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Di Frutti vs double funk

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    Di Frutti vs double funk

    I am thinking of picking up one of these strains. I love the headbanger and wanted to try a cross. Does anyone know which yields better? Better flavor? I guess which do you like more haha

    subbed, also want to know this
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    Das maximale Volumen subterraner Agrarprodukte ist reziprok proportional zur intellektuellen Kapazität des Produzenten

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    • Plants require 18 essential nutrients to grow and survive, classified by their importance into macronutrients (C, H, O, N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S) and micronutrients (B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, Mo, Cl, Co, Ni). Study Tip!

    • Nutrients may be mobile or immobile in the plant and in the soil, which influences redistribution of nutrients and display of deficiency symptoms, and the fertilization of crops.


      Di Frutti will yield more and is easy to grow. As for flavour they 2 very differnt strains.

      Not shure these are still in stock, may be sold out.

      Biker Kush 1st Rosin GanjaTimeCup Barcelona Spain
      White OG 1st Indica Zaragoza Fresh Cup Spain 2015
      Headbanger 2nd Sativa IC420 Growers Cup 2015
      Headbanger Shatter 1st Overall Secret Cup Spain 2015
      White OG 1st Indoor
      Herbes del Dimoni 2015 Balearic Cup’s
      White OG 1st Indoor Copa THC Valencia 2015
      White OG 1st Indica Oilhunters cup 2014
      White OG 1st Indica Copa Elite Sur 2014
      Point Break 1st Indoor Copa Del Plata 2014
      OG Kush s1 1st Indica BCN Breeders cup 2014
      Karma's OG 1st Indica IC420 Breeders cup 2014
      Karma's OG 1st Indica IC420 Growers cup 2014
      Happy Kush 2nd Indica IC420 Growers Cup 2014
      Headbanger 3rd Sativa Seedcompany Hightimes Amsterdam 2013
      Dominator 3rd Sativa Seedcompany Hightimes Amsterdam 2011
      White OG 3rd Indica Seedcompany Hightimes Amsterdam 2010
      Amnesia (D-cut) 1st Sativa IC420 Breeders Cup 2009
      Happy Brother 3rd Indica IC420 Breeders cup 2009
      Dominator 3rd Sativa IC420 breeders cup 2008