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Green Poison info?

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    Green Poison info?

    I have a pack of GP for the outdoor this season and had hoped someone might be able to give me a few details. Im at 36N. Alls i know is the description: sweet w/big yield with indica buzz, but........

    Potential Height? 2-3 M?

    Branchy, christmas tree?

    Hello again my friend!

    Well, if you sprout the seeds soon in the spring and if you give them enough space for the roots to develop they may get to 2-3M with no problem. Plants are vigorous and very quick to grow and flower. You will get one main cola and a few side branches producing very nice buds. I would say they are more branchy than christmas tree like, but some may look somewhere in the middle.

    Personally I haven't tried them yet, they're on my list after the new autos, but I've seen many growers posting diaries in forums and that is one of the most vigorous, fast and productive strain from the catalog.

    Hope you enjoy them, it will be a pleasure to watch your diary if you decide to post it here

    Keep it sweet, kind regards!

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      thanks for the reply Tommy. Stealth from the air and ground was the impetus for my question. Does she tend to be more slender in profile, (ooh! stealthy!) or a large bush type plant with a headbud and long arching lower branches that give the plant a large footprint from above.

      On monday, im popping 3 GP seeds to cut a few clones from in April. Its my intent to grow out a dozen seeds and about a dozen clones from the 3 seeds, just to see what there is to see. . Ill post up the progress as it occurs.

      I know 2 other growers that are growing the GP this season. Ive asked them to come here and report.