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Carpe Diem Seed Co.~~ by d420

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    Carpe Diem Seed Co.~~ by d420

    Hey growers, finally have a name for the company. Many new releases coming soon.. first up is wildfire, and many more to come. We have sent new labels starting with the wildfire and some.more flamethrower. Thanks for all your support, working with some new stuff and have some very exciting products for
    you. Will be working with some Chem's and kush's and purples. Thanks for all your support.. d420

    Good luck on your endeavor!


      FINALLY!!!!! Sweet man. I'm getting down with the StarFire and Dalmations now. Anything called Dalmation has to be up my alley!
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        Hey d420, congratulations! Does this mean that your previous productions are now collectables? lol. I love what I have and I'm looking for more of the same ... wishing you work with the Gorilla Grape line? I just happen to know someone (for sure know many more) who would love a purple grapey combo.

        Good to see that you are moving up ... you deserve it! Wishing you the best at success!


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          Hey D420, just want to stop in and say i like the new name!! I am a first time customer of yours, recently picking up some Flamethrower OG. I shipped my M.O. yesterday so hopefully I will have my package by the end of the month. Anyways, congrats on the new name! Thanks again for the beans, I will be sure to post pics when i pop them.


            This is Wildfire. Previously called grassfire. (Alien kush X giesel cut) X (fire cut X aliem kush). Predominantly grape, purple kush, chem stink.
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              This is a fire alien female to get an idea of what the male potential is.
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                Urkle Og.. White urkle X (fire X alien kush). This one is like black grapes, yet smells just like og.
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                    Nice company name D420- seems like you are seizing the day.... I was actually the first to post up in your "surprise" thread, and have been following ever since. Nice crosses man- I am running flamethrower and wurk outdoors this summer- should be DANK! I'll let ya know how it turns out. Keep em coming.
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                      good shit D . im about to harvest the gg x emp. lovely to say the least


                        Originally posted by lowdowndirty View Post
                        good shit D . im about to harvest the gg x emp. lovely to say the least
                        Nice lowdowndirty,tell more.I won a pack last week,waiting on it to ship.

                        How's the smell,coloring?


                          Originally posted by NEW ENGLAND View Post
                          Nice lowdowndirty,tell more.I won a pack last week
                          Me Too...Fact I Just Received My Pack Today (Sat. 3/19).

                          I've Been Trying to Find Info on Them Since...
                          Unfortunately Theres Not Much Out There, Chem&M's Got a Couple Pics (Thanks K+ )...

                          Any Pics of Your GG x Emperor Kush, or Even Just Emperor OG Parents, d420??

                          Thanks, So Much for Your Hard Work!!
                          Please Keep it Up!!

                          These GG x Emperor Kush are Probably Some of the Largest Beans in my $5K+ Collection!!

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                            nice... What about a shot of the permafroast i won few months ago???? And i just picked up some wildfire!!


                              grabbed some of the wildfire too
                              are you gonna release the permafrost again?