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Jack O'Nesia with Shooey (x3 only)

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    Jack O'Nesia with Shooey (x3 only)

    Hi All,

    Well, it's finally time to get this thread started, I've had these plants going now for a few weeks...I'd also like to take a moment to say thank you to Karma G for gifting these back in 2010...

    Methodology and Strain Data:

    Jack O Nesia Specs:

    Jack O Nesia is a very special girl. After winning the ICMAG 420 cup (in 2009) with this cut of Amnesia, I crossed it with my proven Jack#22 male. The results are an easy to grow hard-hitting (hazy) hybrid. Smells range from a candy-like bubblegum to spicy haze. It’s got a decent stretch which works well with topping. She is more on the sativa side and a lovely plant to grow! (taken from

    Genetics: Amnesia (D cut) x Jack #22
    Type: Hybrid
    Flowering Time: 9-12 weeks
    Height: Tall
    Yield: High


    Seedling Stage

    9 seeds were sewn directly to coco under 125 watts of blue CFL until fully rooted. Sadly due to gnats getting at them, I lost some and some never sprouted (see diary below).
    Seedlings fed Canna Coco A+B (0.5ml week1) 1ml + Rhizotonic 1ml.
    pH 5.8, EC 1-1.20

    Veg and Pre Flower Stage

    3 Plants were transplanted to 10 liter pots to veg for 2 weeks before being flipped, at which time I'll take some cuttings. Feed at this stage is Canna Coco A+B 1ml - 1.5ml .
    pH 5.8, EC 1.25-1.50


    All pots moved to my DR120 under 600 watts of sodium for the remainder of veg(6-8 days). They'll get flipped when theyre 18-22 inches tall.
    Plants will be fed Canna Coco A+B 1ml-1.5ml plus Sulphos Gold C at 1ml from week 1, up to 3ml in week 3 of flowering, reducing after week 6/7 . At some point we'll also be adding Canna PK 13/14 for 4 days.

    pH 5.8, EC 1.25-2.00 (during PK boost)


    (lets hope we get this far..)
    Flush will be 14 days consisting of GHE Ripen for 10 days and 4 days of straight water.
    pH 5.8, EC as little as possible ...


    Here's where we're up to...

    start date:
    5 of 9 sank in 3 hours of soaking...all 9 sunk after 6-7 hours


    6 showing signs of germ, 3 not...
    5 above ground, one still wearing her helmet..
    4 look ok, one fell over (seemed snapped? helmet was still attached maybe why) put the 3 non starters back in water, one has split..other 2 are sunken but not split..

    a second fell over...

    3 continue to look good 1 stunted... the re-soaks came to nothing..

    started on 1 A+B and 1 rhizo...topped at 4th node.

    potted 3 on to 10 liter pots, the other still growing but slowly...

    vegging along side some Green Poisons under 600w HPS... could be flipped anytime, just waiting for the GPs to catch up but whatever happens, they'll be getting flipped this week so as to be done for Xmas... with a bit of luck the Jack O will be done for new years eve...


    a few weeks old

    just before transplant to 10ltr

    5 minutes ago

    as I said...I'll be flipping them this week, then the good pics can start...

    until the next exciting episode, be lucky
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    I'm happy to see a new jon grow thread!!

    Hope you will find a keeper!!

    Best vibes!
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    "work for the plant,and she will work for you"


      I said, nice ... one ... bruv!

      I have one of Karma's Jack hybrids in my garden Anfs, his SSSDH x Jack ...
      It's got a stretch. I've in-crossed them and out-crossed and, all the smoke is dank.

      I'm sure you're going to find something good!
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        Hey shooey,

        Nice bro

        Have not seen the Jon online for a while looking forward to seeing you grow them out

        Thanks for the info on your grow also saves the questions haha


        IG, the-gardening-Angel


          Looking good


            @weshjo - thanks man, I really hope so too as these genetics are pretty much all my faves rolled into one (twice lol) - I only got 3 up and running from an old pack but maybe I'll get lucky... I got everything crossed

            @Coba - hey Toeses sounds like a winner, I was only just saying how much I thought of the SSSDH, I bet thats where your getting that big stretch eh? I heard she can stretch for 4 weeks without missing a beat ...

            @GA - cheers bro, I'll try n keep it well updated with pics etc (just have to hope at least one of them is a girl ).. maybe if you're around in April, I might get to share.. I guess we'll have to wait n see

            @Gastro - hey, thanks for looking in man...I have to flip this tent in the next 2 days as the other plants in there need to be out for Xmas... so, with a bit of luck, this thread will get a bit more exciting in no time at all
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              Your double busy ATM ain't ya man !!


                always busy brother... just that I dont usually have diaries for everything... really I only tend to do diaries after ppl gift me seed or if theyre test grows with the understanding that there'll be a thread, when that happens I do a thread and link it in my sig like some kind of free kinda grew a bit lately, I may have to take some out if it carries on lol

                right now I'm going through a lot of seeds while I rebuild my mumstocks... it's an adventure eh, keeps me busy
                test grows and other stories


                  Crack on my bruvva !

                  I love having stuff to read mate


                    Time for an update on these contenders

                    So, I flipped them a few days ago (on the 23rd) and at that time the two taller were 18 inches and the shorter was around 16 inches... as of today (27th) theyre now 23 inches and 21 inches respectively

                    I've noticed some kind of deficiency appearing, not something I've seen in my tent before but looks to be either Magnesium or Manganese.. what ever it is, I've upped the base a bit and given them a few doses of Sulfos Gold C which contains all kind of trace elements so should cover all bases..and in case it doesn't, I gave them some Hypro spraymix foliar feed as well... newer growth seems fine (a little light bleaching) but fingers crossed the deff has been dealt a swift exit ....have to be careful not to over care for them at this point, I'm just not used to seeing hungry plants

                    from the website:

                    GOLD C is made ​​up of:
                    * plant growth hormones
                    * boron
                    * amino acids
                    * molybdenum
                    * carbohydrates
                    * algae extracts
                    * manganese
                    * copper
                    * iron
                    * zinc
                    * potassium
                    * betaine

                    ok, pics...

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                      a little slow with the updates on this one, but I been waiting for them to show sexings... the first 2 have been showing for a few days now but the 3rd was taking "her" sweet time

                      as luck would have it, I've got 3 girls, now they've all shown, I'll grab some cuttings later today, probably about as late as I'd leave it really.....structurally these are looking great, everything you'd expect from a Jack/Amnesia cross... all signs of whatever that deff was have left.. they seem to be happy looking ladies... big things to look forward to with a bit of luck...


                      (yes, thats the original WD40 cut in the background there )

                      test grows and other stories


                        looks great in there man. seems like you sorted the nute issue out , nice work.

                        J, whats the amnesia D cut?
                        from my limited reading, ive heard of coffeshop cut, core cut, moppel. Never heard d cut before. any ideas what it is?

                        ahh, the infamous wd40. one of the few rare elites i can pick up at my local

                        keep up the great work m8


                          those look nice.
                          If you plant ice, you're gonna harvest wind... they that sow the wind, shall reap the hurricane.


                            Originally posted by TastyTrichomes View Post

                            J, whats the amnesia D cut?
                            from my limited reading, ive heard of coffeshop cut, core cut, moppel. Never heard d cut before. any ideas what it is?

                            not really mate... maybe someone else knows for sure... afaik the moppel/core and c-shop are all the same one though ...
                            test grows and other stories


                              This is my favorite cross from Karma to date.
                              And I've tried a ton of them.
                              You're in for a treat, looking I good so far!
                              What strain blows Frank's mind???
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