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The Lemon Stinky F1 force is Strong

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    The Lemon Stinky F1 force is Strong

    Hey Matt and Crazy-X crew

    Its been a good few years since I've posted online. I think a all the politics in the canna scene were just bumming me out so I kept things going at home with some nice grows without really doing grow diaries and stuff.

    I kinda realised that the stuff I had been growing was not really interesting to me anymore and more just stuff that was there as a mother plant. I looked in my seed stash and remembered kinda where my love for real plants came from and it was the Crazy-X seeds stuff.

    I had amongst numerous other strains I had collected over the years.

    5 Lemon Stinky F1's
    20 Colombian Gold x Lemon Stinky's
    5 Malonica

    One of the most awesome plants I ever grew was the Lemon Stinky so I smashed all of them into some jiffy's and a few days later all 5 were above ground. A true testament to Matts skills.
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    Fuck me man long time no speaky bud,hows it going,good to hear your still at it and with my gear 2.
    Can't wait to see how they do,should be dam fine with your growing skills.
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