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Anyone have Godberry PICS? I have only a few

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    Does anyone know which phenos I should be looking for with the Godberry mine look similar with just one leaning to the thinner leaf satvia type.



      Godberry Day 57 12/12 cycle - Day 47 Flowering

      These 2 are the Cola compact Pheno

      Close up of left cola

      This is the Chunky branchy airy pheno

      Close up

      This the Mostly Indica brancy pheno

      Group shots

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        So Im finally getting around to growing these bad chickens.

        Got 4 in Veg now about 3 weeks maybe, 3 look the same, all "indica" looking Id say, and 1 that is definitely leaning to the sativa side. Also the "indica" ones, stink, I mean really smell with no buds, lol, its pretty wild, but I like it!!

        Thomas Cherry I been peeping out your gallery, and you did those things justice bro, very nice cuts. I liked the looks of Cyburnts too from 2007 and Chubbs n Dreaded grew some beauties as well. Hoping I get something nice like you guys.



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          Godberry day 51

          Posted by Ganja baba:
          yield is a by product of growing very well


            nice pics guys. anything croosed with godbud is sure to be a winner


              Here's a pic of a Godberry that I grew last year soemtime. Very nice smell & appearance. Tasted like grape skittles with pepper. A very unique taste that kept me going back to the Godberry jars over everything else.

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                Godberry looks like some dank,very nice.

                Stayhigh- i cant see your pics
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                  i also have these beans and i'd agree that there's not a whole lot of pics of the GB...

                  great pics everyone....can we see more??
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