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Pineapple 11X and Tiger Blood X!

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    Pineapple 11X and Tiger Blood X!

    They have arrived! See descriptions below!

    Tiger Blood X

    Followers of ECSD will be in amazement when they get this cross between this excellent ECSD and a awesome Brothers Grimm Apollo 11 male. The mother is one stinky diesel/sour smelling plant. You will need odor control to keep your ladies in check. This plant has as a very explosive psychedelic high that is out of this world. The Brothers Grimm Apollo 11 is a classic and only improves the ECSD making it something special that every grower can love and enjoy growing and last but not least… harvesting.

    Don’t miss out on 7 packs of 10 seeds in Special DWS breeders’ packs available!

    Flower time: 75 days
    Mostly Sativa
    High: Strong/Long Lasting.
    Low Yield

    Pineapple 11X

    Do you love pineapple? Do you love great growing great cannabis? Well DWS is about you hook you up! Meet Devil Weed Seed’s Pineapple 11X. Well here is the answer, a wicked Pineapple Express female and DWS’s top of the line Brothers Grimm Apollo 11 male. In testing these babies have an amazing sweet beautiful pineapple smell to die for. I couldn’t wait to get into the flower room and put my nose to this sweet dream! These plants fill out very nice and are fast flowering for the commercial grower. Finish time for this strain will be approximately 60 days to full finish. The Apollo male adds a nice clear thought-provoking high to the excellent Pineapple Express mother.

    This strain will be the perfect addition to your garden! There are only 20 packs of 10 seeds in this line available at the bay! Don’t miss out all seeds come in new crush proof packaging and cool new Devil Weed Seeds breeders packs.

    Flower time: 55-60 days
    Sativa/Indica Hybrid
    High: CLEAR, energetic, thought-provoking
    High Yeilding

    The Apollo 11X will be coming out around the holidays! The Apollo Purps will be coming out after the holidays.

    tigers blood sounds way interesting....


      These beans will be going live straight after the Reservationlabs drop today at 2pm UK time.



        Thanks Clarence! Only 7 packs of the Tiger Blood X. Three are gone now. Only four packs left there will not be any more from this generation.

        20 packs of the Pineapple 11X and they are going fast! These plants are something else love them and they smell so sweet!

        Don't miss out on this generation and kick yourself when reviews come in!


          Scored a pack of The PineappleX11.
          I don't like kicking myself, been there done that. So now if I have the extra cash and I like what I see and hear, I buy it.
          Can't wait to give these a try.


            Thanks Honeyboo, you will not be disappointed this is an excellent release. The Pineapple 11X are going fast at the great price! Only about 11 packs left now and going quickly today. They are in new crush proof packs and breeders packages. Really cool new logo that has never been seen!

            The Tiger Blood X have been bought up! There will be no more releases in this generation unless there are any no pays.

            Thanks to my customers as always.


              a few tester shots

              Here are a few tester shots of the Pineapple 11X with a few weeks to go. Also a harvest shot from a tester plant.

              Even at this stage the pineapple smell was pretty overwhelming!


                Harvest shot!


                  I got a pack of the pineapple 11x and consider myself lucky. I'll pop them when I get them.

                  My bandmates are smoking my weed in preference to what's available locally or at the dispensary. I'll blow them away with these genetics. Band practice will be, once again, a trainwreck.

                  Thanks for making these available to us. bg


                    Thanks bad gas for checking out our strains! Your bandmates will be rocking with this wicked strain!


                      These are now both sold out. If your lucky there may be a no pay so keep an eye out


                        Man why did I see this thread now that they are sold out :( Was all buzzed up for that pineapple11x!


                          Scored 6 packs of the new BX1's, just landed today, hitting them up with some pollen from Mosca's Sonic Fly in the near future.