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Diet Durban THCv Hermaphroditism Notice

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    Diet Durban THCv Hermaphroditism Notice

    Seedsman notice for Diet Durban

    Today I received an email from Seedsman notifying me that the female Diet Durban seeds that I had purchased from them are unstable.

    There C.E.O., Tom, said,
    ”We have now identified that this batch has a much, much higher level of hermaphroditism than we believe is acceptable.”

    I do appreciate the company coming forward quickly and sharing this information. I have germinated 3 of these seeds and have successfully cloned all 3 and was about to begin flowering them, so this news came just in time. They are offering refunds plus 10%, 10 seeds of another variety or to ship new Diet Durban seeds once they have more fully tested a new crop.

    I personally would like the Diet Durban seeds, but I would like some small compensation for all the time I’ve put into growing and cloning seeds that I will either have to destroy or isolate. In either case I won’t be able to use them for breeding.

    I’d like to hear anyone else’s experience or thoughts on this.


    Lots of breeding theory left completely unexplored in the cannabis realm. Epigenetics and environmental influence.

    Consistency will dominate this industry, easily.


      I'd be grateful they wrote you and were up front about it. When I tried Cali Connection seeds no one wrote and warmed me all of 16 girls would be huge hemies minus 2 plants that weren't keeper quality. No one refunded me or said sorry. And seed is a bit of a risk.

      It sucks for them too, it's a risk that comes with seed purchase, and they are doing what they can do and it's more than I've seen any other seed dealer do. And with more and more THCV strains coming around hopefully you can find another option.

      The breeder is the one that f'd everyone. Lots of pollen chucking with minimal testing going on these days.
      Drug testing is proof employers can't tell the performance difference between an employee on drugs and one that is not.


        Originally posted by Jim Rockford View Post
        I'd be grateful they wrote you and were up front about it.
        Thanks Mr. Rockford,
        You’re right. I am happy they’re trying to do the right thing. I’m a breeder and it takes years for me to get something consistent and stable, and I’m not even breeding for specific cannabinoids. I just currently don’t make the money for that much lab work.

        Do you know of any other THCv breeds other than THCvictory?

        Eye of Providence Seeds


          Hey I have never grown anything from seedsman yet, but thumbs up for coming forward and actually refunding the seeds. I would grow them anyway a thcv variety sounds good. I've read thcv acts like a turbo for thc
          ( Grow1 ,Grow2)


            I grew out one and it was hemie galore. I'd suggest anyone who bought this to toss it out. Not worth ruining your entire garden because of garbage genetics.