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The Great Outdoor Vikings!

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    amazing pics and plants ! thumbs up !

    Irie !
    "To forbid or even seriously to restrict the use of so gracious an herb as hemp would cause widespread suffering and annoyance and to large bands of worshipped ascetics, deep-seated anger. It would rob the people of a solace in discomfort, of a cure in sickness, of a guardian whose gracious protection saves them from the attacks of evil influences, and whose mightly power makes the devotee of the Victorious, overcoming the demons of hunger and thirst, of panic, fear, of the glamour of Maya or matter, and of madness, able in rest to brood on the Eternal, till the Eternal,possessing him body and soul, frees him from the haunting of self and receives him into the Ocean of Being." Indian Hemp Drugs Commission

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      Esbe, simply staggering pics.
      Whatever are they teaching the kids these days?, that one had me laughing, if thats what they do at university, god knows what they get up to at agricultural college! yeah I saw your post about erdbeer on the arjans haze tthread, sounds like the stuff legends are made of, good story. Tried some Rox last year, some of the prettiest plants I grew, nice & short so they dont get too smashed about later in year. I like to grow in exposed places, light can be as important as heat & sun later in the year, also less mould than sheltered places. Heres some pics, end of sept not as early as I hoped, but then we didnt get them out till early july as there was no cover, due to lack of rain. Hope you dont mind me posting em, I may not be danish but according to research theres plenty of viking dna in the genepool round here, 53n uk
      Cheers for the reply, take care.

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        lovely farmaz2, yeah rox is 50% erdbeer. bring the on, all nice northern pix are welcome here!

        the uni thing had something to do with pain killing canna for cancer patients.

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        .^???®??S ?®Ø? ?£??

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          Alright then Esbe, heres one that'll make you laugh, I thought it would be cool to stick a couple in some giant 2.5 meter sunflowers, oh well not so cool after all.


            damn nice three bro! more?

            heres erdbeer x purpurea t in an early flower stage
            .^???®??S ?®Ø? ?£??

            Click the gif to learn much more about HFH:


              Got to say I like the look of that edpuurt /erdbeer, might just have to try some, some of our strains are starting to show their age now, more leaf & less bud, not so sticky either. Has anyone noticed that on some strains the oil ls more similar to a vegetable oil, makes your fingers shiny, but not so strong to smoke, looks great on the buds but fails to deliver, while on other strains its a lot less showy but sticks your fingers together. Got to get that sticky fingers back!
              mex sat sidebranch


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                Originally posted by ddt
                What to tell to be original? Just watch this thread ppl each time u can and enjoy results of growin of this man, this our firiend realy know what is he doin, just watch his pics.This man is profesor in growin and u always should be learnig from him, so just watch his perfect work and be learning.
                maffes indoor/outdoor shot 06

                maffes hash

                maffes adventures indoor

                danish garden 2007


                  Nice pics guys.

                  Here i will grow clones of my own cross

                  Groundwater is only ½ meter down. very nice

                  On this spot i filled between 1-5 cm manure all over the ground before i filled the soil back on. Heres sun from morning till night
                  This spot is reserved for my motherplants, so they will get out here when im done with them.

                  Peace pop-


                    This is my guerilla grow



                      Daaamn you danish people, amazing pics! Congratulations all you


                        These are from a very late outdoor grow in my garden.
                        They have been in soil for only about a month and they where only about 10 centimeters tall when planted out.
                        Weather hasnt been on my site either as it has rained or been clouded most of the time.
                        From 10 to 68 centimeters in a nordic climate with shitty summer weather.

                        Its all about good genetics, lotta love, care and proper nutrients ( i use the Canna series and also ad my own liquid nutrient mix mostly consisting of rabbit manure).

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                          Do you guys think these yours Danish strains could be fast enough here, even more northern, in Finland? Here summer is so damn short and too little dark, that it will make plants flowering so difficult . But we have got results still in outdoor. But always could be better


                            Any from Finland tryied some of our early strains like Royal Dane, Danish Passion, leb 27 etc?
                            You could also try some international claimed early strains like Guerrilla Gold or Mighty Mite, or maybe some of Esbe's many ErdPurt crosses.

                            Maybe even crossing with Autoflowering or semi autoflowering strains like Lowryder og Lowsnow.

                            What strains are you successfully using in Finland?
                            you have any links or other info on those?

                            Heres a link to how many hours of sunlight all time of year in Denmark
                            Lets use a Royal Dane as exampel as i know for a fact that its an early plant.
                            last year it was finished mid September
                            Lets say its flowering for 8 weeks ( i dont know that for sure).
                            This means that it starts flowering with around 15 hours of daly sunlight.
                            I hope this info is use full regarding early flowering plants in countries like Finland also?
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                              Here's some outdoor grownings for last year:

                              We have succesfull used strains by: LR, LR/Stuporsonic crosses, Stuporsonic, LR#2/LR#2 crosses maybe, and lots of finnish homegrowners own hybrids, they working good in finland. All Early named plants seems to be to lately here, like Early Girl, Early Pearl, etc.. Yes someones got that Royal Dane this summer, it seems working pretty good here .

                              What is that Lowsnow? LR x Snowwhite maybe?


                                LowSnow is Lowryder x Snow white
                                its beginning to get more common as its bigger and more potent than LR
                                Also takes 2 weeks longer as i remember..

                                You have pages in finland showing the daylight length like the one i posted?
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