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Orange Oblivion - Amnesia Haze x Agent Orange

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    nice cross... it makes me thinking


      Originally posted by hidronesia View Post
      nice cross... it makes me thinking
      Indded Hidronesia!

      Dr P. is this Strain available?
      I tried to stop smoking but the weed didn’t listen

      I'm the original Dr. Green-thumb; the rest are liars
      I'm the one with the prescription to get you higher
      I got every type of weed that you might desire

      When you was inside watching Netflix
      I was in the crop house wiring electrics

      Sometimes people get more high on stories than plants


      Das maximale Volumen subterraner Agrarprodukte ist reziprok proportional zur intellektuellen Kapazität des Produzenten

      Life is better than you can even imagine.
      Life is everything.
      Life is love.

      I'm free from your spell
      Oh I'm free, free, free now
      I'm free from your spell
      And now that it's all over
      All I can do is wish you well
      • Plants require 18 essential nutrients to grow and survive, classified by their importance into macronutrients (C, H, O, N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S) and micronutrients (B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, Mo, Cl, Co, Ni). Study Tip!

      • Nutrients may be mobile or immobile in the plant and in the soil, which influences redistribution of nutrients and display of deficiency symptoms, and the fertilization of crops.


        Originally posted by OakyJoe View Post
        Indded Hidronesia!

        Dr P. is this Strain available?
        yes sir, it's on the bay, catnip section
        I grow soil, not plants!
        I like to think my flowers as fruit
        HTCC 2011: mate for me your sour diesel was the best smoke from the whole cup , smoothest and strongest high , taste was superb. Ganja Baba
        ITCC 2012 - 2nd place outdoor category: NYCDgHaze.
        420CC 2012 - 3rd place Sativa category: Agent Orange
        420ICMAGcup 2013 - 3rd place Sativa grower category: Agent Orange
        420ICMAGcup 2013 - 2nd place Sativa Breeder category: Amnesia haze x agent orange
        420ICMAGcup 2013 - 3rd place Sativa Breeder category: Sweet pink grapefruit x agent orange
        420ICMAGcup 2013 - 3rd place Indica Breeder category: NYCD x agent orange

        420ICMAGcup 2014 - 2nd place Indica Breeder category: Happy dog
        420ICMAGcup 2015- 1st place Sativa Breeder category: Supersonic

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          Originally posted by dr.penthotal View Post
          Again, with extreme pleasure, it's time to present a new official variety from Catnip Seeds: Orange Oblivion, amnesia haze x agent orange.

          For those who want some information about the mother there is a thread of mine about it:

          After all these years of going it and trying all different amnesia hazes around I'm beginning to think that Soma didn't use any amnesia for his cross.
          The most famous and frequent amnesia I tried was the core cut and the hypro cut, both from seeds and clones.
          Completely a different planet.
          The amnesia hypro lineage is supposed to be SSHxneville haze.
          Soma is supposed hawaian afghan x laos x cambodian.
          This sounds weird.
          To me the most probable is that he used or his HA male on amnesia hypro, or an HA male on a neville haze.
          In my amnesia there's no lemony, citrous, aroma, just pure minty, fresh, basil, rosemary and wet wood tones.
          The plant grows long, stretches a lot and makes a typical bud formation putting up large calyxes piled up one on another. 12 week flowerer.
          Beautiful sativa energetic, clear high, as well as powerful and psychedelic.

          That as a good candidate for an agent orange cross for sure!
          So amnesia x agent orange as born.
          At the beginning I had sum hard time with my few testers, as they ere all males...
          And I had to wait for Besthaze to see this variety properly going.
          And who can I be more happy?
          The results were outstanding.
          This cross got the best from the to worlds.
          Agent orange male proved himself worthy this time too.
          Big massive hybrid vigour for a plant for production, yield and connossieur head stash.
          Big long colas, sparkling with resin all over the leaves and stems, rock hard shining nuggets. Smell is exotic, can go from woody to fresh minty herbal mixed in with a citrous, burnt orange backtaste.
          The high is strong, immediate, clear and spacey.
          It has a bit more body than pure amnesia, and richer in backtaste.
          Flowering time is reduced and size of colas enhanced.
          Many tester showed also some beautiful brown purple black leaves at the end of flowering, a common trait from the agent orange.
          Another interesting trait seen it the tendency to make twin seedlings, it happened frequently to see 2 plants from one seed...
          This one too was tested as entry in 420 cc and it scored a SECOND place in the sativa breeder category!
          Many people realized the deep difference between an amnesia haze (think there were something like 7 different kinds this year) and my amnesiaxao.

          From these ideas that I thought to change completely the name of this strain.
          There are too many 'amnesia' around and there's already a lot of confusion around them, so no on this variety will be named Orange Oblivion.
          now some pictures to enlight the eyes, courtesy of Besthaze

          View Image

          View Image

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          View Image
          impressive really amazing plant


            impressive purple tones