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    F13 f2 (F6) From Green Path Seeds... Smoke-grow report by D. U. D. E ...

    I want to thank GPS for the opportunity to grow these F13 f2 ...
    (Which turn out to be F6)
    Wanting to reflect their true state of evolution I will start labeling them accordingly.

    They proved to be rather easy to grow and handled the Hydro environment with full strength feeds very well...
    They take pinching is stride and the stems bulk up nicely,
    ready to carry some weight.. The F13s veg nicely till topped,when they tended to stop all growth for a short period of time...
    Once going again they have a nice growth rate and are a breeze to have in the garden... The F13s did not do well with the De-fanning techniques I used this season and if fans are taken to fast then they will stall for a short time... I do believe they would benefit and appreciate the De-fanning if taken much slower...
    All and all they handled everything thrown at them like champs.
    Very sturdy ladies indeed...

    Mild smells of floral notes with a touch of spice in mid-late Veg and becoming slightly more woody-all spice fragrance through flowering...

    Once chopped and dried a little mine carried a buttered popcorn powerful nose to it which once jarred for a week, mellows into a sweet tobacco floral incense with what I swear is a buttery undertone... Very nice!!!

    The smoke is very pleasant...

    Smooth and sweet leaving a touch of spice on the tip of the tongue.
    Reminds me of a sweet clove cigarettes and leave you licking your lips on exhale... Early samples were fairly instant to the head and travailing into the body and now with a little jar time it has become a
    real nice creeper...

    You can feel it in the center of you head by the time you exhale and it just kind of sits there...Take a few more tokes and it simple intensifies yet stays right in the center of your head...

    After a few minutes you notice a warmth covering your entire body and you realize it is traveling.. Really nice relaxing clear headed smoke with no amp but also no couch... A great balance and a great flavor packed smoke... Last a good while to boot...Nice!!!

    Cant wait to have another go at these...

    Thank you so much GPS for the opportunity and I have really enjoyed everything about this grow...

    Grades 1-10

    Growing :
    Growth Veg-Flower-6
    Ease of cloning-8
    Yield -4 (my fault)

    Stretch. .75 - 1.5
    76 Days flowering(Could have taken at 70)

    Length of effect-7
    Smoke on exhale is dense and hella potent ...

    Overall a very enjoyable 7.5



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      nice finished bud shots dude.

      Originally posted by DamnUglyDogE View Post
      Considering myself really lucky in finding what looks to be an
      awesome male to good things with....

      F13 #3

      Look at that clones color...

      Going to also collect a little pollen off this clone and let him
      play for a minute...

      Hear you can see my little set up for collecting some pollen...
      I know,I know... I need to come up with something more suited
      for the task... lol

      I needed the flowering tent for Vegging...

      Working on an idea tho...

      I love DJ's work...

      I am curious... what about that male in your mind makes him an awesome male?
      CA prop 215 & SB 420 compliant
      Most of the things I do are done out of a passion for it and the thought that somehow there maybe someone, somewhere who can in some way benefit from it.
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        Originally posted by DamnUglyDogE View Post
        I believe I chose the right male....
        Smelled in veg-Stank in flower-
        Nice and frosty-color and a nice tight structure with a thick main stem...Takes stress well & clones easy to boot...
        What more could I ask for ?

        Day 43
        Adjusting to being moved outside...
        Flipped 12/12 times-colder-less light per day and still its ready to start pumping more pollen in under 10 days...Nice!

        Using the search thread tool... MALE <<<---Link
        Will give you a good idea of my thinking when choosing a male...


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          He was chopped to one main branch and 1/2 this size a couple weeks before I flowered the ladies for better control
          in the flowering room...

          Fairly sure this was his clone use for sexing
          and placed into the flowering tent as well...

          Had a few to chose from and he won out...
          Im wicked satisfied with his performance and 3 of the ladies used for the F7's were very uniform Indica lean in growth but not so much in her smoke with the 4th going tall and unfortunately I didn't get any smoke-able flowers from her,once beans were collected so I have all 4 plants grind waiting for dry Ice and some crazy hash coming my way.

          The 4th lady was taller and branchy compared...

          I took the 5th best female and tossed her in pool 3 for my personal
          I dont have near enough F13 smoke for myself but the hash should make up for it...

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                      Those F13s are a beauty