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Shameless Plug For MoD Seeds!

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    Shameless Plug For MoD Seeds!

    Would you have come in if the title had just been: my photo gallery?

    I just wanted to share my MoD with everybody.
    In some of the photo's I seem to be technologically challeged and cant program the right year.

    It says alot about your seed store, when the value of your freebies are greater than the value of your order. Or the previous order. Thank you so much, Gypsy!

    She eats like a garbage disposal,fast growth, vigor, streeeeetch! I had a hard time keeping her oughta the light.
    Next time, less go-go juice and a hair cut for sure!
    All the pics are from 60 to 71 days flower.

    And, of course.... the frosty ones!

    I can't believe how much crystal they put on. With little popcorn, I ran the trim twice for some nice melty!.

    This plant is so easy to grow, little maintenance, and a very potent yeild. The only slight drawback is of course the flower time. This one couldve gone another week, but i like my pot a lil racy.

    I can't say enough about the beans, or about MoD. Spreading good genetics for free, or even for 30 squid on the 'bay. That guy is a class act. Thanks for sharing, bro. Hope you find what your looking for.

    Looks like the MoD sativas are selling like hotcakes, did you get yours?

    Looks like you have somen nice quality nugs. Enjoy!


      Thats an awesome looking plant, great job man. I do have a question though, is MOD not a Kali-mist x destroyer pure sativa?
      Live, learn, and grow.


        Yes it is^ i think those are arjans haze x nl haze by mist of destruction! I maybe wrong but the mod for sale is called mod Bx.
        Looks like a sweet grow and buds!
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          Hi all,
          Thanks for the kind words!
          You are correct, MoD Bx is that cross (Kali x Destroyer).I may have to try it next! Pictured is the Arjan's Haze cross. Sorry for the confusion.