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Thank you esbe

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    Thank you esbe

    Got leb27s wild 2 and guerilla gold all 100% germination

    You may not vote on any more threads today.
    Don't sweat the technique.
    And honestly. My fuck ups turn to gold so much the thought of fuckin up don't even bother me. So I keep it auto when I'm stepping through a portal. I know that sounds strange but, strange beats normal.


      Hope I am not intruding on what seems an older and round up thread.

      Are Esbe and his cultivars still around? Frøbanken seems to sell international brands seeds only, not the Denmark acclimatised varieties they used to sell a decade ago. I got all excited when I encountered a decade old thread on a Dutch forum, that was based on a thread from this forum. Especially when they said that here a few degrees South these plants finish a week or two earlier than in Denmark.

      The Danish Krona has clearly appreciated against the Euro since;-).

      The pictures' links were all dead, probably since close to a decade.

      I guess this was the thread the Dutchies were refering to, the OP name is the one they mentioned. Can't ask him as he is 'banned'.

      Another early Danish seedstore/bank that used to sell the ol' Danish strains, Zenseeds is gone as well. Copenhagen Seed Company that says it is a follow-on to Zenseeds says on its website that Zenseeds closed down following a robbery in which it lost 95% of its genetics. CSC seems to only sell modern varieties with names that sound like they are from the US. BC stuff is just from too far South, lol.

      I am new to growing Cannabis, so stable, early, mold and rot resistant strains for making my own oil, RSO/FECO, are much needed.


        yes esben is still doing his thing, if you look up 'hybrids from hell' on facebook you can see what he was up to past season, he posted a bunch of pics there on facebook.
        seeds of his are still around too, check out

        froebanken is real history though. I started growing around the time that thread you linked to appeared on a dutch forum, but froebanken already became what it is know(i.e. selling only some common seedbank stuff) shortly after that.
        for some years since then hybrids from hell had their own site, but that also stopped a couple of years ago. but, esben is still making seeds, just doesn't have his own site anymore.


          djonkoman I did find find the don't buy from warning post in one of the other Esbe topics here after posting in this thread. With the message to order from The varieties are not the same as a decade ago with the IC and topics that ran during 2009-2011.

 four varieties. Danish Passion has been crossed what at least three times since into Royal Dane (had 7 pheno's with 6 weeks finish time variation),and now the Wild Royal Dane.

          Can you suggest which variety to get for our climate? For some-one looking to make his own oil for insomnia, stress, pain, and what not. Perhaps some other suggestions from other sources. I had looked at Frisian Duck, but the one website that still had stock only offered the 10 pack, €75,- plus shipping.

          As you know the weather has been changing with August being a serious rain month, even more so than in the 70s/80s when school started in first/second week of August, as August was rainy anyway. School Holidays regional diversion to reduce pressure on hospitality and entertainment industries, took the last school start date into September as August had become the dryest, warmest month of the year. But the past three years we saw two or three weeks of continuous rain during August. Followed by a Hot week in September. And reasonal weather during Sepetember and even October depending on the year. But There have been years I have seen lenty of schimmel Fungi in other tropical plants in September.