the pics i have from this grow.
                      By the moment, the ones from the end of the race are safe so, if there is no chance to recover all of them, i'll jump directly to that point to show you those pics, which are worthy of being on a catalog. In a few days i'll come back with more news :sun:
                      Cheers and apologies for this inconvenience, I hope you've brought enough joints to hold on here, in short some courtesy cool drinks will be offered in the stands


                        Hi Jaypp!

                        Hope they get back on track my friend.

                        And if not, well at least we'll be able to see the final lap, which is always the most important

                        All the best, sweet smokes!

                        Test Grows with Sweet Seeds

                        7th Sweet Seeds® Grow Diary Competition at ICMag

                        Foto-report of my trip to the Riff - Chaouen - Morocco


                          hope it works out,looking forward to some more pics.willyweed



                            Hi everyone, I want to show the photos of the 3 winners, because the three teams managed to go beyond the finish line just two weeks ahead their older sisters, so we can name the 3 teams as winners.

                            The first crossing the finish line was the super fast Green Poison, with an amazing timing of only 40 days achieved by 2 of the plants of this team, the next and followed closely by the Special Sweet was the Cream Caramel Team, who is the protagonist of this update.

                            In flowering time, they were the ones who gave me more difficulties at feeding, showing excesses in two plants, while the other specimens were easier, getting to have limits around EC 1.4, more than enough for these champions.

                            Growth has been very little branched , the buds are really hard and frosty. The smell is somewhat more acidic than a normal Cream Caramel, or at least is what I 've noticed in these ones in particular. The high is strong and heavy, they are highly recommended as medicinal plants.
                            After 50 days of flowering, I have cutted them all gradually.

                            And now, the photos I've been able to recover. I am sorry i can't show you the other ones, they are at the limbo of computing.
                            Hope you enjoy this champions's final lap.

                            Tommy, willy, thanks for watching and your nice comments.
                            Sweet smokes!
                            See you next update!


                              more pics..