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bringing up the rear with DC's Durban Poison

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    The lil ones are looking good DJ, even with a lil bug damage. Can't wait to see how they grow up for you.
    Afropips Durban Poison & GN Thai Stick Grow Journal


      Week 7:

      Oops! missed a week. Sorry everyone!

      These kids are still doing great and still attracting attention from bugs. I guess I should mix up some neem soon. Despite the damage, they're keeping on.

      #3 has developed an interesting quirk. It appears to be developing a whorled phyllotaxy, producing four leaves at the next node. Othwerwise, it's topped itself, but looking at it this morning, I still see new growth emerging from the center of those four leaves. Pretty cool. Hopefully one of them will turn out male and I can start working a tri/quad line like GMT's Bruised Nuts.

      Here they are:

      Durban #1

      Durban #2

      Durban #3

      See you all next week!