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Burmese Mist & Burmese Dream

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    Burmese Mist & Burmese Dream

    Hello everyone, i was wondering if anyone can speculate on the type of high you would get from these... or if MOD could chime in.
    MOD talks about the dreamweaver & the kali , but not what the burmese kush brings to the table... the type of high when there mixed.
    Any one ?

    i can bring a lil bit of candle light...the burmese crosses are limited, the burmese pure used came from reeferman. i have burmese dream on the way, and on the bid description the MOD breeder calls it his flagship f1 strain. the MeT freebies have dreamweaver in them and from what ive seen so far theyre no slouches when it comes to resin production. as soon as i recieve the BDs ill be germing 3 or 5 of them so ill let you know the outcome. also try seaching...
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