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    Pineapple 11X

    Got a pack of Pineapple 11X seeds and popped eight.

    DevilWeedSeeds, can you give me a little more info on this strain?

    How much did she stretch when you tested the seeds?
    Is this strain fairly uniform in structure/smell/etc?
    Who bred the Pineapple express mom?

    I put the seeds in a paper towel and they all cracked within 24 hours. Thanks for the fresh beans DWS!

    Here they are their first containers:

    Alright alright...I'm tagged in for the show. I snagged a pack and am looking forward to this. Curious about the PineX mother as well. I hope you find what your looking for Zelen Ferma. Good growing to you.



      Hey guys, Well she didn't stretch very much for flowering about 1 half her size by finish. The plants had a nice pineapple smell a couple had more Apollo phenos though with less smell. They finished in about 60-65 days give or take you tastes. Had a nice yield and the smoke was very smooth with a nice high. I really enjoyed this strain so much so that I am working on the next gen now. I have a pic of one of the testers in my other lab thread.


        one of the Pineapple 11X testers 3 weeks into flowering..


          What's up DWS? ^Wow, they look great at 3 weeks! Excited to see what this strain can do after seeing those pics..

          One more week and these seedlings will be in the next pot size:


            Out of the eight seedlings, one was lost. The seven shown below were transplanted today.

            Numbers 1 (the runt) and 2

            Numbers 3 and 4

            Numbers 5 and 6

            Number 7 (the tallest of the group)

            Group Shot:


              I have to say this plant looks nice. Fairly fast growing and huge leaves already.

              Out of the seven plants, 6 have pretty good side branching already and are fairly uniform so far.

              #'s 5 and 6

              # 7 is the tallest (#6 to the left)

              #'s 2 and 3



                #1 is the runt and has very little side branching


                  Looking very nice Zelen that leaf is a giant! Can't wait to see these in flowering great pineapple smell and fast finishers. Most of mine finish in about 60-65 days. I have some shots I will have to post up of my testers


                    Just confirmed Pineapple 11X #4 is a female. #3 looks like it might be a female but can't confirm just yet.

                    #1 (the runt) is definitely a male so he's been culled becuase he was showing signs of possible auto characteristics that I don't have time for. The two tallest and branchiest plants look like they will probably be male too.

                    All other have yet to show definitive sexual characteristics.

                    I took cutting of #4 and #3(just in case) and if the timing is right I might put one in my big system to see how she does.


                      Can't wait to see these in full flower! Very nice plants Hoping for more females lets keep our fingers crossed Zelen!



                        I have two confirmed females and four confirmed males. The females were transplanted to 7 gallon smart pots and put in the flowering room. I pulled another male and kept three diverse looking males. The biggest male has a very sweet smell to him.

                        #4: Female (topped, before transplant):

                        #3: Female (topped, before transplant):

                        #7: Biggest Male (smells very sweet):


                          These are going to be so sweet, look for the nice pineapple smell about 4 weeks or so into flowering these are 8 week flowers and will finish very nice. Looking forward to seeing them in full flower! Nice grow man!


                            UPDATE: 25 days into 12/12. (Sorry for the crappy pictures)

                            #3 Smells EXACTLY like pineapple. Looks very similar to #4 shown below but the smell is much more pungent. I'm impressed by the smell so early in the bloom cycle.

                            #4 Smells more like my C99bx1 pineapple pheno. Not exactly like pineapple, more mango with pineapple hints but we are only 25 days into bloom so we will see what the next few weeks bring.


                              Looking really good Zelen! The pineapple smell will get stronger the closer you get to finish these are awesome smelly plants! I have some more testers of these going I will post shots here in a day or so