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    Looks like a cool cross. Slowly reading the thread and looking at everyones beautiful plants.


      God damn awesome plants Crop!!! Big-up's to SG1 for this project. Really awesome seed line!!

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        Holy shit those are awesome plants! Edited out the rest as it has no place here. thanks again SG and all that post awesome pics!


          Still rocking Khalisi over here..... ran her multiple times indoors and over the 2015 summer out doors,..... awesomely well rounded strain.

          Khalisi #2
          I kept this pheno not because of her yeild.... which is decent... but for her dark dankness she holds with in.
          She is the most stanky dank plant in my grow.... is hard to put the aroma into words. At around harvest it's a deep buttered burned rubber, with hints of sweetness and spice. Smoked she is a fav more of the creamy buttered grape berry with a floral spice to back it.... she is a hammer weather I take her clones 50 days , 65 + and she become a sledge hammer..
          Bag appeal wise... she is beautiful, with her well roundedness it is hard to keep enough of her, local peeps ask for her by name.
          Definitely keeping her close for a long time..... thanks SG for her, she is a treasure for sure.
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            Nice stuff Hicksticky!
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              I ran a small khalisi on 12/12 from seed. It was one of the most resiny in the group this run. No purple but super frosty. Had a nice frosty Purple Mayhem male that I used to make a Purple Khalisi cross.

              I look forward to running the Khalisi again, and the Purple Khalisis!


                What's happened to SG1? Been quiet on most fronts. I was gutted to lose my Khalisi keepers due to security scare :(

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