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    What would be the proper method of posting a grow? I started a grow journal on the Hortilab/Karma collaboration and I'll be damned if it didn't get booted for no post in 30 days.. So I'm not posting it in the right place?

    thank you in advance sir fuzzy.
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      ive dune 1 test grow, about to do another one. i may no be the best grower ,but I will grow them out . thanks for the chance to grow new stuff . thanks to the Breaders, Bay, Boo.


        I wanna become a tester and not flake :-) as I never do


          Sounds dope


            Originally posted by GreeeeN GRassss View Post
            any one that gets seeds and does not do the test grow as agreed should be banned.

            its a win win situation for the tester the least they could do is maintain an accurate thread about it.
            Yea I agree with this guy , testers that don't follow through on there word should be banned from ICMag.
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              Only ever done that the other way round

              Wait lemme explain

              I was a member of another forum got gifted some beans and then got banned from there I looked up the company that gifted me and they are a sponsor on here

              So I messaged the rep on here and he said I could do the diary here lol

              Only ever popped beans for diarys straightaway ish anyway haha





                I understand the problem of people hoarding test seeds but to me a ban is harsh if they don't complete it. Yeah fair enough if they post it up on another site or just don't do it. But I was lucky to b chosen to do some test beans in 2012 unfortunately was unable to complete it as I went to gaol for growing for a long time. I guess that's why I was keen to test again just to prove that I'm staunch n wanna do my best for the strain the seed bank as well as getting the enthusiasm back into IC as it was when I left in 2012. On another note I told that many growers/ smokers even randoms about IC during my 4 yr sentence. I hope that at least some of them come on and learn and contribute. Peace
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                  How can I be a tester?


                    So you're saying I shouldn't sell tester cuts and F2's?

                    I was just going to "test" how well they sold! LOL!!


                      I would like you to give me the opportunity to test some of your products, I will to do my best to grow and tend to them, and then come back with constructive feedback, thank you in advance.



                        So you're telling me You'll give me One whole pack of beans and the postage!!. And all I have to do is
                        give up one full harvest cycle, the use of my growspace, electricity, equipment and ability to actually grow, plus do updates with pics, and risk a harvest that might be total boof or even hermies?
                        " Monsieur, with these Ferrero Rocher you are really spoiling us!!" 😃