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You Suck at Testing Devil Weed Seeds!

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    You you be able to give me some info on the AK-47male that was used in the Gorilla Panic cross. Was searching for a thread for it couldn't find. so if theirs one, opp's. Nice looking gear, by the way.


      Hey machappy, the AK47 male that was use is from Serious Seeds old school stock, I believe my clone is 2004-2005 area year. I had hear rumors that they had changed up their mothers in the last few years so I am not sure what the newer version would be like. My male is strong for male flowers also has limited stretch. The testers I grew had very limited stretch and were very short, most had more diesel grow phenos then AK. The finished cured bud however was a one hit wonder type of high. The yield was very good, and finished fast for a sativa cross.

      Hope this helps dude.


        New SOG...........

        If you have anymore testers going out, sure would like to try it out for ya........!
        Getting set to run some Black Jack & Full Moon (Fems) from BuyDutch the first weekend of October under 400 HPS looking at 2/3 weeks Veg and 12/12 @ 55/70 day flo --- Really goin to be dank!!!!!!

        Love Black Jack more than Aroura Indica!!!!

        Let me KNOW
        I am & will always be!


          I planted 4 Gorilla Panics in rockwool and they all sprouted just fine. Haven't had any luck at all with the Hawaiian Dreams, though.


            Nevermind, they're fine now. It took over 2 weeks, but almost all of them sprouted. Great seeds, I highly recommend them.


              need a tester in the future I love to rock ur gear