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    Originally posted by FLAgreenthumb View Post
    The Dutch cut is an nl5hz selection... as in the original haze A male laid into his nl5... selected by Neville himself in like 85/86ish... he did the same thing w/ the Haze C male... and so we have the a5 and the c5. The cuts have been held reasonably tight but the flower has been widely available in coffee shops so very well may be what you remember. At least that's how I remember it... but I'm aging and my memory/retention isn't quite what it used to be so take all this w/ a grain of salt..lmao
    sweet thanks! I'm hoping this may be my best shot at finding something close to the nl5xhaze ... seems like the original has been near impossible to find for a while now ...


      Karma Haze @ Day 29 - this is the most sativa/haze leaning so far - smelling a bit cat-pissy since early veg ...
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