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D puts Caliente Kong & Alaskan Thunder Kong through thr ringer

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    I didn't forget about this thread, but life pretty much collapsed in on me. If you're still lurking AD, my deepest apologies for not following through to the end with this thread. Was never my intention to bail, but if you got my pm hopefully you understand why.

    All that said I had one C. kong make it through flower (the others were killed due to weak traits, and/or mutations). The one that did make it was fairly unimpressive. Decent resin content/coverage, but smell was mild and nothing special (reminds me of ole school Mexican brick). Ultimately was tossed in the compost heap. Now the ATK's on the hand were a totally different story. Nicely frosted, big hard as fuck buds, and very strong and unique smells that reminded me of the old skunk and northern lights crosses that dominated the market in the 90's. Taste followed suit with the smell, and was a real pleasure to smoke (reminded me of the good ole days ). I didn't keep any of them (I'm extremely picky), but wouldn't hesitate to crack another pack if I had them lying around. Actually looking forward to seeing what's in the sativa loco and border haze

    Best wishes to you dawg. Hope life is treating you well wherever you are these days
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