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    blue cheese

    so i plantet these at april out 3 of them, 2 survived.... 1 was a big female she was about 7 feet tall and 1 smaller male that wanted to be a female but then again he did not liked it and turnde again to male lol .... anyway as i grow them outdoors here at the 50 in a forest i had some serius mold problems and had to cut here down at day 60, but hands down she was on of the stickies and heavy┬┤st plants i hawe grown...some of here arms broke under their weight.
    Will try to grow here again next year at a better spot

    sorry no pix

    ....all the best
    live...i... ...all....sooooooo....unreal big and small at the same time...

    where is the difference between you and I ?? the place and time we where born ?? the rollplay inbetween ?? live is live is live is live allways and every(w)here and we are all part of it...its just luck where we are born intoo.... we are all here and now....You is I and I is You ...just from a othere side...

    ...every new day is nice long as you give your part to make it nice for everyone least for someone
    ....We receive what we send... shanti om

    Hey Eskimo !

    Thanks for report mate, yeah, some of blue cheese 1.0 from 2012 was funny... I've seen people had a couple not so good phenos but majority was good and many phenos was very good. When I did some myself I was happy with them but it wasn't what I was looking for, blueberry genes are not so easy to select and breed with, male used is old stock of blue cheese 1.0 and blueberry blues is gone because I've noticed same sex instability that one of your plants, same instability I've observed in c99 and souer bubble genes. In next 2 months I plan to dust my bluberry female with pre98bubba kush pollen and we'll see how my female will breed..

    Thanks again for report!